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  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 99

    Episode Title
    Otokono yasashisa! Yuuichirou Rei ni shitsuren?
    [A man's kindness! Yuuichirou heart broken by Rei?]
    Air Date
    • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.12.12.
    Rei was concentrating on her prayers by the fire. She had been seeing the same dream over and over, and wanted to know what it meant.

    [title screen]

    Yuuichirou was peeking into Rei's room. Rei's grandfather came by and asked what Yuuichirou was doing. Yuuichirou said that he was worried about Rei, but Rei's grandfather said that the only thing that they could do was to let Rei continue until she wanted to stop herself.

    Yuuichirou went into the room and brought some food for Rei. But Rei just kept on with her prayers and didn't pay attention to Yuuichirou. Then Rei did her rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen, and the flames grew bigger. When Rei finally paused, she noticed Yuuichirou. Rei said, "I'm sorry, but can you come again later. I'm doing a very important prayer. Please."

    Then Yuuichirou left his head band, telling Rei to tie her hair so it doesn't get burned by the fire.

    Meanwhile professor Tomoe was looking at his daimon egg, saying how great it was. When Kaolinite agreed, the professor got upset and said that she always wasted the eggs. But Kaolinite said that it was because someone had always gotten in the way. She said that she now had the perfect plan. So the professor sent Kaolinite and the daimon egg out on their mission.

    Usagi saw Yuuichirou feeling depressed. When Yuuichirou told her that Rei had been concentrating at night on her prayers, Usagi said that it was because of love. Yuuichirou asked who Rei's partner was, and Usagi said that it was Yuuichirou. She said that Rei was worried about the future, when Rei would get married to Yuuichirou. Yuuichirou couldn't believe it, but he became very happy.

    Kaolinite went to a local train and embedded the daimon egg into it, so it will automatically check for people with pure hearts.

    After school on the way home, Haruka spotted Rei and they started talking. Haruka said that Rei looked very sleepy. Yuuichirou spotted this and was shocked, as he thought that Haruka was Rei's boy friend. Then Haruka was going to give Rei a ride, and Rei got on her motorcycle. Yuuichirou admitted defeat, and started walking away.

    Just before Haruka was going to start driving, Rei tied her hair with the band that Yuuichirou had given her. Rei said that it was her good luck charm.

    Later during the study session, Rei was falling asleep. The other girls were worried about her. Usagi said that Rei was thinking about love. Then Rei left to wash her face.

    Mako went to Rei and said that it didn't look like she was worrying about love. Mako asked her to tell her about it. But Rei said that she still didn't know.

    Yuuichirou was running around town wondering who that guy was (that had been talking to Rei). Then Yuuichirou heard the music of a violin. When he looked a the girl playing the violin, he also saw Haruka. Yuuichirou thought that Haruka was also going out with this girl, and got mad.

    Actually Haruka and Michiru were talking about their mission. Haruka said, "Are we just wasting time with this?"
    Michiru said, "What happened Haruka? This isn't like you."
    Haruka said, "If it's too late why are we doing this?"
    Michiru said, "We knew that when we started this. Haruka, the wheel of destiny was already began spinning. The new age is already coming. We have to get the three talisman."
    Haruka said, "For that.."
    Michiru said, "We have to sacrifice everything."

    [CM break]

    Yuuichirou met Haruka in an open lot, in the rain. Yuuichirou had challenged Haruka to a fight, although Haruka had no idea what was going on. Yuuichirou kept attacking, but Haruka just swerved to avoid Yuuichirou. Then Rei came by and saw the fight. She called out and Yuuichirou stopped. Rei rushed to Haruka and then asked Yuuichirou what was going on.

    Yuuichirou saw that Rei went to Haruka and decided to admit defeat. Yuuichirou said, "Ten'ou Haruka, although you're two-timing, you're probably very manly. Don't do anything to make Rei suffer. Please split up with that other girl. That's all I want to say."
    Then Yuuichirou said to Rei, "Rei, please become happy."

    Yuuichirou left, and Haruka asked Rei if she didn't have to go after him. Rei said that she didn't.

    At the study session, Artemis was wondering what had happened to Rei. Since Yuuichirou wasn't around, Usagi said that maybe they were together. But then Mako came and said that something terrible had happened.

    The girls rushed out and discovered that Yuuichirou was going to leave. They asked him why, but Yuuichirou asked them not to ask.

    Then Rei came home and saw Yuuichirou about to leave. She called him, "Stupid." The other girls told her to go after him, but Rei said that she didn't want to.

    Usagi said, "Rei-chan, Yuuichirou was very worried about you. He was thinking about you with his heart."
    Rei said, "Then why didn't he trust me."
    Usagi said, "Rei-chan, you should tell that to Yuuichirou. Hurry up and go."
    Rei thought about it and ran after Yuuichirou.

    As Yuuichirou was about to ride the train, the daimon appeared. Then Kaolinite also appeared and told the daimon to take Yuuichirou's heart crystal. Rei arrived and saw the enemy, and transformed.

    "Wait! Stealing that person's pure heart. For love and passion, the pretty soldier Sailor Mars will not forgive you! In the name of Mars, I'll punish you."

    Kaolinite got the heart crystal and found out that it wasn't the talisman. Then the venus love me chain came and knocked the heart crystal away from Kaolinite. The other Sailor Senshi had also arrived.

    "Sparkling wide pressure!" Sailor Jupiter attacked, but the daimon was too strong. It turned into a train and was going to give the Sailor Senshi a ride to their death. But Sailor Mars used her anti-evil signs to slow down the daimon.

    "The penalty for trying to take Yuuichirou's heart is severe! You better be ready for it. Burning mandala!" Rei's attack started burning the daimon. Then Sailor Moon finished it off with the moon spiral heart attack.

    Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus had been watching.

    When Yuuichirou recovered, Rei was with him. He asked about the monster, but Rei just said that he must have been dreaming. Then Rei tied Yuuichirou's injury with the band that he had given her. Rei said that he wanted a ribbon next time. Rei also told Yuuichirou that he had to apologize to the weak girl Haruka for picking a fight with her. Yuuichirou was shocked to find out that Haruka was a girl. Then as they walked home together, Rei told Yuuichirou to hand onto her.

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