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  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode 104

    Episode Title
    Tomodachi wo motomete! Chibi Moon no katsuyaku
    Air Date
    Voice Actors
    boy in the park (Yajima Akiko)
    boy's mother (Narahashi Miki)
    Tamasaburou (Yajima Akiko)
    daimon Chagaama (Narahashi Miki)
    • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.01.11.
    Chibi Usa said, "I came back to train in the 20th century. Everyone, yoroshiku onegaishimasu."
    Usagi was upset. She said, "Who decided that you were going to come back?"

    Chibi Usa took out a letter from her mother. Chibi Usa handed it to Minako, and Usagi got upset.

    The letter said, "It seems like you are going to train Chibi Usa. I don't know how to thank you, but please take care of my daughter."

    Rei said, "That's all?"
    Luna said, "Neo Queen Serenity is still Usagi.."
    Usagi said, "What do you mean?"
    Minako said, "Yes, because this letter.. There's no kanji." [It was written all in hiragana and katakana.]

    Everyone was shocked. Mako said, "It's true."
    Ami said, "There's a place where she wrote the wrong kanji and erased it."
    The girls didn't know what kind of training Chibi Usa would have to do. Rei said, "I hope you don't catch Usagi's clumsiness."
    Chibi Usa said, "Mars of the future was saying the same thing."

    Then Usagi and Rei started arguing. While they were arguing, Chibi Usa went off to do her training.

    After Chibi Usa left, Minako found another letter in the envelope from Neo Queen Serenity. "To the 20th century Usagi, studying is important. Please study." But Usagi immediately said that she didn't want to study.

    Chibi Usa was walking in the park. She recalled what her mother told her. "Small Lady, what you have to learn in the 20th century, is to make friends."

    Chibi Usa saw a doll on the ground. [It was a Crayon Shin-chan doll.] Then Chibi Usa saw a handsome boy, and thought that he was cool. She picked up the doll, and said in an embarrassed way, "Did you drop this?"
    The boy said [in a Crayon Shin-chan voice], "Yeah. It's mine." Then he started to say a lot of stupid things [just like Crayon Shin-chan]. Chibi Usa was disgusted. Then the boy pulled down his pants and did the elephant routine. Chibi Usa was shocked. Then the boy's mother [with Nohara Misae's voice] came and took him away.

    Then Chibi Usa saw another boy. She went after him, but lost him in the crowd. While she was looking for the boy, she spotted Mamoru, who was buying some food from the takoyaki vendor. Chibi Usa was very happy and rushed to him. She climbed all over Mamoru and told him that she had come back to do her training. Usagi was standing just a few steps away burning in anger. "Hey Chibi Usa, I'm on a date with Mamo-chan."
    But Chibi Usa said, "He's my Mamo-chan." Then Usagi and Chibi Usa started arguing. Mamoru told them to calm down and eat the takoyaki. So they all sat down on a bench and ate the takoyaki quickly. But when Chibi Usa said that she would feed Mamoru, Usagi joined in too. They both stuffed Mamoru with takoyaki.

    Just then Haruka and Michiru came, wearing kimonos. Chibi Usa said that they look pretty, just like her mother and father. Usagi said, "Chibi Usa, even if she looks this way, Haruka is a girl. Also your mother is me."
    Chibi Usa said, "There must be some mistake!"

    Usagi and Chibi Usa started arguing again, but Mamoru recovered from having all of the takoyaki stuffed into his mouth, and told them to stop it. Michiru said that they were on the way to some tea, and asked if they would like to go too. Mamoru was going to refuse, but Usagi and Chibi Usa both said that they wanted to go. They didn't realize what kind of tea it was going to be.

    Usagi was looking forward to tea, cake, pudding, etc, but she was surprised when they got to a traditional Japanese house. The tea was the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. They all went into a tatami room and sat down with their legs bent underneath them.

    Then a boy around Chibi Usa's age came out dressed in traditional Japanese clothes. It was Tamasaburou and Chibi Usa was very happy to see him.

    Meanwhile Professor Tomoe was in his laboratory doing his own tea ceremony. He prepared some tea, and drank some. But it was too hot and he dropped the cup. Then he got an idea and called Eudial. He mentioned the tea ceremony, and Eudial used her computer to find her next target, Tamasaburou. So they created a daimon that would be perfect for this job. When the daimon was completed, Eudial put it in her car and took off.

    Haruka, Michiru, and Mamoru were all right, but Usagi and Chibi Usa's legs were beginning to get numb. Then they were served odango. Chibi Usa was very happy and quickly popped them into her mouth. But Usagi pointed to Haruka and Michiru, who were cutting the odango very gently and eating it very politely. Usagi laughed at Chibi Usa, and Chibi Usa hit Usagi's very numb legs. Usagi felt the pain and started to shiver. Then Usagi hit Chibi Usa's legs, and they both began to shiver.

    Tamasaburou noticed them and told them that they could relax their legs. But Usagi and Chibi Usa said that it was all right. Then Tamasaburou got up and started twirling a tea cup on a stick. Usagi and Chibi Usa thought it was funny. But Michiru and Haruka said that he was doing it just to make Usagi and Chibi Usa feel better. The tea cup that he was using was something worth ten million yen. Usagi was shocked at the price and got up to make Tamasaburou stop. But Usagi's legs were numb, so she couldn't walk right. Usagi walked right into Tamasaburou, and bumped into him.

    Then Mamoru, Haruka, and Michiru immediately rushed to catch the valuable tea cup. They all caught it simultaneously, as they all stepped on top of Usagi.

    [CM break]

    Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibi Usa were at an outdoor shop eating some desserts. Chibi Usa was very upset at Usagi as she had made her feel embarrassed in front of Tamasaburou. Then they were going to argue, but Mamoru told them both to stop. When Mamoru asked Chibi Usa if she liked Tamasaburou, Chibi Usa answered, "My mother told me to make a lot of friends in the 20th century. That would be the start of an important meeting."
    Then Usagi said, "If you would have told me earlier, I would have helped."
    Chibi Usa said, "It always gets all messed up if you help." Usagi was going to argue, but Mamoru covered her mouth.

    Chibi Usa was wearing Usagi's kimono and walking to Tamasaburou's house so she can become his student. Usagi and Luna were following her and Usagi told her not to get her kimono dirty. Then Chibi Usa and Usagi started arguing again. While they were arguing, a car raced by and skidded into Tamasaburou's yard. Usagi saw that it was Eudial. Then Chibi Usa crawled through some bushes and rushed to help Tamasaburou. Usagi went after Chibi Usa, but she got stuck in the bushes as she was too fat.

    In the yard, when Eudial got out of her car, Tamasaburou asked who she was. Then Eudial took out her gun and fired it at him.

    Chibi Usa saw that Tamasaburou was in danger and transformed. "Moon prism power, make up!" Chibi Usa just fell down, and her clothes quickly changed from a kimono to Sailor Senshi outfit. Sailor Chibi Moon went to Tamasaburou and said, "Don't! I won't let you take Tamasaburou's heart. I'm the pretty soldier in training Sailor Chibi Moon. In place of the future moon, I'll punish you."

    Eudial activated her daimon and had it attack Sailor Chibi Moon. Sailor Chibi Moon grabbed the heart crystal, but the daimon caught her. Then the world shaking and deep submerge attacks came and freed Sailor Chibi Moon.

    Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appeared, and Sailor Chibi Moon thanked them. But Sailor Uranus said, "I didn't help you."
    Sailor Neptune looked at the heart crystal and said, "Too bad, this isn't the talisman."

    Then Eudial got into her car and left. She told the daimon to do whatever she wanted. When the daimon looked around, she saw that Sailor Chibi Moon was the only one left. Sailor Chibi Moon was surprised too, but she used her pink sugar heart attack against the daimon. But since she was too far away, the little hearts didn't reach the daimon. Then the daimon just started drinking some tea, and ignored Sailor Chibi Moon. Sailor Chibi Moon inched slowly towards the daimon until her attack reached it. The pink sugar heart attack hearts hit the daimon, but it didn't do any damage.

    Then Luna and Usagi arrived. Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon. "Chibi Moon, leave the rest to me! Sorry for making you wait. I'm the real, the original, the one and only, for love and justice, the sailor suited beautiful fighter Sailor Moon! In place of the moon, I'll punish you!"
    Sailor Chibi Moon said, "You're late!"

    While Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon were arguing, the daimon hit Sailor Chibi Moon away and started attacking Sailor Moon with her hot tea. Sailor Moon carried Sailor Chibi Moon and ran around while she was trying to avoid the hot tea. Sailor Chibi Moon used her pink sugar heart attack a couple times, but it wasn't enough. Then Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon got cornered against a wall. Just before the daimon was going to attack, Tuxedo Kamen came and used his rose to knock the tea cup out of the daimon's hands. Then Sailor Moon used her moon spiral heart attack to kill the daimon.

    After the daimon died, Sailor Chibi Moon reluctantly said thanks to Sailor Moon.

    Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Tamasaburou had been watching this battle. Before fainting, Tamasaburou said that the Sailor Senshi were cool.

    Later Chibi Usa was in Usagi's kimono again, and she headed for Tamasaburou's house. She was determined to become Tamasaburou's student. But when they got close to the gate, Usagi and Chibi Usa saw Haruka and Michiru rushing out of the gate.

    Chibi Usa and Usagi went in and waited for Tamasaburou. When he came out, he was dressed in a Sailor Senshi outfit. Then he did the sailor suited pretty boy soldier Sailor Tamasaburou pose. Chibi Usa and Usagi rushed out of the house.

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