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  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 188

    Episode Title
    Kyoufu he no Shoutai! Usagi no Yakan Hikou
    [An invitation to horror! Usagi's night time flight]
    Air Date
    New Characters
    stewardess (Uwagawa Emi)
    stewardess (Ohtsuka Mizue)
    • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.12.30
    Usagi and her friends were in Crown. Chibi Chibi was there too, eating lots of ice cream.

    Usagi: When Chibi Chibi touched the tier, I felt an energy that I've never felt before.

    Usagi and her friends talked about Chibi Chibi.

    Meanwhile, the three lights were saying that the princess must be near.

    [title screen]

    Galaxia also felt some strange power on earth. Crow and Siren were with Galaxia. Siren told Galaxia that she had found the star seed, and that her plan was perfect. Crow was surprised at Siren's confidence.

    On the way to school, Ami and Mako were talking about going somewhere after school. Then Usagi came up to them. Since it was still early, they were surprised to see Usagi. Then Ami and Mako stopped talking, and Usagi sensed something. Then Minako came running with her ticket in her hand. She asked Ami and Minako if they had their ticket, but as soon as she saw Usagi, she shut up. Then Usagi started crying.

    At school, the girls told Usagi about the event that was planned that night. There was a flight where they were going to show the new movie which featured the three lights. Also the three lights were going to be on that flight!

    Usagi said that she wanted to go, but Ami pointed out that Usagi wasn't in the fan club. Then Usagi ran off to Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten to ask for tickets. But the three lights said that they didn't have any tickets.

    Minako, Ami, and Mako were watching Usagi. Mako felt sorry for Usagi.
    Mako: That's why we shouldn't have told Usagi about it. Want to give her your ticket?
    Minako: I sent in 30 postcards and I only got one ticket.

    After school, Ami, Minako, and Mako went off as they had to meet with Rei to go to the event. A very disappointed Usagi went home alone.

    At home, Chibi Chibi was waiting with a letter for Usagi. Usagi was puzzled as the letter wasn't stamped and it didn't have any return address. Inside the envelope, there was a ticket for the three lights' event. Usagi was very happy, and thought that it was from Seiya. But then Usagi spotted a letter inside.

    To Sailor Moon,
    I'll be waiting with a special seat for you.
    I'm sure you'll come.
    Sailor Aluminum Siren

    [there was a very cute drawing of a mermaid Siren!]

    Usagi was shocked, but she ran off and headed for the airport in a taxi.

    Ami, Rei, Mako, and Minako were in the plane (JAL flight 135). The fans were all seated in the main cabin. Then the three lights boarded the plane. After making a short speech, they all headed up to the second level. Minako and Rei were very disappointed that they weren't going to be with them. Ami pointed out that the three lights would probably come down after the movie for the talk session.

    Although it was time to take off, the plane was waiting for the last passenger. Then Usagi arrived. Usagi asked the stewardess to cancel the flight, but she just pushed Usagi onto the plane.

    Usagi's friends saw Usagi head for the second level. They couldn't believe it.

    When Usagi got to her seat, the three lights saw her. Usagi's seat was next to Seiya. Usagi saw Seiya and asked him to cancel the event. He asked her about the ticket, but Usagi couldn't tell Seiya about Siren. Usagi knew that it must be a trap, but she couldn't say anything.

    Meanwhile, Siren (in her normal clothes) had knocked out the stewardesses.

    [CM break]

    Usagi sat next to Seiya, and Seiya said that he would protect Usagi.

    During the movie, Siren was releasing sleeping gas. Rei and Minako were bored because they couldn't see the movie with the three lights.

    In the second level, three monsters (shaped like humanoid airplanes) strapped the three lights to their seats. Then Siren appeared.

    Siren: In exchange for the lives of everyone and the three lights, give me your star seed, Tsukino Usagi, no Sailor Moon.

    Rei, Minako, Mako, and Ami had come up to the second level, and fought against the sailor stewardesses.

    Usagi couldn't do anything since she didn't want to give away her identity to the three lights, so Siren grabbed Usagi's brooch (crystal). But it was too powerful, so Siren had to release the brooch. Then Siren got ready to blast Usagi with her bracelets.

    Just then Seiya ripped himself out of his seat.
    "Fighter star power, make up!" Seiya transformed into Sailor Star Fighter.

    Then Siren told the sailor stewardesses to attack Sailor Star Fighter.

    "Maker star power, make up!" "Healer star power, make up!" Taiki and Yaten also transformed.

    Rei, Mako, Minako, and Ami saw everything, and they were shocked to find out that the three lights were the Sailor Star Lights.

    Sailor Star Fighter used her star serious laser attack and blasted the sailor stewardesses. Sailor Star Healer told the girls to go escape, but Rei said that they wouldn't.

    "Mars crystal power, make up!" "Mercury crystal power, make up!" "Jupiter crystal power, make up!" "Venus crystal power, make up!" "Moon eternal, make up!" All of the girls transformed, surprising the three lights.

    Siren told the sailor stewardesses to attack. But the star gentle uterus and star sensitive inferno attacks blasted the stewardesses. Then Sailor Moon used her silver moon crystal power kiss to turn the stewardesses back into humans.

    Siren used her galactica tsunami attack, but the other Sailor Senshi blocked her attack with their own attacks. Since there were too many Sailor Senshi, Siren left.

    Siren returned to Galaxia without the star seed, and said that that there were too many Sailor Senshi to fight. Crow immediately told Siren to apologize, but Siren said that it wasn't her fault. Then another one of Galaxia's senshi appeared from the shadows and said that maybe Siren was making it up. Siren said that she had seen it (the star seed), but Galaxia wouldn't listen. Galaxia took away Siren's bracelets, killing her.

    After the flight ended, at the airport, the three lights walked off without saying anything to Usagi and her friends.

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