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  • Sailor Moon Hero Club

    Toei Video VHS 30 minutes each.
    3,193 yen(each).

    Catalogue Numbers:

    • Tape 1: VSTV-00256
    • Tape 2: VSTV-00259
    • Tape 3: VSTV-00263
    • Tape 4: VSTV-00264
    • Tape 5: VSTV-00268
    These five Sailor Moon tapes are basically compilations made from all of the 46 episodes from the first Sailor Moon TV series. There is no new animation or anything here, just pieced together parts from the TV series. The only things you get here which you can't get from the regular episodes are little narration sequences which explain what the current situation is in the story.

    Each tape has a different theme or focuses on a particular important part in the anime. Most of the character development, and everyday mishaps of the Sailor Senshi are left out only leaving the really juicy parts. This is great if you don't have time to watch all 46 episodes of the series.

    Volume 1 is titled Ai To Seigi No Sailor Fuku Senshi Toujou!! which translates to the "The Sailor Suited Soldiers of Love and Justice Arrive." This tape, as the name implies, covers the introduction of the first four Sailor Senshi: Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter as well as Tuxedo Kamen.

    Volume 2 is titled Sailor Senshi Shuuketsu! Tsuki No Princess Toujou!! which translates to "The Sailor Soldiers Gather in One Place! The Moon Princess Arrives." This tapes covers a main part in the story when the Sailor Senshi all gather with a plan to try and defeat the bad guys (Zoisaito and Kuntsuaito), but run into an imposter Sailor Moon. The heroines are also joined here by the fifth member of their ranks, Sailor Venus. In the second part of this tape the Sailor Senshi finally uncover the secret of the Ginzuishou (silver crystal) and the Moon Princess. I'll let you guess who it turns out to be. This is one of the best volumes in this series.

    Volume 3 is titled Bishoujyo Senshi Saigo No Tatakai! which translates to "The Pretty Soldiers' Final Battle!" This tape goes through the entire final battle to defend love and justice against Queen Veryl and Queen Metaria. It also includes the ending scenes for the first series. Listen for the song "You Are Just My Love" playing in the background during the ending scenes, it perfectly fits the mood. The third volume ties the seconds for which is the best, no set is complete without both of these volumes.

    Volume 4 is titled Ai To Seigi No Bishoujyo Senshi Mei Bamen Shuu which translates to "The Pretty Soldiers for Love and Justice Relationship Scenes Collection." This tape focuses solely on the reputations and relationship the five Sailor Senshi get into. It covers a lot about the constant love triangles going on in the show. Many fans of the series will really get into this, since it features no fighting scenes at all unless if it's after a particular boyfriend.

    Volume 5 is titled Shi Tennou! Utsukushiki Akuyaku Tachi which translates to "The Four Emperors! The Beautiful Enemies." This tape basically goes over the character development of the four main bad guys: Jedaito, Nefuraito, Zoisaito, and Kuntsuaito as well as Queen Veryl. I would have to say that this is the worst of the five volumes, as everything just seems sort of shallow. They don't really go in depth into the evil which lurks in the Dark Kingdom, they just sort of introduce you to the enemies which have already been featured in the previous four tapes.

    For the first Sailor Moon R hero club it was packaged in a special limited "Oshare Bag" which was basically a cool box with little prizes inside. Since I wrote this there is also now a Hero Club 1 for Sailor Moon S, which is also packaged with a limited Oshare Bag this time it is made out of pink plastic (last time a white vinyl-covered box).

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