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  • Itoh Ikuko

    Itoh Ikuko (伊藤郁子)'s art style has very fine and delicate lines in the characters. The episodes she supervises usually have remarkable consistency in the character art. Ms. Itoh was promoted to the position of the character designer when Sailor Moon S started. It is more than likely that the fine character design for Ten'oh Haruka and Kaiou Michiru in the TV series was by Ms. Itoh's hands.

    A specially interesting piece of work by Ms. Itoh is the last part of episode 45. "I thought if the four Soldiers were just drawn like ghosts, it would have been too much of a laugh, so I drew them on illustration paper, cut them out, and pasted them on cels. These cels were then superimposed over other cels. That gave them a transluscent look, and kept the feeling of flesh for the four."

    Ms. Itoh's art style can be seen in the episodes listed below:

    • Episode 18
    • Episode 24
    • Episode 31
    • Episode 37
    • Episode 45

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