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  • Satoh Jun'ichi

    Satoh Jun'ichi (佐藤順一) was the series director until the Black Moon chapter of the TV series started. According to Ikuhara Kunihiko, Mr. Satoh was the only person with the vision of how the TV series should be at the very beginning. The other members of the staff saw this TV series as something that was very similar to Cutey Honey, but Satoh insisted that it should not be that way. Other staff members did not underdstand Satoh's ideas, until the first episode was completed according to Satoh's directing. Incidentally, the series director for the Sailor V TV Series in episode 21 is Mr. Asatoh, who is supposedly modeled after Mr. Satoh.

    Mr. Satoh's important work is listed below.

    • The first OP and ED [very possible]
    • The second OP and ED
    • Episode 1
    • Episode 8
    • Episode 24
    • Episode 45 (storyboard only)
    • Usagi's first transformation sequence
    • Sailor Mercury's shabon spray and transformation sequence
    • Sailor Mars' fire soul and transformation sequence

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