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  • Tadano Kazuko

    Being the character designer, Tadano Kazuko (只野和子)'s art style of the characters is considered to be the reference. For that reason, she is responsible for the art on many Sailor Moon related products (posters, calendars, CD/LD/tape packaging, etc). Many of the most crucial episodes were supervised by Ms. Tadano to insure absolute consistency in the art.

    When she first joined Studio Live, the lines in her artwork were bold and dynamic. She admitted that her drawings were often mistaken as a man's artwork. Over the years, her art style has changed to one with somewhat finer lines, while preserving the dynamics. Regarding the Sailor Moon character design, she indicated that she was the one who cut the skirt length of the Sailor suits to such remarkable length. In doing so, she apparently generated some debate among the staff. Ms. Tadano has one noteworthy policy regarding how the Sailor Senshi are to be drawn: "The collar piece of the Sailor suits has a rather low cut, so it would not be surprising if part of the cleavage line is visible, but I had decided right from the start that such will never be drawn."

    In ep.21, the two animators in Studio Dive, Tadashita Kazuko and Matsuno Hiromi, were modelled after Tadano Kazuko and Matsushita Hiromi of Studio Live. Matsushita Hiromi is the animation director for episode 1.

    Ms. Tadano's art style can be seen in the episodes listed below:

    • Episode 6
    • Episode 12
    • Episode 21
    • Episode 34
    • Episode 46
    • The second OP and ED
    • Sailor Moon R movie

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