Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow (虹野沙希)

Konami KICA-7795
3059 yen (5% tax included)
released 1997.09.26
total time just over 48 minutes

The tracks are as follows.

  1. 4:36 Tokimeki wo Arigatou (ときめきをありがとう)
  2. 4:49 Over the rainbow
  3. 5:16 Watashi dake no Hero (私だけのヒーロー)
  4. 3:54 DOKIDOKI
  5. 5:18 Koi no Diary (恋のダイアリー)
  6. 4:32 Happy Holiday
  7. 4:23 Deaete Yokatta (出会えて良かった)
  8. 4:21 Go! Go! Parameter (Go! Go! パラメータ)
  9. 5:15 Tokubetsu na Telepathy (特別なテレパシー)
  10. 5:47 Chiisa na Kotoba (ちいさなことば)
Songs by Nijino Saki (Sugawara Sachiko).

Deaete Yokatta is the opening theme to Saki's Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series game "Niji Iro no Seishun".

My CD is light blue, and doesn't have a picture of Saki. Perhaps the first printing had her on the CD.

The lyrics booklet has seven pictures of Saki not counting the cover image. She's wearing her school uniform in three of them (and the cover), but is wearing a different outfit in each of the other four images.

[information provided by Robert DeLoura]

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