Tokimeki Memorial Disc Collection

The Tokimeki Memorial Disc Collection series are CD singles that are prizes at the game centers. These CDs are not for sale, and can only be gotten at game centers (or certain stores that carry these items as used goods).

There have been six sets of CD singles released so far.

Sets 1 and 2

The CDs in the first and second sets contain music box arrangement music. There are two tracks for each CD, and the CDs contain around 4 minutes of music.

No. 01 Fujisaki Shiori
No. 02 Kisaragi Mio
No. 03 Koshiki Yukari
No. 04 Kiyokawa Nozomi
No. 05 Asahina Yuko
No. 06 Mikihara Megumi
Sp. 01 Special
No. 07 Himoo Yuina
No. 08 Katagiri Ayako
No. 09 Nijino Saki
No. 10 Kagami Mira
No. 11 Saotome Yumi
No. 12 Tatebayashi Miharu
Sp. 02 Special

Sets 3 and 4

The CDs in the third and fourth sets contain diaries of each girl. Each girl has a month, and they read some entries from their diaries. So these are a monologue CDs, and contain about 7 minutes of talk.

No. 13 Fujisaki Shiori (April)
No. 14 Kisaragi Mio (February)
No. 15 Koshiki Yukari (September)
No. 16 Kiyokawa Nozomi (July)
No. 17 Asahina Yuko (August)
No. 18 Mikihara Megumi (November)
Sp. 03 Special (Valentine Message)
No. 19 Himoo Yuina
No. 20 Katagiri Ayako
No. 21 Nijino Saki
No. 22 Kagami Mira (December)
No. 23 Saotomo Yumi (January)
No. 24 Tatebayashi Miharu
Sp. 04 Special (Valentine Message)

Set 5 and 6

The CDs in the fifth and sixth sets contain karaoke dates with each girl. The girls speak some lines, and there is a blank for the player to say his lines. The dialogue lines are written on the back of the CDsingle jacket. Each CD is around 2 minutes.

No. 25 Fujisaki Shiori (Zoo)
No. 26 Kisaragi Mio (Amusement Park)
No. 27 Koshiki Yukari (Shopping)
No. 28 Kiyokawa Nozomi (Chuuou Park)
No. 29 Asahina Yuko (Botanical Garden)
No. 30 Mikihara Megumi (Temple Festival)
Sp. 05 Special (Folk Dance)
No. 31 Himoo Yuina (Library)
No. 32 Katagiri Ayako (Sea)
No. 33 Nijino Saki (Bowling)
No. 34 Kagami Mira (Museum)
No. 35 Saotomo Yumi (Planetarium)
No. 36 Tatebayashi Miharu (Aquarium)
Sp. 06 Special (Class Trip)

Set 7

The CDs in the seventh set contain song karaoke for two girls. Each CDsingle is a picture CD, and there are three different pictures for each CD.

No. 37 Fujisaki Shiori, Mikihara Megumi
No. 38 Kisaragi Mio, Nijino Saki
No. 39 Asahina Yuko, Koshiki Yukari
No. 40 Kiyokawa Nozomi, Katagiri Ayako
No. 41 Kagami Mira, Himoo Yuina
No. 42 Saotome Yumi, Tatebayashi Miharu
Sp. 07 Tokimeki Stars, Ijuuin Rei, Saotome Yoshio

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