Susume! Super Angels! episode 1

Title Totsuzen no Time Slip
[The Sudden Time Slip]
Aired never aired
CD Susume! Super Angels! sono 1 track 1
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.07.01
The Angels were training in Aquabase. Strikemyer's super dimension blaster was a strong attack, but it left him almost useless because it used up all of his energy. So the Angels had to prepare for the worst case, of dumping him and escaping on their own.

The Angels went into their practice, but something went wrong. The girls and Strikemyer got sent through a time tunnel. Dr. Crimt said that it was a flaw in the maintenance of Strikemyer because he was short on money.

Rebecca landed in the middle of Tokyo. All of the people were shocked that a girl had come raining from the sky. They all tried to attack her, but Rebecca was way to strong for them. Gondawara Kunizou, the leader of the gang (voice by Shocker Ohno), faced off against Rebecca, but he was no match for her.

Voogie had landed in the mansion of a rich person called Kurimoto (voice by Koyasu Takehito). Voogie had lost her memory, so she had no idea what was going on. One of the women there, Masako (voice by Amano Yuri), became jealous of Voogie because Kurimoto paid a lot of attention to her.

Midi had landed in a place with a lot of kids. They all picked on her, but on weakling boy Tadao (voice by Touma Yumi) saved her.
[I think some of the background kids' voices were Araki Kae and Mitsuishi Kotono.]

Shiori had landed near a school. She used her psychic powers to make it seem like she was a newly transferred teacher. Kuga Leo (voice by Hayashi Nobutoshi) was the teacher who fell in love with Shiori. Sama Michiru (voice by Araki Kae) became jealous, as she liked Kuga.

Merrybell and Strikemyer were together. They had landed in a jungle near the training grounds of the Japan self defense forces. A stray bomb came near them and exploded. Merrybell lost it and used her comet attack against the Japan SDF.

[Voogie's Angel audio drama]
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