Susume! Super Angels! episode 2

Title Maigo no Tenshi Tachi
[The Lost Angels]
Aired never aired
CD Susume! Super Angels! sono 1 track 2
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.07.01
Kurimoto had his son Myer take care of Voogie. Since Voogie didn't remember her own name, they gave her the name Mina. Masako kept hitting Voogie, as Kurimoto and Myer only paid attention to Voogie.

Rebecca was running a dice game, and she was using loaded dice. The guys found out about it, and they tried to attack her, but Rebecca was too strong for them. One of the guys shot at her with a gun, but Rebecca caught the bullets. Then she pounded the guys.

Midi and Tadao became friends and played together. Since Midi was talking too much like and adult, Tadao tried to teach her to talk like a kid.

Kuga was waiting for Shiori to go to school together. He even brought flowers for her, and proposed to her. Michiru had been spying on them, and she was determined to take Kuga away from Shiori.

Merrybell had gotten separated from Strikemyer in a forest. She was very scared, but saw a cute squirrel and regained her confidence. But then she saw some scary bears. Merrybell got frightened and lost it. She used her comet attack and beat up all the bears. Strikemyer came back and discovered all the bears lying around.

Merrybell got into Strikemyer, and they headed for Tokyo. The people spotted Strikemyer flying in the air and thought that it was a flying pig. (Strikemyer is fat and round like a pig.)

Rebecca saw the news on TV and saw the news report of Strikemyer flying in the air.

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