Susume! Super Angels! episode 3

Title Soshite.. Sayonara!
[And.. Good-bye!]
Aired never aired
CD Susume! Super Angels! sono 1 track 3
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.07.01
Rebecca told the gang that she had to leave. The gang members all wanted her to stay. Gondawara wanted a good-bye kiss, but Rebecca kept pounding him. Gondawara pretended like he had fainted. When Rebecca went to see if he was all right, Gondawara grabbed Rebecca. But Rebecca pounded him away again. Then Rebecca kissed him on the forehead and left.

The military had surrounded Strikemyer. There were fighter planes flying around them, and tanks on the ground. Merrybell was scared, but Strikemyer said that the humans wouldn't fire unless they initiated some attack, as he was waving a white flag.

Then Teddy appeared out of this air at the top of Tokyo Tower, as he was looking for the Angels. He was disappointed as the other four Angels weren't around. Then Teddy pulled Tokyo Tower out of the ground and tossed it away.

Strikemyer couldn't do anything about it as he was out of energy, and all he could do was to fly around.

Rebecca called Strikemyer. Then Shiori and Midi also contacted Merrybell and Strikemyer. They didn't get a call from Voogie, but they spotted her identification signal, so the three Angels went to pick her up.

As Shiori was going to leave, Kuga came. He asked her why she was always avoiding him. Then Shiori told him the truth, that she was a cyborg from the future. But Kuga became shocked and fainted, as he wanted Shiori to make up a better lie. Then Michiru appeared and told Shiori that she would become happy with Kuga.

As Midi was going to leave, Tadao woke up and thanked her for playing with him.

Voogie was sleeping and dreaming of Myer. Then Rebecca and the others broke into her room.

Voogie: Who are you?

The Angels found out that Voogie had lost her memory. Voogie called for Myer, but Rebecca and the others forcefully took Voogie away.

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