Susume! Super Angels! episode 4

Title Fukkatsu! Super Angels!!
[Revived! Super Angels!!]
Aired never aired
CD Susume! Super Angels! sono 1 track 4
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.07.01
Voogie was crying for Myer as Rebecca and the others took her to Strikemyer. Then they ripped her clothes off and put on her battle suit. Rebecca sounded like she was enjoying it..

Teddy was going around destroying things (planes, tanks, missiles), while waiting for the Angels to attack. Strikemyer was in the air near Teddy, as the Angels were getting ready to fight.

Then the Angels appeared. They went through their speech, and Rebecca finished off by saying, "I won't forgive you.." But Voogie was still complaining.

Teddy noticed that Voogie wasn't her normal self, and attacked.

Since they couldn't use the dimension blaster, the Angels used an attack that one of the listeners of the radio show sent in. It was the angel final buster, an attack where they put Voogie into the middle of Strikemyer, and fire her off as the bullet.

The other girls connected themselves to Strikemyer to give him enough power, and then fired off Voogie. The angel final buster was successful, and Teddy had to retreat.

Then Strikemyer and the others grabbed Voogie, and went back through the tunnel of time.

The Angels returned to their present time. Voogie was very upset because the others had used her as a weapon. But Voogie didn't have any memory of what had happened when she was in the past.

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