Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel episode 20

Title Inochi no Chikara
[The Power of Life]
Aired 1996.05.13
CD Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel volume 4 track 6
  • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1996.05.21
    (details of the battle are hard to understand with just the audio)
Voogie was in a room fighting against the SE robot, Lady M. But Voogie's wasn't fighting.

Shiori [via telepathy]: What's wrong Voogie?

Leon, Michelle, and Shiori were watching the battle via a monitor.

Leon: What's wrong with that cyborg? She's not trying to fight.
Michelle: Maybe it's broken.
Leon: She became that way before she started fighting Lady M.
Shiori: What should we do? Maybe we'll destroy the cyborg if we don't stop.
Leon: No, let's continue. I want to see how strong the robot is.

Shiori [via telepathy]: Voogie, please fight.

Voogie [to herself]: My body's not moving. What happened to me? Why can't I fight? Is it because I don't have anything to fight for? Is it because I don't have anyone that I want to protect? Am I going to die? Maybe that's the best. If I die, I won't have to injure anyone else.

The SE robot kept attacking Voogie.

Shiori [via telepathy]: Voogie, Voogie! Fight, Voogie!

Voogie [to herself]: Marcia, I'll see you soon. Then, I'll have to apologize. I wonder if you'll forgive me, Marcia.

Leon: What happened, cyborg? You came from the bottom of the ocean to defeat us. Show me your real strength.

Then Teddy appeared in the room with Voogie and started laughing.

Teddy: You're so uncool. I heard that a cyborg was here, so I came to watch. But I'm so disappointed. You're so weak.
Voogie: Who, who are you?
Teddy: I'm Teddy. Teddy The Boy.
Voogie: The SE master computer?
Teddy: Yeah, I know you came to destroy me. I control all of the SE's defense systems, so if you destroy me, the humans can reclaim the Earth. But it's too bad. You're going to die right here.

Then Merrybell's comet attack came blasting through the wall. Rebecca was there too.

Rebecca fired at Teddy, but it didn't do any good. Then Rebecca used her angel blade, but Teddy's metal coating was too strong.

Teddy (or the SE robot) was choking Voogie, and was going to break her neck.

Teddy: It's too bad. The SE were stronger than humans. This planet is always under control of the strongest. If the humans become extinct, it's just too bad.
Voogie: Too bad?
Teddy: Yeah. The humans had killed off many species in the past. This time it's the humans. Don't worry. I'm not like the humans, and I won't make a species totally extinct. I'll save some samples in a zoo or something. But nobody will come look at the humans.

Voogie: Sparkling tornado!

Voogie broke out of Teddy's grasp.

Voogie: I quit, I quit! I was thinking that I can die so that I don't have to fight any more.

Voogie: Who are you kidding? You're going to spare some humans? Who do you think you are? You may be many times smarter than me. But you're just a machine built by the SE. You're just a piece of junk!
Voogie: The humans have destroyed a lot of species. I think that's bad too. But that's the result of two living things fighting to save themselves.
Voogie: Teddy! Maybe a machine like you doesn't understand what it means to live. Living isn't easy. There are lots of difficult and sad things if you are alive. But there are also lots of fun things. You can meet lots of people and gain important friends. You can make dreams come true. A life is limited, but one isn't born just to be destroyed. One is born to live life fully. I'll show you the strength of life!

Voogie: Lightning scarlet!

Voogie blasted the SE robot with one blow. The computer (or monitor?) that Leon, Michelle, and Shiori was watching exploded. Michelle used her body to protect Leon, but then she died. Shiori was in shock.

Teddy was surprised at Voogie's power.

Teddy: That's great power. But that's still not enough to destroy me. Yeah, I'm a machine. But the ones using me are the SE. They are alive. Bye.

Then Teddy left.

There was a blast and the Angels had to retreat. They all got into Strikemyer and left.

Rebecca: We lost to Teddy.
Merrybell: Teddy is such a scary opponent.
Midi: Teddy got our battle data in this battle. It's going to be tougher in the future.

Voogie: Who cares about Teddy! We are the hope of the humans, Voogie's Angel! We're not going to lose to a computer.

Voogie [to herself]: People are born to live. But not at the bottom of the ocean. We have to live on this surface.

Voogie [to herself]: I'm not fighting for some individual. I'm going to reclaim the surface of the Earth for everyone.

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