Susume! Super Angels! sono 1


NEC Avenue NACL-1219
3000 yen
released 1996.06.21

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Episode 1. Totsuzen no Time Slip (突然のタイムスリップ)
  2. Episode 2. Maigo no Tenshi Tachi (迷子の天使たち)
  3. Episode 3. Soshite.. Sayonara! (そして... さよなら!)
  4. Episode 4. Fukkatsu! Super Angels!! (復活!スーパーエンジェルス!!)
  5. Theme Song Gimme Love
    [sung by Angels (エンジェルス)]
The first pressing of this CD comes with a CD sized color sticker, with the same picture as the front cover.

The color cover sheet is a long piece of paper folded to CD size. There are five pictures, one of each Super Angel.

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