Susume! Super Angels! sono 2


NEC Avenue NACL-1239
3000 yen
released 1996.08.21

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Opening Theme Popcorn Town
    [sung by Angels (エンジェルス)]
  2. Episode 5. Band Yarimasho (バンドやりましょ)
  3. Episode 6. Star wo Mezashite (スターを目指して)
  4. Episode 7. Final Program (ファイナル・プログラム)
  5. Episode 8. Eikou no Stage he [zenpen] (栄光のステージへ[前編])
  6. Insert Song Girl Friends
    [sung by Angels (エンジェルス)]
  7. Episode 8. Eikou no Stage he [kouhen] (栄光のステージへ[後編])
  8. Ending Theme Gimme Love
    [sung by Angels (エンジェルス)]
The color cover sheet is a long piece of paper folded to CD size. There are five pictures, one of each Super Angel, playing a musical instrument. Voogie, Rebecca, and Shiori are playing the guitar, Merrybell is playing the drums, and Midi is playing the keyboard.

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