YAWARA! volume 1

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1990.03.31
  • Summary version 2 by Hitoshi Doi, 1991.12.05
  • I think episodes 1 to 5 of the TV series were based on it.
As Matsuda was trying to get an interview over the phone, a thief was running off with a lady's purse. The thief ran down the street and everyone rushed to get out of his way. But there was a high school girl who didn't try to move. The thief yelled, "Get out of my way! You'll get hurt if you don't get out of my way!" Then the thief tried to run over the girl. But the girl threw him over her shoulder and ran off.

Matsuda, who was a reporter for the Nikkan Every Newspaper, saw this and started to get an interest in this girl. He wrote an article about the incident and said that she had the potential to make it big in the judo world. But his boss didn't like it.

Yawara was the granddaughter of Inokuma Jigoro, a five time Japan judo champion. He had secretly trained Yawara so that she can win the gold medal in the Olympics and get the national medal of honor. But, Yawara didn't like judo and she just wanted to be a normal high school girl.

Matsuda tried to find the identity of the high school girl who had used the judo on the thief. After some investigation, Matsuda had a hunch that the girl was Inokuma Yawara. So Matsuda and his photographer Kamoda went over to the Inokuma house. They asked Jigoro about Yawara. But Jigoro told them that he does not do judo any more. He also showed them the doujou, which had a model car racing course in it. Jigoro had deliberately hidden the truth so that Yawara can make a sensational debut in the judo world.

Matsuda left the Inokuma home, but he was still suspicious. He tried to follow Yawara after school to see if she would inadvertently use some judo. Coincidently, there were a couple of punks trying to pick up some high school girls. But Yawara just walked right by the scene. Matsuda was shocked. So he went to try to save the girls himself. But he was easily beaten up. Then Matsuda called out to Yawara. Yawara got mad and yelled, "This is the last time!" Then Yawara went to the punks and beat them up with her judo.

When Yawara got home, she discovered that the Shonentai and Checkers posters on her bedroom wall had changed into posters of Yamashita.

[Shonentai, Checkers = popular Japanese groups]

Yawara and her friends go to their high school music festival. They all liked Nishikimori-kun, the star of their school. But Yawara was too shy to hand him the love letter that she had written because there were a lot of other girls around him.

Since Jigoro had found the love letter that Yawara had written to Nishikimori, Jigoro also went to the music festival. He didn't approve of Nishikimori's actions, as a lot of girl were always surrounding him. So he told some high school burnouts that Nishikimori took advantage of his weak granddaughter.

One day the burnouts faced Nishikimori, who was walking home from school with a lot of girls, and were about to beat him up. But, Yawara came to the rescue and beat up all of the burnouts with her judo. Then she told Nishikimori that she will help him out whenever he needs help. But ever since that incident, Nishikimori got frightened whenever he saw Yawara.

Yawara continued her daily practice. But her grandfather said that she's not trying hard enough, and it's probably because she doesn't have any rivals. So he said that he will go out and find one. When Jigoro was walking down the street with Yawara chasing after him, a swerving Rolls Royce came by and almost hit them. Jigoro and Yawara jumped out of the way just in time. The driver and the young female passenger came out and see if Yawara and Jigoro were all right.

They took Yawara and Jigoro to their large mansion to take care of their injuries, although Yawara insisted that they were all right. Yawara was amazed at the house. Jigoro looked at all of the sports trophies that the girl Honami Sayaka had won. But, Sayaka broke them all, saying that they are all meaningless. Then she said that the only thing that she wants is something that will make her feel excited again. But she said that there's nothing left. Then Jigoro asked her about judo and showed off by throwing Sayaka's huge bodyguard. Jigoro also told Sayaka that there was a girl about her age that was much stronger than him. This got Sayaka interested in judo.

One month later, Sayaka went to the Inokuma house to try to find out more about the strong judo girl. She ran into Yawara at the gate. But, Yawara was in a hurry to go to school. When Sayaka got impatient, she tried to use her newly acquired judo skills to throw Yawara. But Yawara got upset and threw Sayaka. Then Sayaka's front tooth came out. It was a fake tooth and nobody had ever seen Sayaka like that before. Yawara apologized and tried to run away. But Sayaka ordered her bodyguard to attack Yawara. Yawara quickly threw the large man and ran off to school.

On New Year's day, Yawara and her grandfather went to a shrine. Yawara prayed so that she can find a boy friend. Jigoro prayed so that Yawara can make a fantastic debut. Sayaka also happened to be at the same shrine. When Matsuda asked Sayaka what sport she will take up this new year, she told Matsuda that she will take up judo.

At that shrine, there was a man going around slashing the girls kimonos. The guy ran behind Sayaka and slashed her 35,000,000 yen kimono. Sayaka chased the man and threw him after she caught up with him. But, he revived, grabbed Sayaka from behind, and put a knife at her throat. Sayaka paniced and could not get away. So Yawara went up and threw the guy and put a hold on him. Then, she let Sayaka cover him and left with Jigoro, who teased Sayaka. Sayaka was in the headlines the next day for catching the criminal using her judo.

Yawara's high school was famous for its weak judo team. They had a match against a strong Ganryuuji high school team. Jigoro tricked one of the members and Yawara so that Yawara showed up at the judo match. Hanazono-kun, captain of the Musashiyama high school judo team, cried and begged Yawara to fill in because they were one person short. Yawara agreed. Instead of the regular 5 vs. 5 format, they changed the rule so that the winner will keep going. Hanazono-kun set himself as the 4th person with Yawara as the 5th. He said that he will defeat everyone so that Yawara will not have to fight. Although Yawara had promised her friends that she will go to a bargain sale with them in Shibuya, Yawara agreed.

Ganryuuji's 1st person easily defeated Musashiyama's first three people. Hanazono-kun went up and defeated his opponent, but then lost to Ganryuuji's 2nd person as he tried too hard to win. Now Yawara was mad because she had to fight. She just wanted to lose fast and go meet her friends. But when Kuramochi-kun attacked Yawara with a perverted smile on his face, Yawara inadvertently threw him and won. Everybody was so happy. Hanazono-kun told Yawara that she can just lose now. Yawara said, "Of course." But, Yawara also defeated the next person Makita-kun.

Gonmori-kun, Ganryuuji's 4th person, came up to face Yawara. He told the captain Sasaki-kun that he won't let him fight Yawara. When he attacked Yawara, Yawara threw him too. But they were off of the mat, so it didn't count. Then Gonmori-kun cautiously attacked Yawara's legs and injured her. He also got a point. Then Yawara wanted to quit and go shopping, but everyone cheered her on. Gonmori-kun threw Yawara and it looked like he was going to win, but Yawara beat him with an arm hold.

Yawara's next opponent was Ganryuuji's captain Sasaki, who placed third in the national tournament. Jigoro used Hanazono-kun to tell Yawara that Sasaki was much stronger than anybody else that Yawara had faced. After Yawara's leg had been taped up, the match started. Sasaki quickly threw Yawara and got a yuukou. He thought that he could win easily. But, Yawara reversed him and got him into a hold. Sasaki thought that he could easily break out of it, so he was enjoying Yawara's soft breasts on his face. But when he tried to get out, he couldn't move at all. Sasaki struggled, but couldn't get out of Yawara's grasp. Yawara held him for 30 seconds to get the ippon win.

After it all ended, Jigoro explained to everyone that Yawara was her granddaughter and that he had taught her judo ever since she was little. Jigoro said that Yawara is going to win the gold medal in the Olympics and get the national medal of honor. He also told everyone to keep the day's events a secret for Yawara's sensational debut.

The next day at school, all of the students could not believe that their weak judo team had beaten Ganryuuji. A lot of students were surrounding Hanazono-kun. When Hanazono-kun spotted Yawara, he rushed over to her. Hanazono-kun had bought an ugly pair of pants for Yawara and tried to give it to her, along with a love letter. But Yawara just said "hi" to him and went off with her friends.

Yawara was riding the bus home from school. After Yawara's friends got off of the bus, Matsuda snuck up to her and started asking her questions. He said that there was no way that her high school can defeat Ganryuuji without her help. Just as Yawara's patience was running out, a nice looking man came up and threw Matsuda out of the bus.

Yawara thanked him and then they went to a coffee shop together. Yawara was so nervous because it was the first time that she had ever been in a situation like this. The man told Yawara that she looked pretty like an idol. He also said that there was something brilliant about Yawara.

After Yawara got home, she couldn't concentrate on her judo practice any more. She was thinking about the man that she had just met. After her practice, she started to read a cooking book and went to the kitchen to cook beef stroganoff. Yawara was thinking that a girl had to be good at cooking.

Jigoro was watching a judo tournament on television. It was the debut tournament for Honami Sayaka. Kazamatsuri Shinnosuke, the man that Yawara had run into earlier on the bus, was Sayaka's coach. Sayaka easily won the tournament with all ippon's, and in her interview she announced that she wanted to fight against Yawara.

Kazamatsuri was a master at judo, but he always got nervous at big events and could not win any real matches himself. He even got nervous in interviews, so he hid from the reporters.

At the Honami mansion, Sayaka broke the trophy that she had just won. She said that this trophy was meaningless because she had not defeated Yawara. Kazamatsuri said that Sayaka was better than anybody else because of his coaching and that she didn't have to worry about Yawara. But Sayaka said that she feels that Yawara is very strong. When Kazamatsuri said that he would like to meet Yawara, Sayaka gave him Yawara's address.

A few days later, Kazamatsuri was on his way to Yawara's house to find out more about this mysterious girl who is supposed to be so great at judo. Yawara was walking home from the bus feeling depressed because Kazamatsuri wasn't on the bus that day. When she kicked a coke can in anger, the can flew at a man walking in front of Yawara. The man turned and blocked the can. As he was going to scold the girl who had kicked the can, Kazamatsuri saw that it was Yawara. When Yawara took Kazamatsuri to her house, he found out the true identity of Yawara and was surprised to meet Yawara's grandfather. Kazamatsuri got nervous and ran away, telling Yawara that he will see her on Saturday at the restaurant that they went to before.

After Kazamatsuri had run far enough away, he took out the book that he always kept close to him. It was "Yawara no michi ha ichinichi ni shite narazu ja", written by Inokuma Jigoro. Then he started to shake when he realized that Sayaka wanted to defeat the Inokuma family.

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