YAWARA! volume 8

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1991.10.10
  • I think episodes 34 to 35 and 45 to 47 of the TV series were based on it.
Everyone in the gym was cheering for Yawara as she had just thrown her 72 kg opponent over her shoulder for an ippon win.

Fujiko didn't know what had just happened. Matsuda explained to her that Yawara had won. He told Fujiko that she must keep her eyes open when watching Yawara's judo.

When Kazamatsuri asked Tamaranch how he liked Yawara's judo, Tamaranch told Kazamatsuri that he didn't understand what had just happened. He couldn't believe someone that small could throw an opponent that large. Kazamatsuri and Jigoro tried to explain that this was the "unlimited" judo that they wanted him to see.

In the locker room, Fujiko congratulated Yawara. When she asked who the next opponent will be, Matsuda pointed to Ando, the 72 kg weight class champion. Fujiko became scared when she saw Yawara's large opponent and asked if she was going to go flying through the air like the previous opponents. Matsuda said yes.

Then Toudou got up to go fight in her match. She saw Yawara and told her to get ready because she will face Yawara in the finals. Fujiko got scared of Toudou and asked Yawara to leave. As Toudou was walking down the hall toward the gym, she ran into Sayaka. They argued for a little bit before Toudou went off to her match. Sayaka told Toudou that she was only thinking about Yawara. This made Toudou mad.

In her match Toudou got an ippon win by keeping her opponent down for thirty seconds with her weight. Her opponent had to be carried off and probably had some broken ribs.

Yawara's match was next. Fujiko told Yawara not to get hurt because she had just seen Toudou's injured opponent. But Yawara easily threw her opponent again for an ippon win. Fujiko was still surprised to see Yawara's large opponent being thrown through the air.

After this match Kazamatsuri asked Tamaranch again about Yawara's judo. Tamaranch was surprised again, but this time he sat down and tried to think a little bit about it.

Before going up to face Toudou in the semi-final match, Sayaka told Yawara that she will be waiting for her in the finals and that this time she will defeat Yawara. She added that she will also get married to Kazamatsuri and everything will end very happily for her.

The semi-final match between Sayaka and Toudou began. When Sayaka tried a move to pick up Toudou, the weight went onto her ankle and Sayaka fell, injuring her ankle.

Yawara and Jigoro both knew right away that Sayaka had injured her ankle. However nobody else noticed. Sayaka continued fighting, trying to keep her opponent from noticing her ankle. Toudou and Sayaka kept fighting almost evenly. When Sayaka tried to throw Toudou, Toudou kicked Sayaka's leg and Sayaka caved in. Toudou landed on top of Sayaka and tried to get a hold on her. Before Toudou could get a grip on Sayaka, Yawara yelled some instructions from the side of the mat to Sayaka. Yawara gave Sayaka the instructions for getting Toudou into a choke hold. Toudou gave up after Sayaka completed the hold.

Matsuda asked Yawara why she gave some advice to Sayaka. Before Yawara could answer, Sayaka came up to them and said that it was all according to her plan and that she wasn't helped at all by Yawara. When Yawara asked Sayaka about her leg, Sayaka said, "What are you talking about?"

In her semi-final match, Yawara easily threw her opponent for an ippon win. Fujiko was watching with Matsuda and cried when Yawara's opponent went flying through the air. Tamaranch was watching with Kazamatsuri and Jigoro. He finally understood and said, with tears in his eyes, "I want to see it one more time! I want to feel it once more!"

Then Kazamatsuri told Tamaranch that he can see it again because the final match was between Yawara and Sayaka. But Jigoro cut in and said that there won't be any more matches that day. He said that they will have to wait for the unlimited class judo in the Olympics. When Kazamatsuri asked why, Jigoro said that Sayaka's had injured her ankle.

When the doctor looked at Sayaka's ankle he said that it was a fracture and that it will take three weeks to recover. Sayaka said that it wasn't that bad and she can fight in the final match. The doctor said that if she injures it any more, it will take longer than three weeks to recover and that she will miss the Olympics.

Just before it was time for the final match, Sayaka tried to go out saying that her ankle was all right. Kazamatsuri tried to talk her out of it, but Sayaka wouldn't listen. Then at the door, Kazamatsuri grabbed Sayaka and kissed her. Sayaka's legs gave out on her because of the shock. Kazamatsuri hurried and carried Sayaka out to the car to take her home. Yawara became the champion by a forfeit.

When everyone was congratulating Yawara, Tamaranch was watching and said, "Yawara Inokuma. That cute girl. I want to see her fighting against the strong opponents of the world.. I want to see it one more time!"

At the Honami mansion, Sayaka was sitting by the pool reading the sports newspapers. She was getting upset because all of them wrote feature articles about Yawara. When Kazamatsuri came and told her not to get so mad, Sayaka closed her eyes and waited for Kazamatsuri's kiss. Kazamatsuri was hating himself for doing what he did the previous day. Instead of kissing Sayaka, Kazamatsuri gathered the newspapers and told her that she should get rid of them. Then Sayaka spotted the Nikkan Every which had the headline saying that Yawara will be chosen to be the representative in the unlimited class in the Olympics. Sayaka got mad because there wasn't supposed to be an unlimited class in the Olympics. Then Tokunaga came by to inform Sayaka that she had a call from the Japan judo committee.

At the Nikkan Every, Matsuda was getting yelled at for writing such an article. Matsuda answered that he is betting his career on it. Then Matsuda left with his boss to head for the announcement of the Japan women's judo Olympic team.

Coach Yutenji was making the announcements. The over 72 kg weight class representative was Toudou. In the 72 kg weight class, it was Takabe. In the 52 kg weight class, it was Yamada. Everyone was expecting Yawara to be announced next as the 48 kg weight class representative. But Yutenji announced that it was Sayaka. All of the reporters were shocked. Matsuda's boss got mad because Yawara's name was not announced, and said that Matsuda was fired. Then Yutenji announced that Yawara was going to be the representative in the unlimited class. Yutenji quickly added that he got a call from the IOC saying that there will be an unlimited class women's judo in the Seoul Olympics because of an emergency meeting that Tamaranch arranged.

Then the five representatives shook hands for the cameras. But Toudou and Sayaka started arguing right away.

At school, Yawara and Fujiko were making a dish in a cooking class. Fujiko was thinking that Yawara should not be here in this place. She thought that Yawara should be training with the rest of the Olympic team. Fujiko was trying to gather people for the Yawara fan club at her school. Most of the students at Mitsuba didn't know about Yawara.

There were a lot of reporters and cameramen outside of the school waiting for Yawara. The other students didn't know what the commotion was about. When Yawara tried to leave, the reporters surrounded her. Then a BMW came and saved Yawara. It was Kazamatsuri. In the car Kazamatsuri told Yawara that he had been chosen to be one of the coaches of the Olympic team. He said, "Let's go to the Olympics together."

Meanwhile at a training center in the mountains of Yamagata-ken, the Soviet team was training in preparation for the Olympics. Matsuda and Kuniko disguised themselves as janitors to try to get a closer look at Teleshikova. Kuniko had sneaked in a camera to take some pictures. When Matsuda saw Teleshikova practicing against men and easily throwing them, he was shocked. Teleshikova had so much speed and quickness for her size. Then Kuniko dropped the camera and their identity was exposed. The Soviet team took away all of the film. Then Teleshikova came up and spoke Japanese to Matsuda. She asked it they knew Yawara. When Matsuda answered that he knows Yawara, Teleshikova told him to pass on the message that she will defeat Yawara. She also said that she had watched videos of Yawara and had studied her for one year. Then Matsuda told Teleshikova that Yawara will defeat her.

When Yawara got home, she found Jigoro playing with her underwear. Jigoro had been packing for Yawara so that she can go to the Japanese team training camp. Yutenji had also asked Jigoro to coach and give some advice to the Japanese team.

At the Japanese team training camp, Jigoro was sitting around eating his snacks. Kazamatsuri was standing around waiting for Yawara to come. Sayaka was leaning on Kazamatsuri nagging him to go somewhere private to train. Some of the team members were looking at them and wondering what they were doing there. Then Goto went up to Kazamatsuri and asked him to train with him. But Kazamatsuri refused, saying that he was the women's team coach. Then Goto grabbed Kazamatsuri and tried to take him down. Just before he was going to fall, Kazamatsuri kicked Goto's legs and took him down instead. Everyone saw this and was surprised. Then Jigoro said that only if Kazamatsuri was that good in front of a big crowd he could be one of the Japanese Olympic team members. Jigoro then went up to Goto and threw him, while giving him some advice.

Since Matsuda's family lived near the training center in Yamagata, Matsuda and Kuniko went to his parent's house. When his parents saw Kuniko, they thought that she was his girl friend. But Matsuda said that she wasn't. He said that his girl friend will appear in the Olympics.

At school, Fujiko was organizing Yawara's cheering club. Then there was a very loud knock on the door. Fujiko thought that it was a large group of people. But it turned out to be Jody. Then Yawara and Fujiko went out with Jody. Fujiko was thinking that Yawara will get killed if she fights against people so big.

When Yawara got home, her mother was waiting for her with some big news. She received word that Yawara's father was somewhere in Korea.

Kazamatsuri was yelling at Sayaka while everyone was training. He was saying that she must work harder to defeat Korea's Kim. Then Sayaka asked Kazamatsuri to go out to dinner with her that night. Kazamatsuri wasn't listening to Sayaka and wondering where Yawara was. Then Yawara showed up at the training gym. Immediately Yutenji, Kazamatsuri, and most of the other team members gathered around Yawara. Sayaka and Toudou were watching and despised Yawara for always being the center of attention.

While Yawara was practicing, Goto took a peek at her and wondered if she was as good as everyone said she was. Goto went over to Yawara and asked her to practice a little with him. Yawara refused, but Goto grabbed her anyways. Then Yawara threw Goto over her shoulder. Everyone else heard Goto scream as he went flying. Then Jigoro came and yelled at Yawara for doing such a bad throw. All of the other judo team members were shocked because they thought Yawara's throw was perfect.

At night Yawara, Toudou, and Sayaka were discussing what they were going to do the next day, which was a day off. Yawara was feeling happy because Kazamatsuri had asked her on a date. But Sayaka came in and said that she was going on a date with Kazamatsuri. Yawara got mad and asked Toudou to go shopping with her.

The next day, Yawara went shopping with Toudou. But they got separated as Yawara wondered off to look at some clothes for herself when Toudou was trying out some clothes. Then it started to rain. Yawara rushed to a telephone box to get out of the rain. Just as she tried to open the door, Matsuda also tried to open the door. They both went into the small telephone box to get out of the rain. They couldn't think of anything to say to each other. Yawara was thinking of what Jody said to her about Matsuda being her boy friend. Matsuda was thinking about the conversation that he had with his parents. Then they both started talking at the same time. Yawara told Matsuda to go first.

Matsuda said, "I will leave for Seoul tomorrow."
Yawara answered, "It's going to begin soon."
"Yeah. I'll see you over there."
"Actually.." Yawara added. "It seems like my father is in Seoul."
Matsuda said, "Is that so. I wish you can see him."
Then Matsuda looked seriously at Yawara and said, "Yawara.."
"When the Olympics are over.." Matsuda started to say, but Yawara interrupted him because she saw Toudou running outside because the rain had almost stopped. Yawara said that she has to go after her and started to leave. Then she stopped and asked Matsuda what he wanted to say. Since the atmosphere had been broken, Matsuda just asked Yawara for an interview after the Olympics.

It was the day before Yawara had to leave for Seoul. Yawara called Fujiko, but Fujiko said that she was very busy and couldn't see her. But Fujiko promised to see Yawara at the airport the next day.

Yawara's mother had fixed Yawara's father's judo uniform so that it fit Yawara. She told Yawara that it had always been his dream to fight in the Olympics.

As the judo team was preparing to depart from Narita, a lot of reporters were hanging around taking interviews. But Yawara was looking around for Fujiko. Yawara couldn't find Fujiko and the time to board the plane had come.

Meanwhile Fujiko was trying to hurry to the airport carrying a large banner that she had stayed up all night to sew. Fujiko ran past the security guards and tried to run to the gate. But she was too late. So Fujiko ran outside to the roof of the terminal building. She had some people hold one end of the banner while she ran holding the other end of the 20 meter banner. Just then as the plane started to move on the runway, Yawara was thinking of Fujiko and took a peek out the window. Yawara saw Fujiko holding the banner which said, "Ganbare Yawara! Sekai Ichi". Yawara's eyes were full of tears as the plane took off.

In Seoul Matsuda and Kuniko were busy trying to get interviews of the Japanese athletes in the Olympics. Matsuda wanted to go see Yawara, but they had to follow a schedule and judo was near the end.

Yawara was walking around the streets of Seoul trying to find her father. She showed a picture of her father and asked people if they had seen him. But she had no luck. She came to a doujou and went inside, thinking that her father could have visited the doujou. Inside there were a lot of men lying around all beaten up. Yawara asked them, but they didn't have the strength to answer. Then Yawara went inside saw a tall person. She went up to her to ask about her father. It turned out to be Teleshikova. When Teleshikova spoke Japanese to Yawara, Yawara smiled and took out the picture to show her. But Teleshikova slapped the picture out of Yawara's hand and told her not to come any closer. Teleshikova yelled at Yawara to leave. She said that she wants to fight Yawara in the Olympics and not there.

In the opening ceremony of the Olympics, Sayaka carried the Japanese flag and walked in front of the Japanese team.

The 48 kg weight class the first and Sayaka kept winning her matches and made it to the finals. Her opponent was going to be Korea's Kim. When Yawara tried to give words of encouragement to Sayaka, Sayaka got mad and slapped Yawara's hands away. Then she tried to pull Kazamatsuri away to prepare for the final match. As Kazamatsuri was talking to Yawara, a big arm came around his neck, and the big blond owner of the arm asked if he was Yawara's boy friend. Then Jody came up and said no. Jody introduced her fiancee to Yawara and pointed to Matsuda as Yawara's boy friend. Jody's weight lifter boy friend picked up Matsuda and said that he better take good care of Yawara. Yawara tried to tell them that Matsuda was not her boy friend, but Jody's boy friend had to go participate in his weightlifting competition. As Yawara and Jody were talking, Belkens came by and said hello.

There was a big roar from the crowd as Kim stepped out to face Sayaka in the championship match. Just as the match began, Teleshikova came to where Yawara, Jody, and Belkens were talking.

Teleshikova said, "I am going to fight against Yawara. Don't get in the way."
Then Jody said, "I have a promise with Yawara that we will fight in the Olympics."
Belkens said, "So everyone wants to fight against Yawara."

Because the four top competitors of the unlimited class were together, they gathered a lot of attention even though the 48 kg championship match was taking place. Sayaka took a peek away from her opponent to see what the commotion was about. She saw Yawara and became upset. Then Kim took advantage of Sayaka's opening and threw her down for a wazaari. When Sayaka got up, she got mad and blamed it on Yawara. Then Kim took Sayaka down another time for a yuukou, because Sayaka had lost her cool.

The match continued and Yawara kept yelling advice to Sayaka. Sayaka eventually got a yuukou and wazaari to even the score. But Sayaka yelled at Yawara again, not to give her any advice. Just when time was running out, Yawara spotted an opening in Kim and yelled to Sayaka. Then Sayaka grabbed Kim and threw her.

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