YAWARA! volume 9

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1991.11.30
  • I think episodes 48 to 51 of the TV series were based on it.
Sayaka threw Kim down. Everyone thought that Sayaka had won with an ippon. Sayaka came up with her arm raised in victory. But the referee said that time had run out. Sayaka's throw was one second too late! Since the score was tied with both Sayaka and Kim having one wazaari and one yuukou, the decision was up to the judges. Sayaka said that she won't be happy winning the gold medal with a decision victory. When the referee called for the judges' decision, both judges raised the white flag. Kim was declared the winner. Sayaka was shocked.

Sayaka ran off past Kazamatsuri, Yawara, and Matsuda into a corner by herself. Jigoro went up to Sayaka who was facing the wall. Jigoro told Sayaka that it was ok to cry. He also gave her his autographed book and told her that she will become stronger and be Yawara's rival.

Sayaka immediately took a plane back to Japan, without enjoying any more of the Olympics.

In the over 72 kg weight class Toudou (who everyone thought would be the gold medal winner) lost her match, so Japan did not have any gold metals. The only hope was Yawara in the unlimited class.

At home, Yawara's mother was looking at her husband's picture and hoping that Yawara will do good in the Olympics.

In Fujiko's apartment, the Yawara "fan club" that Fujiko had gathered were sitting around the television waiting for Yawara's match. When Fujiko saw Yawara on the screen she began leading the cheer.

At the clubhouse of the judo team of Ebitendo Athletic College, Hanazono-kun was watching Yawara with the rest of the judo team. Hanazono-kun surprised everyone by saying that he was a classmate of Yawara in high school. Then he said that he will join her in the Barcelona Olympics.

Just before her match, Yawara was wondering if her father was somewhere watching her. Then Matsuda put a hand on her shoulder and told her that her father was in the same gym somewhere. He also told Yawara to just concentrate on the match. Kazamatsuri also came up to Yawara and said that since he was watching her there was nothing to be afraid of.

Yawara's first opponent was Tao from China who was 198 cm tall and weighed 125 kg. As the match started Tao grabbed Yawara's collar and tried a move on her. But in an instant, Yawara positioned herself to throw Tao for an ippon. Then the whole gym became silent when Yawara threw Tao with surprising quickness. Yawara won her first match in a few seconds.

In the other matches, Jody, Belkens, and Teleshikova all won with ippons to move to the semi-finals with Yawara.

When Kuniko was trying to go to the restroom, she ran into a strange guy carrying many bags of snacks. She said that it was just like Jigoro. When the stranger learned that Kuniko knew Jigoro, he gave Kuniko a letter to give to Yawara.

Yawara and Belkens went out for their semi-final match. There was a great cheer from the crowd when Yawara stepped out. Matsuda was happy that Yawara was so popular. Then Kuniko told Matsuda about the letter that the strange man had handed her. Matsuda knew that the letter must be from Kojiro. After telling Yawara that he will look for her father, Matsuda ran off to look for the strange man wearing a dirty jacket and an old hat.

The match began. Belkens and Yawara went to grab each other's sleeves. But Belkens let go and backed off right away after feeling Yawara's hold. Then Belkens kept backing off from Yawara until she got a warning from the referee. Belkens felt Yawara's strength and could not tie up with her.

Meanwhile Matsuda was looking in the stands for Yawara's father. Then Matsuda heard a crunching sound like someone was eating some crackers. Matsuda knew that it must be Yawara's father, and headed for the sound. When Matsuda called out Inokuma Kojiro's name, the man immediately ran off. Matsuda tried to run after Kojiro.

Belkens and Yawara were locked up and Belkens tried to put a move on Yawara. But using her quickness, Yawara positioned herself to throw Belkens. Yawara tried throwing Belkens, but Belkens locked her leg on Yawara's leg and escaped from being thrown. As they were getting up to start again, Yawara though to herself that this opponent was very strong.

The match continued, but Belkens kept retreating again. There was nothing that she could do because of Yawara's good balance and quickness. Then Belkens got another warning, which gave Yawara a yuukou point. Since there was less than one minute left in the match, Belkens grabbed Yawara's collar and tried to muscle her way against Yawara. But Yawara set herself into the over the shoulder throw position and started to throw Belkens. Belkens tried to lock her leg, but Yawara loosened the leg and completed the spectacular throw.

Meanwhile Matsuda was chasing Kojiro outside of the gym. Just as Matsuda caught up to Kojiro, he put his hand on his shoulder. But Kojiro grabbed Matsuda's arm and threw him over his shoulder. Matsuda landed on the ground and said, "It's the same. Just like when I was thrown by Yawara." When Kojiro tried to walk away, Matsuda dove onto his leg and tried to stop him. Just then there was a huge roar from the crowd and Kojiro looked back at the gym. When Matsuda asked if Yawara had won, Kojiro answered yes.

Belkens and Jody both congratulated Yawara. Jody also said that she will win so they can fight in the final match.

Then the other semi-final match began between Jody and Teleshikova. While this match was going on, Matsuda was talking to Kojiro about the reason why he had left home. Also, Yamashita (who was broadcasting the judo matches) began to talk about his matches against Kojiro.

Yamashita said that fifteen years ago, when he was the high school champion, he was thrown for an ippon loss in a match against Kojiro. He said that he was no match for Kojiro. Then in a rematch, Yamashita got in a lucky oouchigari to defeat Kojiro. Soon after that, Kojiro disappeared. But Jigoro came up to the broadcaster's booth and said that there was more to the story. Jigoro said, "Yamashita, Kojiro was really shocked when he lost to you. But the cause of his disappearance was not you. The cause was her!" Jigoro pointed to Yawara, who was cheering for Jody. At that moment, Jody took Teleshikova down for a yuukou point. Then Jody took Teleshikova down again for a kouka.

Meanwhile, Kojiro was talking to Matsuda about why he went on his long training journey. Kojiro said, "It was 14 years ago. After losing in the my second match with Yamashita, I learned the harshness of judo. Also I learned that there was something missing in my judo. It was natural genius. And, I didn't know that someone so close to me had that natural genius."

"You might not believe it.." Kojiro continued, "I was just playing with her. But, I was thrown by her. By my five year old daughter!"

"I heard that story before.." Matsuda said, "From Yawara. But if she found out that she was the reason for her father's disappearance, she would be even more saddened."

Kojiro answered, "No, it wasn't the fact that I was thrown by Yawara. I was moved when I saw real gifted talent." Kojiro continued with tears running down his face, "For an ordinary person to catch up, we have to practice 100, no 1000 or even 10000 times as much!"

Then Kojiro told Matsuda to show the letter that he had written to Yawara. He also said that even Yawara might lose to that opponent. When Matsuda told Kojiro to tell Yawara in person, Kojiro said that he can't. He said that the only reason Yawara is doing judo now is because she thought that it would give her a chance to him. Then the police came by because they thought that Matsuda and Kojiro were fighting. Kojiro immediately ran off, but the police caught Matsuda. Kojiro yelled to Matsuda to show Yawara the letter.

Meanwhile, Teleshikova took Jody down with one minute left in the match. Teleshikova only got a kouka, but Jody injured her leg again. When the match restarted, Teleshikova took Jody down for a yuukou to even the score. Jody was in a lot of pain as Teleshikova kept attacking her injured leg. Then Teleshikova took Jody down again for another yuukou to take the lead. Yawara yelled to stop fighting because she noticed that Jody was in no condition to continue. But Jody swore that she was going to fight Yawara in the finals. With only 20 seconds left, Jody dove at Teleshikova's legs and took her down for a wazaari to recapture the lead. But when there were only 8 seconds left, Teleshikova used her throw (that she had not used until now) to get an ippon. Then Jody had to be carried off by her husband, as she crashed to the floor and lost consciousness. When Teleshikova turned to Yawara with her cool look, Yawara gave her a very mean stare.

At the Honami Sports Club, Sayaka was training hard. When Tokunaga came and informed her that the final match was going to begin, Sayaka told him to go away.

Yawara walked to the final match with a very mean look on her face. Yawara was thinking about what Teleshikova did to Jody. She also remembered that Teleshikova had slapped her father's picture out of her hands earlier. When Jigoro saw Yawara and the way she went out to face Teleshikova, he noticed that something was wrong and didn't approve.

When the match started, Yawara went right after Teleshikova with her ippon throw. Jigoro shouted, "That stupid girl!" Teleshikova used her hand to block her fall and avoid the ippon. But Yawara got a yuukou. Everyone who was cheering for Yawara thought that it was great. Jigoro was just watching unapprovingly. Matsuda was rushing to get the letter from Kojiro that Kuniko was holding. Then Yawara went after Teleshikova again thinking about getting revenge for Jody. Yawara took her opponent down for another yuukou.

Yamashita was saying that Teleshikova was strong for getting away from Yawara just in time to avoid the ippon. Then Jigoro came up and said that it was Yawara's fault for letting her get away. He also said that Yawara might lose if she keeps this up.

Kazamatsuri was thinking that he had never seen Yawara like this before. "There is so much that I didn't know about Yawara. I want to know everything about you!"

Matsuda was thinking that Yawara's eyes very serious, just like the time she fought against Jody in her doujou. But he thought that her eyes were much more frightening than before. Then Kuniko called out Matsuda's name. Matsuda immediately asked if she had given the letter to Yawara. Then Kuniko took out the letter that Kojiro had written. Matsuda took it away from Kuniko and ripped it open.

Yawara was still thinking about revenge for Jody. Yawara went to throw Teleshikova with her over the shoulder throw. Teleshikova smiled when Yawara went into her move. Then Matsuda yelled, "Wait Yawara! The uranage!" Kojiro's letter said, "Watch out for Teleshikova's uranage."

[uranage = reverse body throw]

Teleshikova picked up Yawara from behind, leaned back, and crashed with Yawara onto the ground. Everyone who was watching was shocked.

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