YAWARA! volume 10

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1991.12.15
  • I think episodes 52 to 54 and 56 to 58 of the TV series were based on it.
Teleshikova picked up Yawara from behind, leaned back, and crashed with Yawara onto the ground. The referee started to raise his hand to signal the ippon win for Teleshikova. However, he changed his ruling to be a wazaari and stopped the match because they were off of the mat.

Yamashita, who was broadcasting the match with the announcer, said, "This is it.. This is why Teleshikova didn't use her throw moves in the earlier matches. Also the reason why she got thrown by Yawara at the beginning of the match was to get the timing down for this uranage."

[uranage = reverse body throw]

"She isn't moving!" The announcer yelled as Yawara was still lying on the ground. Then everyone yelled for Yawara to get up when they all noticed that Yawara was still on the ground.

Images of the past when she threw her father flashed through Yawara's mind. Yawara apologized to her father and said that she won't do it again. Then Yawara also thought of getting revenge for Jody. "Yawara! Stand up!" Yawara heard some voice. Yawara popped open her eyes, thinking that her father had come back for her. But Yawara saw Matsuda yelling for her to stand up. Then Yawara regained enough consciousness to stand up, and the match resumed.

Yawara was still groggy but Teleshikova couldn't attack Yawara. She was still afraid of Yawara's moves. Then Teleshikova started to use some of her leg moves. When she kicked Yawara's leg, just like she had kicked Jody's leg, Yawara woke up and thought of Jody. Then Yawara started to counter with her own leg moves. "That stupid girl!" Jigoro yelled when he saw Yawara start to fight for revenge.

Then Yawara tried to throw Teleshikova with her over the shoulder throw. But Teleshikova countered with her uranage again. Yawara locked her leg in Teleshikova's leg to avoid getting thrown, but they crash landed and Teleshikova got a yuukou to take the lead.

There were two minutes left in the match and Yawara kept trying many moves on Teleshikova. Jigoro finally got fed up and started to walk toward the match. He said that he was going to stop this match. He said that this was not a judo match, it was a fight. But Yamashita got up to try to stop Jigoro.

Matsuda yelled to Yawara that her father was also cheering for her and held out the note that Kojiro had written. Kazamatsuri also yelled and said that he was there cheering for her. Then Jody struggled up next to them and yelled very loudly, "Fight! Yawara!"

Yawara heard Jody and turned to look. Then she went into the over the shoulder throw once again. Teleshikova grinned and tried to use her uranage again. But this time Yawara turned into a leg move and took Teleshikova down for a wazaari. Jody was so happy and relieved when she saw Yawara's move. Then Jody fainted and crashed to the ground. Jody had to be carried off on a stretcher, and Yawara wanted to go to her. But Yawara was called back to her match.

Jigoro saw Yawara's eyes and said that she was even more angry now that she had seen Jody. Yamashita was still trying to hold Jigoro back. But when Jigoro asked Yamashita if he wanted to be thrown by him, Yamashita let go of Jigoro. Just then Yawara tried another leg move on Teleshikova. But Teleshikova countered with her own leg move. Then Yawara went into another move and tried to pick up Teleshikova. They both landed off of the mat as Teleshikova countered Yawara's throw.

When Teleshikova got up, she said that she will not lose to anybody. Then Yawara and Teleshikova kept up the fierce fighting. There was less than one minute left in the match and everybody in the entire stadium stood up to watch.

Back in Japan, Yawara's former high school teammates were watching the match in the street as large crowd gathered around a television in a store window. At Ebitendo Athletic College, Hanazono-kun and the judo team were watching the match in their club house. Fujiko and her fan club were watching the match in Fujiko's apartment. Yawara's mother was holding her husband's picture and cheering for Yawara.

Kojiro was watching the match on a television in the streets of Korea. He said that the real fighting will begin now. There were only 30 seconds left in the match.

Yamashita, Matsuda, and Kazamatsuri were holding Jigoro back as Jigoro still wanted to stop the match.

Then Teleshikova unleashed her throw move and had Yawara in a pinch. But Yawara countered with a quick combination of moves to get into position to throw Teleshikova. Yawara hit her throw and the match was over. Yawara got an ippon as she threw Teleshikova over her shoulder with three seconds left in the match.

All of Yawara's fans were very happy and full of tears when Yawara won. But Jigoro went up to Yawara and shouted, "Stupid! We're going home." Then Jigoro dragged Yawara off to surprise everyone. When the reporters asked Jigoro about his actions, he said that Yawara's performance was shameful and she didn't deserve the gold medal. Jigoro said that they were going to leave and told Kazamatsuri to go to the medal ceremony in place of Yawara.

Then another reporter asked Jigoro if his story about Yawara being the cause of Kojiro's disappearance was true. Matsuda quickly tried to stop the conversation about this subject, but Yawara had overheard. When Yawara asked Jigoro, Jigoro didn't answer. But the other reporters bombarded Yawara with questions about her father and her past. Then Matsuda tried to protect Yawara. While Matsuda was fighting off the other reporters, Yawara ran off.

At the medal ceremony, Kazamatsuri was shaking as he accepted the gold medal for Yawara. Teleshikova swore that she will defeat Yawara in the Barcelona Olympics.

Yawara was crying and sitting on a bench by herself. Matsuda finally found Yawara and went to sit with her. "I will not do judo any more," Yawara told Matsuda. "Because of my judo, our family is all apart." Matsuda tried to tell Yawara that it wasn't so, but he couldn't tell her that he had met her father.

Then Yawara thanked Matsuda for yelling when she was down. She said that his voice sounded like her father's voice and she was very happy. Then Matsuda said, "There is going to be a big commotion when you return to Japan. You are a real superstar now." Yawara was sadly looking at the ground. "You promised me before the Olympics that I can do a personal interview if you won the gold medal. Here goes.." Matsuda was also looking at the ground. Then he built up his courage and said, "I.. I like you. You are.." All of a sudden Yawara's head rested against Matsuda's shoulders. Matsuda was surprised, but when he turned to look at Yawara, Yawara was sleeping.

Meanwhile, two guys in dark sun glasses surrounded Kojiro. Then Sayaka got a call telling her that Kojiro had been found. Sayaka told her people to start negotiating so that he can be her coach.

A lot of reporters were waiting at the airport when the Japanese judo team returned to Japan. Many reporters immediately went up to Yawara and surrounded her. But Yawara vanished, and Jigoro was there wearing the gold medal. Yawara had gone to see her friends who were lined up and waiting for her. Fujiko and her fan club, Hanazono-kun and the old high school judo team, and Yawara's mother were all there. When Fujiko and Yawara were talking Hanazono-kun came in between them. Hanazono-kun congratulated Yawara, but he ended up holding Fujiko's hand as Yawara ran off to her mother. Then everyone gathered around to give Yawara a douage.

[douage = tossing someone up into the air to celebrate a victory]

Kojiro was pigging out at the Honami mansion. Sayaka was telling him that she just wants to defeat Yawara in judo and wanted him to coach her. Sayaka offered 300,000,000 yen, but Kojiro just kept eating without giving an answer.

Yawara and her friends were having a victory party. Both Hanazono-kun and Fujiko told Yawara to try hard for the Barcelona Olympics. Again Hanazono-kun and Fujiko ended up holding each other's hands. But Yawara was thinking that she will not do judo any more.

In Moscow, a lot of people were at the airport to greet Teleshikova. Her coach congratulated her and told her to take a rest for a while. But Teleshikova snapped back that she was going directly to the doujou and that she wanted ten strong men for her training. When her coach told her that there were still four more years until Barcelona, she said that there were only four more years.

In Belgium, former judo queen Belkens announced her retirement from judo. She said that she no longer is the most brilliant person in judo. She said that Yawara was the new queen.

Back in Japan, Jigoro was going around the neighborhood wearing the gold medal around his neck. His friends said that they couldn't believe that the Yawara that they had known ever since she was little had won the gold medal. But Jigoro said that this was just a preliminary, and the real target was the gold medal in the Barcelona Olympics, where women's judo will become an official sport. Then they all started to have a party to celebrate.

At the Honami mansion, Kojiro was sitting in a chair by the pool. When Sayaka's father asked how the negotiations were going, Tokunaga said that Kojiro hadn't given any definite answer yet. Sayaka's father then asked how much they had offered. Tokunaga answered 300,000,000 yen. Both Sayaka's father and mother immediately said that the amount was an insult. Sayaka's father said that they should double the amount. Then Tokunaga said that they weren't sure that the man was really Kojiro. Kazamatsuri was shaken by the conversation and the monetary figure. He was thinking to himself that because of this, he couldn't easily refuse the engagement with Sayaka. Then Sayaka asked Kazamatsuri to use whatever means to find out for sure if the man was really Kojiro.

There was a celebration at Mitsuba Junior College. A lot of the students and reporters were gathered, and cheered for Yawara to win the gold medal in the Barcelona Olympics. Yawara wanted to tell everyone that she was going to quit, but couldn't bring herself to say it. Then Matsuda talked to Fujiko and told her that Yawara really meant to quit judo this time. When Fujiko said that she couldn't believe it, Yawara came up behind her and said that it was true.

Yawara, Fujiko, and Matsuda went to a coffee shop. Fujiko was crying and trying to convince Yawara not to quit judo. But Yawara said that the current condition of her family being split apart was caused by her judo. Matsuda said that it wasn't so, but he couldn't tell Yawara that he had met her father in Seoul. Then Kuniko came and told Matsuda that he had some real work to do. Matsuda said that this was more important and tried to stay with Yawara. But Yawara said that she won't bother anybody any more, and tried to leave. When Yawara met Kuniko outside, Kuniko told Yawara not to bother Matsuda all the time. Then Yawara said that she won't any more because she will quit judo, and ran off.

At the Honami mansion grounds, Kazamatsuri tried to tail Kojiro secretly to find out if he was really Kojiro. Kojiro was just wandering around eating some nikuman. Kazamatsuri took his shoes off to try to keep quiet. When Kazamatsuri got close enough, he ran to attack Kojiro. But Kojiro threw the wrapper of his nikuman back at Kazamatsuri and hit him in the eye. Kazamatsuri was surprised and said that Kojiro did it deliberately.

At the Ebitendo Athletic College judoujou when Hanazono-kun was practicing judo, Fujiko came to visit him. Fujiko told him that Yawara was going to quit judo. Then Hanazono-kun told Fujiko that there was a similar situation back when they were in high school. He said that Yawara was a girl who didn't care much about her own judo, but cared a lot for the weak high school judo team. Then Fujiko grabbed Hanazono-kun's hand and said that she will create a judo team at Mitsuba Junior College. She said that she will also do judo herself. Hanazono-kun told Fujiko that judo was much harder than she was thinking and that she would get hurt. Fujiko replied that she was willing to do anything to get Yawara back into judo. Then Hanazono-kun said that he will try to help out too, and grabbed Fujiko's hands.

Yawara got a letter from Jody. "Dear Yawara, Thanks for everything during the Olympics. I think you are already back to your special daily training. My leg is recovering as expected. So Lune and I will have our wedding soon. I want you to come too. Canada is far away, but please come with the airplane ticket that I have enclosed.." So Yawara got ready to go to Canada. She was looking forward to this trip because she couldn't really enjoy the trip to Seoul, which was her first trip to a foreign country. Then Jigoro came and told Yawara to train hard every day while she was in Canada.

Yawara told Fujiko that she was going to Canada. Fujiko thought to herself that it would be easier for her to organize the judo team with Yawara away.

Fujiko put an advertisement on the bulletin board in her school for a new judo club. Then Fujiko went to a store to get a judo uniform for herself. She told the store owner that she will be coming back when she gets more members for her judo team. But the man said that judo wasn't that simple, although a lot of girls had started to do judo recently because of Yawara. Fujiko became happy when she heard this because she thought that it will be easy to gather five people for a team. When Fujiko told the man that she was from Mitsuba Junior College, the man became surprised and asked Fujiko to get Yawara's autograph for him.

Sayaka was demonstrating her judo for Kojiro. When Kazamatsuri asked Kojiro what he thought about Sayaka's judo, Kojiro just started spitting out some grape seeds. Then Sayaka started to complain that something was hitting her arm and leg. Kazamatsuri looked around and saw Kojiro spitting the seeds at Sayaka's weak points. Kazamatsuri was surprised that Kojiro had already spotted Sayaka's weak points.

Fujiko waited at the coffee shop for some new recruits, but nobody came. At six, when Fujiko was about to leave, a very low voice spoke out to her. When Fujiko looked, she saw a very small and skinny girl sitting across from her. The girl said in her very low voice that she had been sitting there for the last 30 minutes. Fujiko hadn't noticed her. The girl also said that she wanted to try judo, so that she will become physically stronger. But Fujiko didn't take her seriously.

Yawara arrived in Canada and Jody was waiting for her at the airport. Before all of the fans and reporters could surround her, Jody and Lune dragged Yawara away. Yawara opened her bag and found her judo uniform inside. Since she had intentionally left it out, Yawara knew that it must have been Jigoro who had put it in. When they were alone, Jody apologized for breaking her promise about fighting in the Olympics. But she told Yawara that Lune will be her trainer and that she will work hard to be able to fight against Yawara in the next Olympics. Yawara tried to tell Jody that she will not do judo any more, but couldn't.

During class, Fujiko was wondering if she can gather enough people for the judo team. Then she suddenly noticed that the small girl that she had met the day before was sitting next to her. The girl introduced herself as Hikage Kyoko and said that her nickname was Kyon Kyon. When Fujiko said that she had to find five people for the judo team, Kyon Kyon said that they only need three more because they already have Fujiko and her. Fujiko stood up in the middle of the class and asked Kyon Kyon again if she really wanted to do judo.

Later Fujiko and Kyon Kyon waited at the coffee shop for more recruits. But nobody came. Fujiko was thinking that they needed four more people. Kyon Kyon was thinking that they needed three more people.

Matsuda was riding the train with Kuniko. He was saying that maybe Jody will talk Yawara back into judo. Just then a girl screamed. The sexy girl with large breasts and wearing tight clothes turned to Matsuda and yelled at him for touching her butt. Matsuda quickly said that he didn't do anything. Then the girl looked around and wondered why it always happened to her. When she asked Matsuda what she could do, Matsuda suggested that she take up judo to protect herself.

The next day, the girl went to Fujiko and said that she wanted to join the judo team. She said that she didn't want to damage her body, but she just wanted to be able to protect herself. The girl introduced herself as Oda Mari and said that her nickname was Maririn. Fujiko thought that it was no good and with members like Kyon Kyon and Maririn, she couldn't pull Yawara back to judo.

When Fujiko went with Kyon Kyon and Maririn to the judo uniform store, the man said that they won't do. He said that they were looking at judo too lightly. Fujiko knew that the man was right.

Jody took Yawara through Toronto in a parade, with Yawara as the main attraction. Everyone was happy to see Yawara, and Jody said that Yawara was a big idol in Canada. Then when Yawara got off of the car, a bunch of little kids ran up to Yawara. They all wanted to see Yawara's judo. Then Lune said that Yawara will have a practice match on the wedding day. Yawara tried to tell Jody that she didn't want to, but all of the little kids surrounded her and Yawara couldn't say anything.

Fujiko, Kyon Kyon, and Maririn waited at the coffee shop again. Maririn was wearing her judo uniform without wearing a t-shirt or bra. But nobody came. When Fujiko was walking home, she was thinking that she needed to find four more people. As Fujiko was walking by her judo advertisement, she saw somebody staring at it. Then the girl shouted, "I'll throw you!" Fujiko went up to her and asked if she wanted to join. The girl said, "Sure! I'll throw all of the guys in the world!" Fujiko was so happy and asked the girl if she had any experience. "Of course.. Thirteen.." Then Fujiko became so happy that someone with thirteen years of experience was going to join the team.

Kazamatsuri woke up just before sunrise. He had a dream that he got married to Yawara. But unfortunately he had gotten up before the night of the honeymoon. When he looked out the window, he saw a light in the doujou. He thought that Sayaka was practicing very early. But when Kazamatsuri went to the doujou, he found Kojiro working out. Kazamatsuri felt the intenseness coming from Kojiro and felt sure that this man was really Jigoro's son and Yawara's father.

At Mitsuba Junior College, Maririn, Kyon Kyon, and the new girl were carrying the mat for their judo practice. The new girl said that her name was Nanda Yoko. When Maririn asked about Nanda's thirteen years of judo experience, Nanda told her that her experience wasn't judo, but men that she had been rejected by. Maririn laughed so hard and couldn't stop laughing. Then Nanda and Maririn started to argue.

Fujiko was wandering around the other sports clubs to see if there were any girls capable of doing judo. But she was getting disappointed when she looked at the tennis and golf clubs. When she was walking by the jazz dance club, a very fat girl came running out and crashed on top of Fujiko. The girl asked for some water and something to eat. Fujiko saw the potential in this girl and thought that her weight would be great for judo.

At Jody and Lune's wedding party, Jody told Yawara that she had a very strong opponent lined up for the exhibition match. Then the announcer of the party introduced the very special guest, the Seoul Olympics women's unlimited class gold medalist Yawara Inokuma.

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