YAWARA! volume 11

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.01.02
  • I think episodes 59 to 64 of the TV series were based on it.
"Ladies and gentlemen! Please give a nice round of applause to the special guest who is going to celebrate Lune and Jody's wedding with a judo exhibition match. Yawara Inokuma!"

Yawara was already dressed in her judo uniform, but she didn't want to fight. Then Jody told Yawara not to worry because she had chosen a strong opponent worthy of Yawara. Jody said that Yawara's opponent was the 72 kg representative of Canada, but she could not compete in Seoul because of an injury. When Yawara tried to tell Jody that she didn't want to fight, Jody begged Yawara to fight for real. Then the announcer said that Yawara's opponent was Christine Adams.

Just as the match started, Yawara turned to Jody to try to say that she didn't want to fight. But Christine attacked Yawara.

At the Mitsuba Junior College cafeteria, the fat girl that Fujiko had recruited was pigging out. Fujiko encouraged her to eat more and more, as the girl was very hungry because she had been on a diet. Fujiko told her that she could lose a lot of weight by doing judo. After eating more than four dishes of food, the new girl decided to join the judo team. Fujiko was very happy that there were five people now. The new girl wrote her name as Yoshinagawa Sayuri.

Christine attacked Yawara with a combination of moves. Since Yawara wasn't really fighting hard, Yawara was taken by surprise. But Yawara braced herself and squared off with Christine. Yawara noticed that this opponent was very strong too. Then when Christine went into her move to throw Yawara, Yawara countered like a flash, and threw Christine for an ippon. All of the guests were delighted to see Yawara's spectacular throw.

At the Toronto airport, Jody gave Yawara a lot of souvenirs to take home and thanked Yawara for her great exhibition match. When Jody said that she will fight Yawara in Barcelona, Yawara said, "I'm sorry Jody." Then Yawara told Jody that she was going to quit judo. Jody was shocked and couldn't believe it.

Fujiko and the new judo team were watching videos of Yawara's Olympic match. Then Nanda and Maririn said that it looked easy and all they had to do was throw the opponent. Maririn went up and tried to throw Sayuri. But Maririn failed, and Sayuri landed on top of her with all of her weight. Then Nanda and Kyon Kyon started to practice. But they just ended up dancing with each other. Fujiko was just sitting and watching and thinking that this was no good.

At Nikkan Every, Matsuda had just received the picture of Yawara throwing Christine in the exhibition match. Matsuda thought that Jody had talked Yawara back into judo and was feeling happy. Just then Matsuda got an international phone call from Jody. Jody said, "Matsuda, what should I do? That was Yawara's last throw. She's going to quit judo! Yawara said that because of her judo, her father isn't coming home. She's really going to quit this time! What should I do? You're my only hope. Yawara's boy friend, Matsuda. You're the only one!"

Fujiko went to see Jigoro about trying to get Yawara back into judo. Jigoro said that he will forcefully drag her back, just like he had been doing ever since she was a child. But Fujiko said that Yawara wasn't a child any more. Then Fujiko said that she had created a judo team at her school, and asked Jigoro for some help. Jigoro thought about it and said that he will help. He also said that he wants the team to fight in a real match.

Yawara gave Fujiko a t-shirt as a souvenir. Then she asked Fujiko to go out with her so that they can talk about Yawara's trip. But Fujiko said that she was busy and couldn't go. Then Yawara spotted a judo uniform sticking out of Fujiko's bag. Fujiko quickly covered it up and ran off, saying that she had to go.

That day Fujiko announced that they were going to fight in a match, and Jigoro and Hanazono-kun showed up at the Mitsuba Junior College judo team practice.

Matsuda was rushing toward Mitsuba Junior College, with Kuniko chasing him. Since he had no other choice, Matsuda was going to tell Yawara everything about meeting her father. Then Matsuda spotted Hanazono-kun sitting outside of the gym wearing his judo uniform. When Matsuda asked what he was doing, Hanazono-kun said that the shock was too much for him. Then Matsuda, Kuniko, and Hanazono-kun took a look inside. They saw the new judo team practicing by doing laps crawling on the floor. When Matsuda asked what this was about, Hanazono-kun said that they were going to have a match to try to bring Yawara back into judo. Hanazono-kun said that it was all Fujiko's idea. Then Hanazono-kun started to get a nosebleed again as he saw Maririn struggling along the ground without a t-shirt.

After practice Kyon Kyon, Maririn, and Sayuri said that they were going to quit. They said that the practice was too hard. When Fujiko and Hanazono-kun begged them to stay, Jigoro told them that it was ok to quit. Jigoro said, "Just when they got a great coach like me and the media started to get excited. It's too bad.." Jigoro also told them that Matsuda and Kuniko were from a first rate newspaper. Then Matsuda figured what Jigoro was up to and told Kuniko to start taking pictures. The girls suddenly got excited and started to pose for the camera when Jigoro said that they can be famous.

Matsuda arranged a match against Tsukushi University, the number one women's judo team in Japan. He said that they immediately agreed when they learned that it was Yawara's college.

At school, Yawara spotted some girls carrying Jigoro's judo book. Also Yawara caught Fujiko napping instead of studying. When Yawara asked Fujiko if she wanted to go on a ski trip, Fujiko said that she couldn't. She also told Yawara not to go and asked her to keep the date open. When Yawara asked about the scars on Fujiko's arms, Fujiko said that she had fallen down. Then Fujiko quickly said good bye and ran off to her practice.

During practice, Fujiko was pairing with Hanazono-kun. Nearby, Sayuri was practicing with Maririn. Sayuri was on top of Maririn, and Maririn struggled to get out. Then Maririn's uniform slid off of her shoulders and her breasts became exposed. Hanazono-kun got a look and became shocked. Just at that moment, Fujiko tried her leg move on Hanazono-kun and kicked him down with a beautiful oouchigari.

[oouchigari = judo move to sweep the opponent's leg behind the knee from the inside, between the legs.]

Fujiko became very happy and asked Hanazono-kun to teach her more. Nanda also became excited and started to train harder with Maririn. Jigoro thought that finally this weak team had started to take the form of a judo team.

The next day, Fujiko ran away from Yawara again after school. Yawara thought that something was up and followed Fujiko. She saw Fujiko going into the gym. During the judo practice, Yawara went inside and asked what was going on. When Jigoro said that they were practicing for a match, Yawara got mad and said that these girls were in no condition to fight in a match. But Jigoro said that Yawara had no right to say anything. When the other girls became happy that Yawara had finally come to help them, Fujiko got up and said, "No! We don't need Yawara's help. We will win with our own strength." Then Fujiko said to Yawara, "Yawara you can go ski or do whatever you like." Yawara was shocked and saddened by Fujiko's words. Jigoro had a big, sneaky smile on his face.

The day of the match came. A lot of reporters were at the Tsukushi University judoujou waiting for Yawara. When they asked Matsuda, he said that Yawara will come for sure. Fujiko was getting nervous because Yawara had not arrived yet. All of the other girls were very excited because of all of the media people there. They were happy that they were going to be famous.

Yawara was sitting at home wondering what to do. She was thinking about the words that Fujiko had said to her. Yawara started to leave, but returned to get her judo uniform.

The match began before Yawara arrived. Matsuda and Hanazono-kun were getting worried, but Jigoro said that Yawara will come. Fujiko told the other girls to try to make the matches last as long as possible, so that they can buy time for Yawara.

The Tsukushi judo team and their coach were very nervous about this new judo team, even if Yawara wasn't there. There were much more reporters than usual, and they had to defend their number one title.

The match started with Nanda fighting first. Since Yawara had not come yet, the other reporters got mad at Matsuda. Matsuda started to go look for Yawara, but a loud roar stopped him. When Matsuda turned around, he saw the referee raise his hand for an ippon. Nanda had kicked her opponent down for an ippon. Sayuri, Maririn, and Kyon Kyon were so happy and cheered for Nanda. Fujiko couldn't believe it. The reporters were surprised too. Nanda's opponent was a national champion in her high school days. But some of the reporters were still upset that Yawara wasn't there.

Yawara was looking in through the window of the judoujou. She was thinking that she couldn't go in because there were a lot of reporters. But Yawara was also thinking that Nanda's kick was very good. She began to think that Jigoro's coaching must really be very good.

Tsukushi's coach yelled at his team. He told his team that they shouldn't be so nervous. He assured them that they were the number one team in Japan. Then Nanda's next opponent went out for her match.

Nanda was so happy and said that she will throw the next opponent too. Fujiko just told her to make the match last long enough to give Yawara some more time.

The second match started and Nanda used her kick move again. This time her opponent hit the floor, but avoided an ippon. Since Nanda didn't know the rules, she thought that she had won again. The referee told her that she only got yuukou and the match must continue. When Nanda argued, the referee gave her a warning. Nanda gave up arguing and the match continued. Since Nanda was mad now, she kept trying to use her kick move to knock down her opponent. But her opponent knew that it was coming, and countered it. She threw Nanda for an ippon. Nanda was full of tears as she was so sad and mad that she had lost.

Sayuri was next for Mitsuba. Since she went out smiling, Tsukushi's coach thought that she had some trick up her sleeve. He warned Kurokawa to be cautious. The match started and Kurokawa felt that Sayuri was very weak because of her grip and her stance and lack of balance. So she thought that she would try a throw to test Sayuri. Just as Kurokawa had started her throw, Sayuri collapsed all of her weight on Kurokawa. Sayuri ended up on top and put a hold on Kurokawa. But her hold wasn't very good so Kurokawa got out and was able to put an arm lock on Sayuri. Kurokawa's arm lock was perfect and was tearing Sayuri's arm out of her shoulder. But since Jigoro had forgotten to teach her the maitta, Sayuri started crying in pain. Kurokawa and Tsukushi's coach could not believe why Sayuri wouldn't give up. When it got to the point where the pain was too much for her, Sayuri yelled, "Let me go!" and used the last bit of her energy to throw Kurokawa away.

[maitta = I give up.]

When the match restarted, Kurokawa quickly got another perfect hold on Sayuri. This time, Jigoro called maitta and stopped the match. Jigoro went out to put Sayuri's arm back into her shoulder. When Sayuri cried and said that she will never to judo again, Jigoro said that she probably lost a lot of weight during the match. This turned Sayuri around and she became happy. Then the whole team became happy because Sayuri had tried very hard.

Maririn was called to fight next. She caused quite a stir because she had earrings, lots of make up, a pink belt, and also didn't wear a t-shirt. When the referee told her to wear a proper uniform, Maririn argued. The reporters all yelled to let her fight the way she was. But the referee talked it over with the judges and disqualified Maririn.

Fujiko was next for Mitsuba. Fujiko was very nervous. But before going out for her match, Fujiko told Kyon Kyon that she will not let her fight. Then Kyon Kyon said, "Thank you. If I go out against those people, I will get killed."

The match started and Fujiko was still very nervous and stiff. Fujiko was just wishing that Yawara would show up soon and hanging on to her opponent. Then Kurokawa kicked Fujiko down for a yuukou. Fujiko avoided the ippon because of her flexibility. The match continued, but Fujiko was still nervous. Kurokawa kept attacking and Fujiko just kept retreating. Yawara was watching from outside the window thinking that Fujiko will lose. Matsuda was cheering for Fujiko, but knew that she couldn't win if she didn't attack. Then he ran out to look for Yawara.

Fujiko still kept retreating, so the referee stopped the match and gave her a warning. Hanazono-kun yelled and told Fujiko to attack. He told her to remember what she had done during practice. But Fujiko still couldn't attack. Hanazono-kun then yelled out, "Did you forget the un, deux, trois!"

Then Fujiko remembered her oouchigari with the "un, deux, trois" timing. Fujiko started counting to herself to get the timing. Then she attacked her opponent with her oouchigari. To everyone's surprise Fujiko took her opponent down for an ippon.

While the next match was beginning, Tsukushi University's coach went to see Jigoro. When he asked Jigoro about the Mitsuba team, Jigoro told him that they were all beginners and had only done judo for one month. Jigoro also told him that Fujiko only knew that one move, oouchigari. Then the Tsukushi coach hurried back to his team. He was shocked that his number one team was having such a hard time against a bunch of beginners.

Meanwhile Fujiko was fighting her second match. But she was very tired. Yawara was shouting some instructions while she was watching the match from outside the building. Yawara was getting worried about Fujiko. Then Matsuda came and yelled at Yawara. He told her that Fujiko and the others were trying so hard because of her. "Fujiko tried very hard to make this judo team so that you can return to judo any time you want."

Fujiko used her oouchigari again to take her opponent down for a wazaari. Then Tsukushi's coach yelled out that Fujiko only new one move. He told Uzaki to go right at Fujiko. Then Uzaki threw Fujiko for a yuukou. Since there was only one minute left and Fujiko was still leading in points, Hanazono-kun yelled for her to just try to escape.

Matsuda finally gave up trying to talk Yawara into going into the gym. He angrily walked back into the gym.

There were 30 seconds left and Fujiko was running out of energy. She was in danger of being thrown. Then she caught a glance of Kyon Kyon warming up on the side. Fujiko woke up and got away from her opponent. Then Fujiko hung on for the remaining 20 seconds to defeat her opponent. Fujiko was so tired that she collapsed after the match ended.

Since the next person for Tsukushi was Katori, who was the 66 kg Japan champion, and Yawara hadn't shown up yet, all of the reporters got up to leave. When the reporters were grumbling and walking outside, Yawara ran by them into the gym. By then Fujiko's third match had begun.

A very tired Fujiko tried to get her timing down with the "un, deux, trois", but Katori kicked her down for a yuukou. Then Katori got the struggling Fujiko into a hold. Fujiko tried to get out but couldn't. When Fujiko had been held down for 25 seconds, she caught a glimpse of Yawara running towards her. But Fujiko passed out and lost.

After Fujiko recovered, she cried because she had lost. But Hanazono-kun and Yawara tried to comfort her. Yawara said that she had never seen an oouchigari as beautiful as the one Fujiko had thrown.

Meanwhile the Tsukushi team was feeling depressed because Yawara had arrived. The coach knew that their number one title will crumble. When the teammates asked Yamada Kaori, a member of the Japanese Olympic team, about any secret weapon to defeat Yawara, she answered that there wasn't any. Yamada also said that even if all five of them fought Yawara, they might not win. Then the coach said, "It's much better to lose five in a row to Yawara. The problem is that the number one team in Japan had been taken to the fourth person by that team full of beginners. The only way to get rid of this disgrace is by defeating Yawara!"

The Mitsuba team was feeling happy now that Fujiko had recovered and Yawara was ready to fight. When Nanda and Maririn were thinking that they were going to get famous, Kyon Kyon said in her very low voice that she wanted to try fighting. Immediately they told her no because they knew that she could not win and that she would get hurt. But Yawara went up to her and encouraged her. Yawara said that she can do it if she really wanted it. Matsuda was going to try to talk them out of it, but Jigoro stopped him. Jigoro said that it didn't matter who won the match or if Yawara actually fought. He said that Yawara's heart had already returned to judo.

When the referee called for the Mitsuba Junior College taishou, Kyon Kyon walked out to the center. Everyone was shocked because they were expecting Yawara. Then just as the match was starting, Tsukushi's coach advised Katori to watch out because Kyon Kyon might really be strong.

[taishou = the strongest person on the team, fifth person.]

The match started and Katori cautiously grabbed Kyon Kyon. Since Kyon Kyon didn't know any moves, she just held on and walked around counting "one, two, three". This continued for a while and the referee stopped the match to gave both sides a warning. While the match was suspended, Yawara spotted Kyon Kyon trying to practice a kick move. Yawara shouted out, "That's it Kyon Kyon. Do it when I yell out."

The match restarted and they got into the tie up and Kyon Kyon started counting again. Then Yawara yelled out for Kyon Kyon to hit her move. Kyon Kyon kicked her opponent and pulled her down, to shock everyone in the gym. But it was not enough for any points. Then Katori got mad, stood up, picked up Kyon Kyon, and threw her wildly for an ippon.

After Kyon Kyon recovered, Fujiko thanked everyone for trying so hard. She said that it didn't matter if they had won or lost. But Nanda, Maririn, Sayuri, and Kyon Kyon all said that they were sad and mad that they had lost.

When the Tsukushi team was feeling relieved that they had defended their number one title, Yawara walked up to the coach and asked for a rematch. Yawara said that she wanted to have another practice match. The coach thought that they would surely lose their title the next time if Yawara fought, and tried not to answer right away. But Matsuda went up to them and suggested that they fight in the Ajisaihai Tournament (a team style judo tournament) which was two months away. The coach immediately said no, but he thought about it and finally agreed. Now that he knew who they were up against (all beginners except for Yawara) he thought that he would have a chance to give Yawara her first loss ever.

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