YAWARA! volume 12

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.01.19
  • I think episodes 65 to 70 of the TV series were based on it.
Fujiko was feeling very happy, even though they had lost the judo match the previous day. Fujiko and Yawara were walking to the gym to practice judo. Yawara asked Fujiko what everyone had done after the match, since Jigoro had dragged Yawara home. Fujiko said that they all went to a family restaurant. She also said that Hanazono-kun ate a large hamburger plate, spaghetti, and a chocolate parfait. Then Yawara said that he had always been that way since high school. Fujiko said that she wanted to find out more about Hanazono-kun.

The night before Fujiko had walked home with Hanazono-kun. Hanazono-kun had carried Fujiko's bag and had given her his jacket. Then he ran off when they got to Fujiko's apartment.

Meanwhile at the Tsukushi University judoujou, everyone was working out very hard. The Tsukushi coach was very worried because there were only two months until the Ajisaihai Tournament.

At the Honami mansion, Sayaka was training so that she can defeat Yawara in the All Japan Judo Championships. But she was getting upset because the guys that she was throwing around were too weak. Then Tokunaga came running in with a sports newspaper featuring an article on Yawara's team appearing in the Ajisaihai Tournament. Sayaka got mad that Yawara was not going to fight her in the All Japan Judo Championships. Then she told Tokunaga to submit an entry for the Ajisaihai Tournament. But Kazamatsuri said that her school didn't have a judo team yet. Sayaka said that she can easily gather four more people. She also said that it didn't matter how weak they were because she will do all of the fighting.

Yawara, Fujiko, and Kyon Kyon were waiting for everyone else in the Mitsuba Junior College gym. Since they didn't come on time, Yawara said that judo was not a sport that ordinary girls did. Fujiko disagreed and said that judo was wonderful sport. Then Nanda came in crying because she had just been rejected by some guy again. Sayuri also came in and happily said that she had lost 3 kilograms in the match. Then Maririn came and said that all of the guys were staring at her on the train because she had become famous. There was a picture of Yawara in the sports newspaper which had Maririn in the background.

During practice Jigoro yelled at Maririn for stopping while doing her warmup training. Maririn kept complaining that she will get too many muscles to be a beautiful actress. When she said that she wanted to leave, Kyon Kyon tried to stop her. Then the other girls also persuaded Maririn to stay and practice. They said that they wanted to win the Ajisaihai Tournament.

At the Honami mansion, Sayaka had gathered four girls from her college to make a judo team. All of the girls were "ojousama" from rich families. Kazamatsuri said that these girls could not do judo, but Sayaka said that she would win in all of the matches so it didn't matter. Kazamatsuri was thinking that he could not train all of these girls himself. He knew that Yawara was on a totally different level in terms of judo and everything else. He was also wondering where Kojiro was.

[ojousama = spoiled, rich girls who can't do anything by themselves.]

When the Mitsuba team was taking a shower after practice Maririn was still complaining. Then Yawara noticed that Fujiko wasn't there. Kyon Kyon said that Fujiko was still practicing to get her form down perfect. Yawara knew that Fujiko must be very tired.

In the gym Fujiko was still practicing. She was thinking that she didn't know what she was missing, as she collapsed to the floor. Just then a strange man eating something very loudly came by and asked Fujiko if she had been taught by Jigoro. Fujiko answered yes and said that although she had been doing judo for two months, she still didn't know anything. Then the man told her that her move would be perfect if she just learned the timing of her left hand.

When Yawara ran into the gym, Fujiko was still practicing. Yawara noticed that Fujiko's move had become much better. Fujiko told Yawara that some strange man had come and taught her. Then Yawara noticed a small seed of a fruit on the floor. Yawara knew right away that it must have been her father. Yawara ran outside, but Kojiro was nowhere to be seen.

The next morning when Yawara was jogging Matsuda came up to her and showed her the newspaper. It had an article about Sayaka's team entering the Ajisaihai Tournament. Matsuda said that Sayaka's one woman team will keep winning until she fights Yawara. Then Yawara said that she didn't want to be a one woman team. She said that she wanted all of the others to win on their own, but Matsuda said that the opponents in the Ajisaihai Tournament would be too strong for them.

Then Matsuda said that in all of the great athletes that he has seen, the ones with self confidence were the strongest. Matsuda suggested that Yawara train with all of them individually and be thrown by them. That way each one will start to get some self confidence. Then Yawara thanked Matsuda for his suggestion and ran off.

At the Seishin Women's College judoujou, Sayaka was working out while the other girls and Kazamatsuri were drinking tea and eating cake at a nearby table. Sayaka had heard that Mitsuba's team was just like hers with Yawara being the only experienced person. Sayaka thought that Yawara wanted to show off by defeating five people after the other four girls lost. Sayaka said that she will not let that happen. Just then Kojiro showed up at the table and said that Mitsuba's team was not full of beginners. He added that Sayaka might lose before she can get a chance to fight against Yawara.

At the Mitsuba Junior College gym, Yawara was practicing with everyone. Yawara let herself be thrown by Nanda, Sayuri, and Maririn. Then Yawara practiced with Fujiko. Fujiko used her long stride to throw in her oouchigari and took Yawara down. Matsuda commented that Yawara was very good at taking a fall too. Then Jigoro laughed and said, "Don't you know anything you stupid Matsuda? That oouchigari was real!" Yawara had opened her eyes wide because of being surprised by Fujiko's move.

The next day the Ajisaihai Tournament began. Maririn, Nanda, and Sayuri were very excited as there were TV cameras all over and they were focused on their team. They kept smiling to the camera. Fujiko looked around and saw that all of the girls from other teams were very mean looking. Fujiko started to scared and told Yawara to fight first so she can defeat everyone. But Yawara said that they were going to win with everyone and that she was expecting a lot from Fujiko's oouchigari. Then Yawara looked around to see that Sayaka and the Tsukushi University team were staring at them with very mean faces.

Kazamatsuri was looking at the Mitsuba team, but couldn't figure out who the big wall that Kojiro had warned him about was. Then Kazamatsuri stared at Yawara and started to get a funny, perverted look on his face as he thought about her.

Matsuda told Kuniko to make sure to take a lot of pictures of the match between Yawara and Sayaka. He said that the other matches didn't matter that much. He said that this was the first time in two years that the two rivals will fight. Then Jigoro came up to Matsuda and said that Yawara will throw Sayaka for an ippon. But he also said that there was another big wall waiting for Sayaka this time.

In the first round match for Seishin Women's College, the four ojousama lost very quickly to the first opponent. Then Sayaka went up and easily threw all five opponents to move her team into the second round. Jigoro and Matsuda both noticed that Sayaka had improved a lot. Meanwhile Tsukushi University's first person defeated all five opponents to send Tsukushi into the second round.

The time for Mitsuba's first match came. Fujiko became more nervous and wanted to run away, but Yawara pushed her in line. The opponents were thinking that no matter how strong Yawara was, all of the others were just beginners. They thought that they had a chance if they went five against Yawara.

Fujiko was still shaking in fear when Nanda's first match started. Yawara was still trying to calm Fujiko down when Nanda kicked her opponent down for an ippon. Fujiko couldn't believe it. Then Nanda used her kick move to defeat her second opponent. The Mitsuba team became very happy, including Fujiko.

Kazamatsuri was watching the match trying to find out who the big wall was that Kojiro had warned him about. After seeing Nanda easily defeat her two opponents, Kazamatsuri thought that the wall was Nanda. He couldn't believe that someone who had just started judo three months ago could have such a sharp move.

Kazamatsuri was going to tell Sayaka about this big wall. But he heard the sound of Nanda being thrown by the opponent's third fighter. So he knew that Nanda couldn't be the wall. When Maririn stepped out to fight next for Mitsuba, Kazamatsuri wondered if she was the big wall. He knew that there was something different about Maririn.

When the match started, the opponent quickly grabbed Maririn and exposed the tank top that she was wearing instead of a t-shirt. Then Maririn was thrown for an ippon, to the disappointment of everyone in the stands who wanted to see more of her.

Sayuri was next for Mitsuba and she wondered how many kilograms she would lose in the match that day. Fujiko was getting worried because she would be next if Sayuri lost. She was not paying attention to the match, but Yawara told her to watch as Sayuri had knocked her opponent down and had her in a hold. Then Sayuri smashed her opponent down for thirty seconds to get the ippon, and won the match.

Kazamatsuri thought that Sayuri must be the big wall and started to run off to tell Sayaka. But when there was another roar from the crowd, Kazamatsuri stopped and looked back. He saw Sayuri caught in a head- lock hold. Sayuri had learned the maitta, and gave up.

Fujiko then got up to go to her match. She was very frightened and was shaking and sweating all over. Kazamatsuri saw Fujiko and thought that even if she was the big wall, she was too stiff to be a tough opponent. When the match started Yawara yelled to Fujiko to relax. But Fujiko was just barely holding on and couldn't remember any of her moves. Just then Hanazono-kun ran into the gym and yelled out, "Fujiko! Un, deux, trois!"

Fujiko heard Hanazono-kun's voice and everything fell back in place. She remembered her "un, deux, trois" and threw her oouchigari. Fujiko kicked her opponent down for an ippon win. Kazamatsuri saw Fujiko's move and knew that this girl was for real.

The opponents were down to their taishou. Everyone in the crowd was yelling for Fujiko to lose so that they can see Yawara. When the match started Fujiko thought that she didn't have to win any more and became relaxed. Kazamatsuri noticed that Fujiko's movements had become much smoother. Fujiko wasn't trying to win, but she threw in her oouchigari. Her leg caught her opponent by surprise and Fujiko landed on top of her opponent with an ippon. When Fujiko got up, she was very happy because they had won and moved on to the second round. Fujiko had tears running down her cheeks as she jumped up for joy.

The crowd was disappointed because they could not see Yawara. Sayaka was also upset at the way Mitsuba won. The Tsukushi judo team noticed that Fujiko had gotten better from the time when they fought against her. But the Tsukushi coach told them that their only target was Yawara.

When the Mitsuba team was walking off, Fujiko saw Hanazono-kun in the stands cheering for her. He yelled and said that she can win the championship with her oouchigari, but Fujiko said that she was too weak. Just then Fujiko bumped into Toudou. Toudou and her team were walking toward their first match. When Yawara said hi, Toudou replied that she will have her rematch against Yawara in the second round. She wanted revenge for the loss that she suffered in the exhibition match two years ago.

In the second round, Sayaka easily defeated all of her opponents to move her team into the semi-finals. If Yawara's Mitsuba can defeat Toudou's Kuroyuri, the big rematch between Sayaka and Yawara would be set up. Kojiro was watching the tournament at the Honami mansion. He knew that Sayaka would have a tough job to do before she can face Yawara.

As Mitsuba and Kuroyuri lined up to start the match, Fujiko pointed out that all of the Kuroyuri members were heavyweights, and they all looked very mean. She even said that the others made Toudou look cute. Fujiko was very scared. But Maririn, Nanda, and Sayuri were happy because of all of the attention that they were getting.

The match began, and Kuroyuri's Fujiwara easily defeated Nanda, Maririn, and Sayuri with ippons. Fujiko had to go fight next, but she was very scared and shaking and sweating.

Meanwhile a taxi carrying a middle aged man and woman arrived at the gym. The man and woman ran into the gym, worried that the match might be over.

Fujiko's match started but she was still nervous. She was just hanging on and trying to escape from Fujiwara's moves. Then Yawara yelled out for her to remember the "un, deux, trois". But Fujiko said that her opponent was too strong. When Yawara reassured her that she can win, Fujiko threw in her oouchigari and sent her opponent flying. Fujiko won with an ippon to surprise everyone in the stands.

The middle aged man and woman had come into the stands and were watching Fujiko's match. The woman said that they have to stop the match at once as she thought that her daughter Fujiko would get killed. She was saying that she shouldn't have let her come to Tokyo.

Fujiko's next match started. Fujiko was still scared, but she quickly threw in her oouchigari and defeated the second opponent. Matsuda was shocked at how good Fujiko had become. He hurried to Kuniko and asked her to start taking pictures.

In the stands Fujiko's parents overheard Hanazono-kun cheering for Fujiko. He yelled out, "You can win if you do it like I taught you!" They went over to Hanazono-kun and asked if he was the one responsible for dragging Fujiko into judo. When he found out that they were Fujiko's parents, Hanazono-kun introduced himself. Then Fujiko's father grabbed Hanazono-kun and asked what he had done to his daughter.

Fujiko's third match began. Fujiko was very tired and the opponents now knew to watch out for Fujiko's oouchigari. The opponent tried to take Fujiko down and use the mat moves. But Fujiko escaped by bridging and using her flexible body. Then as her opponent was getting mad, Fujiko threw in her oouchigari and took her down for another ippon.

Kojiro was watching the matches on TV in the Honami mansion. When he saw Fujiko win her third straight match, he knew that he had underestimated her skills. The wall Sayaka was going to face was a very high one.

The crowd was enjoying Fujiko's judo, but they were getting restless as they really wanted to see Yawara. Then they started yelling out for her to lose. Fujiko's father and mother got angry at this and started yelling back at the crowd. Then Fujiko's fourth match began.

When Fujiko tried to throw in her oouchigari, her opponent blocked Fujiko's leg and tried to do a rolling throw. But Fujiko braced herself and got away off the mat. Then Fujiko said to Yawara that she couldn't fight any more. But Yawara kept encouraging Fujiko. She gave Fujiko some advice about when to throw in the oouchigari. Then the match continued and Fujiko found the perfect timing for her oouchigari.

In her fifth match, Fujiko had to face Toudou, the silver medalist in the Seoul Olympics. Fujiko was shaking in fear before the match began. Toudou was thinking that Fujiko was not her opponent. She only wanted to fight against Yawara. When the match started, Toudou tried to muscle her way and throw Fujiko. But Fujiko braced herself and threw in her oouchigari when Toudou was trying to lift her up. Toudou went flying with Fujiko on top of her. Everyone thought that Fujiko had won, but the referee stopped the match because they were off the mat.

When the match restarted, Toudou was mad and went after Fujiko. But Fujiko was bracing herself well with her flexible body. When she spotted another opening, Fujiko threw in her oouchigari again and took Toudou down for a yuukou. Yawara shouted for Fujiko to escape, but it was too late as Toudou recovered and got Fujiko into a hold. Toudou covered Fujiko with her weight and Fujiko could not do anything. Toudou held Fujiko down for 30 seconds to get an ippon.

Everyone gave Fujiko an ovation as she walked off the mat. She collapsed to her teammates as they all congratulated her. Then Yawara went out to face Toudou in her first match since the Olympics. Toudou told Yawara that it won't be like it was two years ago. She said that she had been researching Yawara's over the shoulder throw.

Fujiko's parents were surprised that their daughter was doing judo with someone like Yawara, who they had seen in the Olympics. Hanazono-kun told them that Fujiko was the one that had brought Yawara back into judo, and that they were good friends.

In the match, Toudou was waiting for Yawara to use her throw. Toudou intentionally let herself open so Yawara would try to throw her. Then Yawara got into position and started to throw Toudou. Toudou was waiting for it and immediately went to pick Yawara up. But Yawara leaned back and kicked Toudou's leg to send her flying backwards. Yawara flew on top of Toudou and they crashed to the ground very loudly. Instead of her throw, Yawara had used the oouchigari to defeat Toudou.

The referee raised his hand to signal an ippon. Then he quickly called for a stretcher as Toudou was still unconscious on the ground. While they were carrying Toudou off, Yawara walked by her side and apologized to her. Then Toudou finally recovered, but she didn't know what had happened. She was very upset when she learned that she had lost.

When the Mitsuba team returned to their dressing room, Fujiko was surprised to find her parents there. Her mother told her that they came to take her away. But Jigoro interrupted and suggested that they watch the match until the end. Yawara also asked them to let Fujiko fight a little bit more until the end. Then Fujiko's father pointed out that they didn't want Fujiko associating with someone like Hanazono-kun.

Meanwhile in the Seishin team's dressing room, Sayaka was asking Kazamatsuri about Yawara. Kazamatsuri tried to warn her about Fujiko, but Sayaka would not listen.

When it was time to go out for the match, Nanda looked all over but could not find Maririn. So Kyon Kyon, who only weighed 36 kg, went out as the first person. Matsuda was worried that Kyon Kyon would get hurt, but Jigoro told him to just sit back and watch. Before the match, Yawara warmed up with Kyon Kyon to give her some confidence.

Although she had never won before, Kyon Kyon's opponent thought that she could win this time because Kyon Kyon was so small. She tried to use a leg move that she had learned from Kazamatsuri. But Kyon Kyon avoided the leg and concentrated on her own moves. Kyon Kyon remembered what Yawara had said and kicked her opponent for an ippon. Everyone was so surprised, especially Kyon Kyon herself.

When Kojiro saw that match, he immediately told Tokunaga to get the car ready. He said that he wanted to go to the gym.

In the next match, Kyon Kyon and her opponent fought evenly and they ended up in a draw. Kyon Kyon was disappointed because she didn't win, but Nanda told her that it was all right because she took two of their opponents out. Then Nanda went out and quickly defeated the next two opponents with violent throws. Now it was time for Sayaka to appear.

Sayaka walked out waving to the crowd. Then she just focused on Yawara. Even when her match with Nanda was beginning, Sayaka was still looking at Yawara. Nanda got mad at Sayaka and attacked. But Sayaka easily threw Nanda like she was dirt. Then Sayaka threw Sayuri and said that they were just in the way.

Fujiko was very frightened and said that Sayaka was stronger than Toudou. When she walked out, the crowd started shouting for her to lose because they all wanted to see the match between Sayaka and Yawara. Fujiko thought to herself that it was ok for her to lose, but she still wanted to make the match last as long as possible so that Sayaka will tire a little before her match with Yawara.

Kazamatsuri tried to give a last minute warning to Sayaka about Fujiko, but Sayaka wouldn't listen. Sayaka was only worried about her rematch with Yawara. Even when the match started, Sayaka was still thinking about Yawara. She tried to throw Fujiko like she had thrown the others, but Fujiko threw in her oouchigari to catch Sayaka off guard. Fujiko took Sayaka down for a wazaari. The Mitsuba team cheered, and Matsuda said that the headline for the next day's newspaper might not feature Yawara.

Sayaka thought to herself that Fujiko had just gotten lucky because she was a bit careless. The match restarted and Sayaka tried to throw Fujiko again. She was still only thinking about Yawara. But this time, Fujiko threw in a perfect oouchigari to send Sayaka flying through the air.

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