YAWARA! volume 13

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.03.01
  • I think episodes 71 to 74 of the TV series were based on it.
Fujiko threw in a perfect oouchigari to send Sayaka flying through the air. This time, everyone thought that the match had ended. The referee started to raise his hand to signal the ippon. But the line judge signaled that they were off of the mat. The people in the crowd were relieved because they still wanted to see the rematch between Sayaka and Yawara. Then they started to yell for Sayaka. Hanazono-kun and Fujiko's parents were badly outnumbered by Sayaka's fans.

Coach Yutenji went up to Jigoro and told him how impressed he was with his coaching of Fujiko. He also said that his team was going to face the Tsukushi team next. But he didn't have much confidence as he saw that Tsukushi had a very strong team and because he didn't have Yawara. Then Jigoro said that Yutenji can have Yawara. Jigoro told Yutenji that he can have both Yawara and Fujiko. He explained that both Yawara and Fujiko were in their last year of the two year junior college. So they can transfer to Saikai University.

Meanwhile Fujiko and Sayaka were fighting it out. The crowd was loudly cheering for Sayaka, and Fujiko wasn't really thinking about winning. All Fujiko wanted to do was to make Sayaka tired before her match against Yawara. But Fujiko was still leading by one wazaari and there was less than one minute left.

With 20 seconds left, Sayaka used a combination move to take Fujiko down for a wazaari. The score was now even. But Sayaka had Fujiko down on the mat and she was trying to turn her over by forcing her arm. Fujiko tried as hard as she could not to get turned over. Then with 5 seconds left in the match, Fujiko's arm gave out and Sayaka got on top of her. But Fujiko locked her leg around one of Sayaka's legs. Just as she ran out of energy, the match ended and Fujiko collapsed.

Everyone was waiting for the very important decision. Hanazono-kun told Fujiko's mother that Fujiko should win. Saitou, who was announcing the match, said that Fujiko's "almost ippon" that was off the mat might have a big impact on the decision. Even while she was waiting for the decision, Sayaka was only thinking about her rematch against Yawara. When the referee called for the judges' decision, one judge raised the red flag and the other judge raised the white flag. Then the referee called it a draw. The Mitsuba team was very happy because they had won. But Sayaka couldn't believe it. She went up to the referee and started to argue. But the referee told her to bow. Then Sayaka bowed, rushed off the mat, and angrily went by Kazamatsuri and all of the cameramen.

Fujiko tried to walk off to her teammates, but she collapsed before reaching them. Everyone surrounded Fujiko. All Fujiko could say was that her shoulder hurt. In the dressing room, Jigoro snapped Fujiko's shoulder back into place, as her worried parents looked on. Jigoro said that it was just a light fracture so there was no need to worry. When Hanazono-kun asked if Fujiko could fight in the finals, Jigoro said that she should rest for the future. Fujiko said that she was ok and wanted to go fight, but everyone told her to rest.

After Sayaka got dressed, she just walked by all of the reporters and went to her car that was waiting outside. Kojiro was sitting inside the car and told Sayaka to get inside.

The Tsukushi University team had won the other semi-final match. When the Tsukushi coach found out that Fujiko had gotten injured, he became very happy because the match would now be five against one, instead of five against two.

The Mitsuba team (actually Nanda) was making a strategy for the final match. Nanda said that since she had improved a lot since the last match, she would defeat three of their opponents. She also told Sayuri to defeat one person. Then she said that they will leave the final opponent for Yawara. Maririn started to argue because Nanda had left her out. Then Kyon Kyon spoke up and showed everyone a notebook containing some notes that she had taken on the Tsukushi team. Yawara said that it will help a lot, and told everyone that everyone just had to defeat one person each.

In the car Kojiro told Sayaka that she had been totally defeated by Fujiko. Sayaka said that she didn't lose because it was a draw, and that she should have won the decision. But Kojiro stated again that she had been totally defeated.

Just before the final match was going to begin, Yawara's mother arrived at the gym. She met Fujiko's parents and they all went to watch the match. When the Mitsuba and Tsukushi teams bowed for the beginning of the match, Nanda got mad because all of the Tsukushi members were staring at Yawara.

Maririn went to fight first. But she lost in two seconds as her opponent threw her down very forcefully. Then Sayuri lost very quickly too. Now Kyon Kyon had to fight. Yawara gave her some last minute advice and Kyon Kyon said that she was very happy to be doing judo as she went out for her match.

While Kyon Kyon's match was going on, Yawara was warming up with Nanda. Kyon Kyon did just as she had been told by Yawara and kicked her opponent down for a kouka. Everyone was very happy, but their happiness didn't last long. Kyon Kyon's opponent quickly recovered, grabbed Kyon Kyon, and held her down for 30 seconds. Kyon Kyon was too small to do anything about it.

When Kyon Kyon went off to her teammates, she sat down and said that she was very sad that she lost. She said that she never knew that losing could be so sad. Then Nanda got up and said that she will go try hard.

Nanda yelled out loud as the match began. She grabbed her opponent and kicked her down when she spotted an opening. Nanda got a yuukou and they went off the mat. But when the match restarted, Nanda's opponent grabbed Nanda's collar and threw her for an ippon. The Tsukushi coach was very happy and said that everything was going according to his plan. Nanda cried as she went off to her teammates. Yawara got up to warm up, and her eyes had that glare that showed that she was serious. It was going to be a five versus one battle.

Fujiko was starting to worry. She said that it was her fault for getting injured. But Hanazono-kun told Fujiko that she did her part by bringing Yawara back to judo. Then Fujiko's parents and Yawara's mother appeared. Yawara's mother agreed with Hanazono-kun and thanked Fujiko for bringing Yawara back to judo. When Yawara spotted her mother, she ran to them. Then Yawara's mother told Yawara that her father was somewhere near. Matsuda came up and said, "Do you understand now? Your father is not staying away because of your judo. It's the opposite. In Seoul and now, when you do judo, your father comes nearby!" Then Kazamatsuri came by and cheered her on too. Yawara felt happy about the good news. Then Jigoro came by and yelled at Yawara. He told her to hurry up an go beat all five people.

Kojiro and Sayaka were watching the match on TV in the car. When Kojiro asked Sayaka about what she thought the outcome of the match would be, Sayaka said that there is no way that Yawara would lose to anybody but herself.

The Tsukushi coach told his team that everything was going according to his plan. When the match began, he told Oogaki not to worry about beating Yawara by herself. He told her to just make Yawara work hard. But Yawara got into position very quickly and threw Oogaki over her shoulder for an ippon.

Oogaki returned to her coach and apologized. But the coach said that it was all right. Then he told Kurokawa to go do her job against Yawara. He just wanted the match to last long so that Yawara would get tired.

Yawara tried to throw her opponent over her shoulder again. But Kurokawa avoided being thrown. Then Yawara switched moves and pulled Kurokawa down for an ippon. The Tsukushi coach was shocked to see Yawara's quick moves, but he still said that everything was going according to his plan.

Uzaki, a heavy weight, was next for Tsukushi. Fujiko's parents and Yawara's teammates were scared when they saw the giant Uzaki. The coach told Uzaki to show Yawara some of her heavyweight judo.

When the match started, Yawara tried to throw Uzaki over her shoulder. But Uzaki was too heavy and collapsed on top of Yawara. Then Uzaki tried to use her mat moves to cover Yawara. Yawara just braced herself and crawled off the mat. When Yutenji commented that Uzaki was trying to muscle Yawara, Jigoro snapped back and said that muscle will not work against his judo.

When the match restarted, Yawara kicked Uzaki down for a yuukou. But Uzaki again tried to cover Yawara with her mat moves. All of Yawara's teammates thought that Yawara was going to get smothered. But Yawara got out of it and instead covered Uzaki with her small body. Everyone was surprised. Tsukushi's coach thought that Uzaki was just taking a rest, but she wasn't moving. When 15 seconds had gone by, he yelled at her to get up. When Fujiko asked Hanazono-kun why Uzaki wasn't getting up, Hanazono-kun replied that she couldn't. He also said that he had seen Yawara do this before against Sasaki of Ganryuuji High School. When 30 seconds had gone by, the referee raised his hand to signal the ippon.

The Tsukushi coach still said that everything was going according to his plan. He said that Yawara must have gotten tired in that match. Katori, another heavyweight and Japan champion, was next for Tsukushi.

Yawara was thinking that she had to win for her teammates. The match started and Yawara quickly went after Katori. Yawara got the inside position and tried to trip her opponent. But Katori avoided being tripped. Then Yawara changed into another move and kept Katori off balance. The Tsukushi coach kept saying that things were still going according to his plan because Yawara was getting tired by attacking.

Matsuda, who was watching the match with Kazamatsuri, said that Yawara's eyes were brilliant like the time when she fought against Jody. Just then Yawara got into position to throw Katori over her shoulder. Matsuda thought that Yawara was going to win right there. But Yawara's hand slipped because of the sweat and Yawara fell to the ground. Then Katori quickly jumped on Yawara and tried to turn her over with her mat moves. But Yawara kicked her leg up to block her opponent. Then she grabbed Katori's arm. Just before Yawara was going to get Katori in a painful arm lock, Yamada (Tsukushi's captain) yelled to Katori to escape. Katori crawled away in time to avoid getting caught in Yawara's hold.

Yawara's teammates cheered as the match restarted. Katori grabbed Yawara and tried to throw her. But Yawara positioned herself and threw Katori for an ippon instead. The Tsukushi coach was shocked. He couldn't believe that Yawara had gotten four ippons in a row against his team. Then Tsukushi's first three imitated their coach and said that everything was going according to plan. But the coach yelled back that it wasn't. Yamada then said that she won't let Yawara defeat five in a row, and walked out for the final match.

All of Yawara's teammates were in tears. Kyon Kyon went up to Yawara and thanked her. She said that by watching Yawara, she had gained a lot of confidence in what she can do. Then Yawara said that it was her that had to thank everyone. She said that it was the first time that she had been this happy. Then Yawara smiled and went out for the final match.

The announcers were saying that Yawara must be getting tired. Also they said that since Yamada had not fought yet that day, she must have a lot of energy let. Then Jigoro went up to the announcer's booth and said that he didn't teach Yawara the kind of judo that would get her tired after just this much. He said that Yawara can fight five or ten people and still not be tired because she isn't wasting any energy. When Saitou said hello to Jigoro, Jigoro showed everyone the Olympic gold medal that he was wearing around his neck. Saitou was surprised and asked how he can walk around with something so important. Then Jigoro said that he can get more of them easily, the next one at Barcelona.

Sayaka was still watching the tournament on TV in the car. She got mad at Jigoro's arrogance and turned the TV off. Then Kojiro said that she was just trying to escape from the truth. When Sayaka denied it, Kojiro said that she cannot win if she doesn't face the truth.

Just as the match was starting, Yamada was thinking that she can use some arm moves to defeat Yawara. She imagined herself going through the moves to take Yawara down. She had to wait for Yawara to try to throw her with the over the shoulder throw.

When the match started Yawara and Yamada both tried to get good holds on each other. Then Yawara went into her over the shoulder throw. Yamada quickly tried to go into her arm move. But at that instant, Yawara changed from a right handed over the shoulder throw to a left handed over the shoulder throw. It was so fast that Yamada couldn't to anything to prevent herself from being thrown for an ippon.

Everyone was surprised at Yawara's brilliance, except for Jigoro. After the initial shock, Yawara's teammates all rushed to Yawara.

In the car, Kojiro asked Sayaka, "Can you come with me? I'm asking if you can keep up with my training!"

At the awards ceremony, Nanda and Maririn fought over the championship trophy. Then everyone lined up for pictures. Everyone was very happy about the victory.

Meanwhile the announcers and Jigoro were watching the replay of the final match. They saw Yawara go for the throw, and Yamada try for the arm move. Then the replay showed Yawara change her move from a right handed throw to a left handed throw. When Saitou asked Jigoro if Yawara had predicted Yamada's arm move, Jigoro said, "Prediction! There's no such thing! Her body just naturally moved that way by itself." Then Jigoro laughed a lot, while everyone else was shocked.

Kojiro asked Sayaka again, "Well, are you going to come with me on my training? I'll tell you that my training is very hard." Then Sayaka said that she wanted severe training if that is what it takes to defeat Yawara. Sayaka mentioned that ever since she was little, she had been good at everything that she had tried. Only Yawara had ever defeated her in anything. Then Kojiro said that Yawara was a born genius. Sayaka laughed and said that she was the specially gifted one. But Kojiro snapped back and said, "You're just a normal person! Just like me!"

The announcer tried to get an interview with Yawara. But Maririn and Nanda tried to hog the camera. Then Yamada went up to Yawara and thanked and congratulated her on a great match. The Tsukushi coach went up to Yawara too. When he said that he will be back next year, Yawara reminded him that since they were a junior college, this was their last year. The coach was saddened because he didn't have a chance at a rematch. Then Yawara's teammates came and tried to drag her to the celebration party.

Jigoro and Yutenji were now thinking about a way to get both Yawara and Fujiko to transfer to Saikai University.

Kojiro and Sayaka were walking through the woods. Tokunaga tried to follow them but he was getting very tired. Sayaka told him to go back. Kojiro said, "They are Inokuma Jigoro and Inokuma Yawara, the two geniuses. In order to catch up, an ordinary person must practice one million.. no five million times as much!" After Sayaka said that she wanted hard training, Kojiro said, "But even with five million times as much training, an ordinary person cannot beat a genius. There is one other thing that is needed." When Sayaka asked what it was, Kojiro said that it was "luck".

Meanwhile, everyone was enjoying themselves at a yakiniku restaurant. Even Fujiko's father had gotten drunk. Hanazono-kun was downing a lot of juice. When Matsuda arrived, he found Kazamatsuri sitting next to Yawara. Matsuda quickly pulled Kazamatsuri away. When they were alone, Matsuda told Kazamatsuri that Sayaka had disappeared. Kazamatsuri calmly said that she probably went on a training trip with Kojiro. Matsuda was shocked that Kojiro had become Sayaka's coach.

After a while Matsuda called his office and told them that he will go look for Sayaka. He promised a big scoop. But he knew that he could not write the truth because of Yawara. Then Matsuda ran into Yawara who had come out of the restroom. When Matsuda congratulated her, Yawara said that she had a great time doing judo. But Yawara said that she had to start looking for a job. Matsuda was wondering what would happen to Jigoro's plan to send Yawara and Fujiko to Saikai University.

Meanwhile Sayaka and Kojiro were in a log cabin somewhere deep in the mountains. There was no electricity, water, or a bath. When Sayaka asked about a shower, Kojiro told her that there was a river nearby.

The day after the tournament, Fujiko was riding the train to school. The man sitting in front of her was reading a sports newspaper. Fujiko saw Yawara's picture on the front page and felt very happy. The man saw that Fujiko was looking at his newspaper. He stared at her for a while and then turned the page. Fujiko thought that he was mad at her. But, when Fujiko looked down at the newspaper again, she saw a large picture of herself in the newspaper. When Fujiko got off of the train, she went to the newspaper stand and bought all of the sports newspapers.

At Mitsuba Junior College everyone was looking at the newspapers. They were happy about all of the attention that they had received. Maririn started to brag about how well she performed. Then some girls said that Fujiko was great because she had a big article. Yawara added that Fujiko fought well and defeated a lot of strong opponents. Then Kyon Kyon came in carrying a lot of pamphlets for various companies. The girls said that they had to start looking for a job soon if they wanted a good job. Then Maririn said that she was not worried because she was going to be an actress. When the other girls said that they always received a lot of these pamphlets in the mail, Yawara was surprised. Yawara said that she had never received one.

Meanwhile Jigoro was at home carrying a big load of mail outside. Jigoro was burning the company pamphlets that were sent to Yawara. Jigoro had already decided that Yawara was going to transfer to Saikai University. Then there was a phone call from the personnel department of some company. But Jigoro hung up on them.

Meanwhile Coach Yutenji was visiting Fujiko's parents in Shizuoka. Yutenji wanted to have Fujiko transfer to his university. He said that with Fujiko's skills it may not be just a dream to get the gold medal in the Barcelona Olympics. Fujiko's parents were just shocked to hear about the gold medal.

Matsuda was hanging around the Honami mansion trying to find out where Sayaka and Kojiro had gone. Then Matsuda saw Tokunaga washing off the dirt from the Rolls Royce. He knew that they must have gone very deep into the mountains. Then he saw the maid bring out a bag containing Sayaka's clothes. When Tokunaga drove off to the mountains, Matsuda followed on his motorcycle.

Fujiko was at home worrying about her future. She really didn't want to work yet because she still wanted to do judo with Yawara. Then Fujiko got a phone call from her parents informing her about Yutenji's visit. Fujiko became very happy because she thought that she can continue doing judo with Yawara.

Meanwhile at home Yawara was looking over some company pamphlets. She then decided on two that she wanted to try interviewing with. Yawara also wanted to buy some new clothes for the interview.

The next day Yawara went to Tsurugame Travel for an interview. Yawara was very cheerful, but the interviewers were all very quiet and stared at her. Yawara thought that she must have done something wrong. On her resume, Yawara wrote down that she had never received any major awards. Then one of the interviewers asked if she really hadn't receive any gold. When they looked for the interests and sports information on her resume, they saw that Yawara had written reading and listening to records as her interests and golf as her sport. They kept trying to find out for sure if this was the real Inokuma Yawara that won the gold medal.

Yawara left the interview thinking that she had messed up. After the interview with Yawara, all of the interviewers got together because they could not believe that it was the real Yawara. They didn't know why Yawara would want to come to their company because it didn't have a judo team. But they knew that it would be great for publicity, so they rushed to tell the president.

Coach Yutenji was meeting with Fujiko at a coffee shop. He asked her to come to Saikai University. He said that Yawara would also come. When Fujiko said that Yawara was out interviewing with some companies, Yutenji said that he had left it up to Jigoro. Then Yutenji asked Fujiko how much she weighed. When Fujiko said that she weighed 64 kg, he told her to lose 3 kg and enter the 61 kg weight class in the upcoming Japan Weight-Class Championship judo tournament. Fujiko said that she couldn't fight in such a tournament. Then Yutenji told her that if she won, she would qualify for the World Championships in Yugoslavia. When Yutenji told Fujiko that Yawara would also go to the World Championships, Fujiko thought that it would be just perfect for a graduation trip.

At Jigoro's hospital, Jigoro was putting bandages on Matsuda's leg. Matsuda had wiped out on his motorcycle when a frog jumped onto the road in front of him. Jigoro said that Matsuda must have been spying around on somebody like a hyena. Then Matsuda spoke out Sayaka's name before he could stop himself. When Jigoro asked about Sayaka, Matsuda said that she was doing some special training with a great coach. Jigoro thought for a while and said that the only other great coach besides himself is his son Kojiro. When Jigoro asked Matsuda who the coach was, Matsuda said that he couldn't say.

Sayaka was training in the mountains. She was splitting firewood. Sayaka thought that Kojiro made her split the firewood to get some timing and speed. But Kojiro said that it was just to cook some food and to heat water for the bath.

Yawara went over to Fujiko's apartment. But Fujiko wasn't home. On her way home Yawara spotted a couple sitting on a park bench. Yawara thought that it looked like Fujiko and Hanazono-kun. She didn't realize that it was, and kept walking.

When Yawara told Nanda and Maririn, they told her that Fujiko and Hanazono-kun had been dating for a long time. Yawara was surprised. Then a very happy Fujiko came in and went up to Yawara. Before Yawara could ask about Hanazono-kun, Fujiko said, "Let's go to Yugoslavia together. To the World Championships."

At Tsurugame Travel, the interviewers were having a meeting with the president. They were all surprised that Yawara had come to them. Then the president said, "Finally the time has come! Honami travel had been running first for a long time.. We were second every year.. Recently we have fallen to third or fourth.. But now the time for our 'come from behind ippon win' has come!" Then the president told his men that he wanted them to contact Yawara and hire her before some other company hired her.

[some information from Yawara's resume..
birthday: 1969.12.08
address: 1-2-3 Kitashimozawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
telephone: 03-230-???? ]

At Mitsuba Junior College, Yawara and her teammates were discussing their future plans. Kyon Kyon wanted to be a nursery school teacher. Nanda wanted to be a policewoman. Sayuri had already accepted a job in a department store. Maririn said that she had been offered 500,000 yen for a starring role in a movie. Yawara and Fujiko began to worry about the kind of movie Maririn had been scouted for. Then Nanda asked Yawara what she was going to do. Yawara said that she had interviewed at two travel agencies. Then Fujiko said that Yawara couldn't go work. Fujiko said that Yawara had to continue her judo and enter the Japan Weight- Class and World Championships. Also Fujiko said that they had to transfer to Saikai University together. Yawara was surprised to hear this from Fujiko.

At home, Yawara asked Jigoro about Saikai University. Yawara was upset that Jigoro always meddled into her life and said that she would not go. Then Jigoro calmly said that it was ok. He said that Yawara was old enough to decide her own future. But Jigoro told Yawara that Fujiko had decided on her own to go to Saikai. Also since Fujiko lacked experience, she needed to do well in the Japan Weight-Class Championships to get into Saikai. Jigoro then asked Yawara to enter the Japan Weight-Class Championships for Fujiko, not for him.

Matsuda returned to Jigoro's hospital and had his bandages taken off. Matsuda's leg had healed. When Matsuda heard a yell from the doujou, he ran to see what was happening. To his surprise, Matsuda saw the Mitsuba team practicing. Kazamatsuri was also there. Kazamatsuri told Matsuda that Fujiko and Yawara were practicing for the Japan Weight-Class Championships, and that he was their coach. Then Matsuda ran off with his scoop.

There was a phone call, and Jigoro answered. It was from Tsurugame Travel and they said that they wanted to come visit. But Jigoro quickly hung up on them. Then Jigoro thought to himself that there was nothing else for Yawara except to transfer to Saikai University.

During her practice Yawara was wondering why she hadn't received any phone calls from the companies that she had interviewed with. She was beginning to think that she had failed.

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