YAWARA! volume 16

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.06.21
  • I think episodes 87 to 89, 91, 92 of the TV series were based on it.
Teleshikova threw her uranage and defeated her second opponent to move into the third round of the unlimited class. Canada's Christine Adams also kept winning in the unlimited class. Yamashita, who was announcing the matches, said that the unlimited class championship would be between those two.

[uranage = reverse body throw.]

In the 48 kg weight class, Furushichova was winning with fierce throws. Yamashita said that Yawara would have to face her in the finals.

In the training area, Jigoro was throwing Yawara. He was mad because of Yawara's performance in the earlier matches. He said that if Yawara fought like that again, he would drag her home right away. But Yawara was just thinking by herself. She noticed that the only thing different about this tournament was that Matsuda wasn't around. Yawara couldn't understand her own feelings.

Murakami called back to the head office and reported that the foreign athletes were very strong. The president and the others started to worry about Yawara. But the president just told Murakami to tell Yawara that they were cheering for her.

Meanwhile Kuniko called her office, where her boss, Hanazono-kun, and the Mitsuba team were anxiously waiting for any news. She reported that the Soviets were very strong. When her boss asked about Yawara and Fujiko, Kuniko said that they should be fighting in their match. Then her boss yelled at Kuniko to go watch the match. After he hung up, the boss said that it was useless to get any decent information out of Kuniko. Then Nanda asked where Matsuda was. The boss said that he wanted to know also.

Meanwhile the taxi driver stopped at a restaurant for lunch. Matsuda was shocked because he didn't have any time to be stopping for lunch. Matsuda told the driver that Yawara's judo match would be over by the time they arrived in Belgrade. When the driver heard Yawara's name he quickly grabbed Matsuda and dragged him out to the car. Matsuda was surprised that someone in a country so far away knew about Yawara. Then the taxi driver drove like a race car driver to try to get to Belgrade in time for Yawara's match.

Yawara won her third round match by getting two yuukous. She was still not fighting well, and Jigoro said that he will ship her back to Japan. Kazamatsuri and Jody tried to calm Jigoro down. Fujiko was also worried about Yawara. When Fujiko saw that Yawara had won, she threw in her oouchigari and defeated her third round opponent with an ippon. Everyone was happy about Fujiko's win, but the coaches began to worry because Fujiko's next opponent was Teleshikova.

Kuniko was on the phone with her boss again. She told him that Fujiko was fighting extremely well. When she said that Fujiko was in the semi- finals, Hanazono-kun was shocked. Then they all thought that there was a possibility of both Yawara and Fujiko bringing home medals. But Kuniko told them that Yawara was just barely winning. Then she gave them the bad news that Teleshikova was Fujiko's next opponent.

Fujiko was calmly warming up for her match. When the coaches talked to her about Teleshikova, Fujiko wasn't nervous at all. She said that since it was a miracle for her to come this far, she didn't expect to defeat anybody else. Instead Fujiko was worried about Yawara. When the coaches talked to Jigoro about the upcoming semi-final matches, Jigoro said that the one that might lose was Yawara.

The Soviet coach warned Teleshikova about Fujiko, saying that she was a student of Jigoro. But Teleshikova wasn't listening. She was still mad that Yawara had not entered the unlimited class.

Just before her match, Yawara gave some last minute advice to Fujiko, saying that she can defeat Teleshikova if she attacked her before Teleshikova can read her timing. Then Fujiko reassured Yawara that Matsuda was thinking about her wherever he happened to be.

Yawara's semi-final match began, but she was still not fighting the way she usually fought. Her sharpness had not returned. Then the unlimited class semi-final match between Fujiko and Teleshikova began on the next mat. Teleshikova kept looking over at Yawara, still very angry.

Yawara got into position for an over the shoulder throw and threw her opponent. But it was only good for a wazaari. Yawara quickly grabbed her opponent and got her into a hold by the edge of the mat. Then Yawara saw Fujiko fighting on the next mat. She yelled to her and Fujiko threw in her oouchigari. Fujiko's oouchigari caught Teleshikova by surprise and sent her flying!

Everyone thought that Fujiko had won. But Teleshikova avoided the ippon at the last moment, and Fujiko ended up with a wazaari.

Meanwhile Yawara had held her opponent down for 25 seconds and got the ippon. But Yawara was too busy watching and cheering for Fujiko that she did not hear the referee call out the ippon. Then the referee went to Yawara and tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention. After she bowed, Yawara hurried to cheer for Fujiko.

Fujiko tried to throw in a oouchigari again, but Teleshikova was ready for it. So Fujiko changed the move to her kurumiwari ningyou. Jigoro thought that Fujiko had won this time.

[kurumiwari ningyou = nut-cracker doll (maybe a ballet move?). this was what Yawara called Fujiko's move when she kicked her leg high in the air to throw her opponent.]

Meanwhile Matsuda was in the speeding taxi. Then Matsuda saw a crowd of people watching a television set in a store window. Matsuda forced the taxi driver to stop by choking him and ran to the television set. Matsuda arrived just in time to see Fujiko throw Teleshikova for a yuukou. He could not believe that Fujiko was fighting in the unlimited class against Teleshikova. Then he saw Furushichova throw her opponent with a fierce uranage in the 48 kg semi-final. The taxi driver caught up to Matsuda and dragged him back into the taxi. Matsuda wanted to know if Yawara was going to meet Furushichova in the 48 kg championship match, but the taxi driver took off.

Fujiko was getting very tired, but she was hanging on. She started to think that she can win and get into the championship match. Teleshikova had completely lost her cool and was throwing Fujiko around with her strength. But she had not gotten any points yet. When she spotted Yawara on the side cheering for Fujiko, she stared at Yawara.

When there was only one minute left, Fujiko started to think that she had to escape to win. But Jigoro had not taught Fujiko any moves to escape. Getting an ippon was the only way to win in Jigoro's judo. So Fujiko was having trouble getting away from Teleshikova's attacks. Then Teleshikova threw Fujiko with her strength for a wazaari.

Yawara yelled out from the side that Fujiko still had her two moves and that she could still win. Then Fujiko realized that she had to attack and could not escape to win. There were 30 seconds left in the match when the match restarted. Fujiko tried to use her oouchigari and Teleshikova tried to use her uranage. It was the clash between their two best moves.

Back in Shizuoka, Fujiko's parents were thinking about Fujiko's match. They had heard that Fujiko had been entered into the unlimited class.

Just at the last second, Fujiko's leg slipped out from Teleshikova's leg and Teleshikova completed her uranage. Fujiko landed on the back of her head and was lying on the ground. Yawara immediately jumped over the border and tried to go to Fujiko. But the judge held her back as Fujiko struggled to stand up. Fujiko bowed to accept her defeat and slowly walked off of the mat.

Teleshikova stared at Yawara, and their eyes met for a second, as Yawara was helping Fujiko to their teammates. The entire gym gave Fujiko a standing ovation. Yamashita said that although Teleshikova was not at her best, Fujiko fought an excellent match. Fujiko started crying as they reached their teammates. The coach said that since she was leading all she had to do was escape to win. But Jigoro said that Fujiko did well. He said that she had done "his" judo. Then since there were three hours until the championship matches, Jigoro went out to eat.

Meanwhile the taxi had entered Belgrade. Matsuda immediately stopped the taxi and asked the driver to call the gym for Yawara. But there was no answer. Matsuda started to think that Yawara had lost already.

Yawara, Fujiko, Jody, and Christine were talking outside before the championship matches. When Yawara asked how she was, Fujiko said that she was all right. Then when Jody said that Fujiko will fight for 3rd place, Fujiko was surprised as she didn't know that she still had a chance for a medal. She felt very happy and said that she will try hard. Fujiko urged Yawara to go for the gold, and said that Matsuda would be cheering for her somewhere.

During the break, the men from Tsurugame Travel called Ohtaguro again. Kuniko was also calling back to her office. They told their home offices the bad news that Fujiko had lost. Ohtaguro didn't care about Fujiko, and just wanted his men to cheer for Yawara. But they overheard Kuniko saying that Yawara looked bad and might lose to her Soviet opponent.

When the matches resumed, Fujiko walked out for her 3rd place match. Yawara told her not to forget her timing. Fujiko gave Yawara the "V" sign and said that she will go get the bronze medal. Fujiko was full of confidence as the match started. But her opponent quickly took her down for a wazaari. Then Fujiko got held in a hold for an ippon loss.

When Matsuda's taxi got into the city, it got caught in very heavy traffic. So the taxi driver drove through some side streets and alleys to try to get to the gym on time.

In the Soviet locker room, the coaches were warning Furushichova about Yawara. But she was not listening, thinking that Yawara was not as strong as everyone said. Teleshikova said, "You don't know anything about Yawara's terror." But Furushichova replied that she will show everyone Yawara's real strength.

In the Japanese locker room, Yawara was sitting with Fujiko. Fujiko was saying that she was not good enough to fight at this level. But she told Yawara that she could win. Then Yawara said, "I.. I feel like, up until now, I wasn't winning with my own strength.."

Just as the coaches called Yawara for her match, Matsuda arrived at the gym. Matsuda and the taxi driver rushed into the gym. But it was very crowded and Matsuda couldn't get close enough to let Yawara know that he was there. When Matsuda tried to cross the barrier to get into the press zone, the guards stopped him because he didn't have his press id. Then the taxi driver led Matsuda to another spot. They got stopped by a guard again, but the taxi driver distracted him and Matsuda snuck in.

The 48 kg championship match began with Furushichova very confident and Yawara still feeling uneasy. Just then Matsuda reached the side of the mat, alongside Jody and Fujiko. Matsuda immediately yelled out, but the gym was too loud. Jody grabbed Matsuda and asked what he had been doing. Fujiko was very happy that Matsuda had shown up.

Furushichova grabbed Yawara and tried to shake her balance. Then the taxi driver came, got next to Matsuda, and yelled out very loudly, "Go Go Yawara! Let's go Yawara!" It was very loud, and made Yawara glance in their direction. Yawara caught a glimpse of Matsuda in the crowd, and her eyes opened wide and glared. Furushichova got mad and started to throw her move. Then Yawara threw a little kick move and unleashed her over the shoulder throw. Furushichova and the Soviet coaches thought that they had won with the uranage. But Yawara's throw was much to fast. Furushichova could not do anything, and went flying into the air! When Furushichova crashed to the ground, everyone was shocked, except for Jigoro and Teleshikova. Yawara quickly turned toward the crowd and said, "Matsuda-san!"

Furushichova was still in shock. She was sweating and couldn't believe what had happened. After she bowed, Yawara ran off toward Matsuda. The taxi driver then pushed Matsuda forward toward Yawara. They started to run towards each other, but the crowd of reporters and teammates gathered around Yawara before Matsuda. Then Jody and Fujiko asked Matsuda why he hadn't come earlier. Matsuda tried to explain all of the problems that he had. Then Matsuda tried to introduce them to the taxi driver. But the taxi driver had disappeared. Matsuda grabbed Yawara away from the crowd and went out after the taxi driver. Matsuda also realized that he still hadn't paid the taxi driver any money.

Outside the taxi driver was happily getting into his car. When another taxi driver asked him where he had come from, he told him that he had come from Zagrev. The other taxi driver was surprised and said that he must have made a lot of money. But the taxi driver said that he couldn't accept any money from Matsuda, because he had seen something very special. Then the taxi driver drove away singing.

Furushichova was still in a state of shock. Teleshikova met her at the side of the mat and said, "I guess you finally understand. The terror of Yawara! The only person who can fight evenly with Yawara is.. me!" Then Teleshikova went off to fight in her championship match against Christine.

Meanwhile Matsuda and Yawara were outside looking for the taxi driver. Matsuda was telling Yawara that the taxi driver was a big fan of hers. He said that it was amazing that Yawara had fans so far away. Then Yawara started to get tears in her eyes. Matsuda gave her a handkerchief and told her to stop crying. Then Yawara said, "Matsuda-san, I.." and they stared at each other a while. But Jigoro came in to destroy the mood.

Then Kuniko came and told Matsuda that Teleshikova's unlimited class championship match was going on. Matsuda hurried to the match. Jigoro told Yawara that they will go accept the gold medal. He also yelled at her and said that, except for the final match, all of her matches were the worst garbage that he had ever seen. But Yawara was smiling now.

In the championship match, Teleshikova used her uranage to defeat Christine. Christine was upset at herself, but Teleshikova said, "You're not my opponent. My only opponent is Yawara!" Then Christine said that she will someday defeat her and Yawara. Jody was watching the match with Fujiko. Jody said that this was how everyone was getting stronger. She also said that she would be the first one to defeat Yawara. Fujiko got scared as all of the strongest people in the world gathered around her.

Then Jigoro came up and said that this was what he liked. When Fujiko apologized about not even getting the bronze medal, Jigoro said that it was all right. He said that he did this because he wanted to make her into Yawara's second rival. He said that Yawara needed some strong opponents in Japan so that she can fight competitively at the world level. Jigoro also said that Yawara would go to Saikai University with Fujiko to train.

Meanwhile Yawara was on the phone with Ohtaguro. She told him that she had won, and thanked everyone for their support. Ohtaguro thought that he could have the world champion join his company.

Everyone returned to Japan, except for Matsuda. Matsuda had gone back to Zagrev to find the taxi driver so he can pay him. When Yawara was looking around for Matsuda at the airport, Kuniko and Kazamatsuri came and said that Matsuda was probably out somewhere looking for a girl that he had picked up. Jigoro was proudly walking with Yawara's gold medals around his neck (Seoul Olympics and World Championships).

Two months after the World Championships had ended, Ohtaguro started to give up on getting Yawara. Then he went with some of his men to meet Jigoro. They knelt down before Jigoro and begged him to let Yawara join their company. But Jigoro just stuck his tongue out at them and said that he wouldn't let Yawara work there.

Jigoro met with Yutenji and assured him that he wouldn't let Yawara go work. But Yutenji was still worried because of what happened two years ago when Yawara went to Mitsuba Junior College instead of his school.

Yawara went shopping with Fujiko on one weekend. Fujiko said that she was very tired because of the training at Saikai University. When she said that she was waiting for Yawara to join her, Yawara told her that she had no intention of going. Yawara said that she wanted to work at Tsurugame Travel so she can try to find her father. But Yawara also said that Jigoro wouldn't let her. Then Fujiko said that she will also help try to convince Jigoro to let Yawara work.

Meanwhile the other members of the Mitsuba judo team were talking at a coffee shop. They said that it was boring for them to just write their papers and graduate. Then they decided that they wanted to have one last match, a graduation celebration match. They went over to Jigoro to talk about the match, and have him coach them. Jigoro was very happy that these girls liked judo so much. Then a sneaky idea came into his mind, and he couldn't stop laughing. He asked the girls to let him set up the match. Jigoro called Matsuda later about the match.

Fujiko was practicing with Jigoro. Jigoro yelled and told her that she was still no match for Yawara. But Yawara, who was sitting and watching, said that Fujiko had improved a lot since the World Championships. After Jigoro completed the training, Fujiko went up to him and said that she came over not to practice but to ask Jigoro to let Yawara work at Tsurugame Travel. Yawara quickly told Fujiko that she didn't have to beg for her case, but Fujiko continued. Then Jigoro remembered that some people from Tsurugame had come over that day before. When Yawara asked what happened, Jigoro said that he chased them away because they didn't even have a judo club. Yawara got very mad and tried to drag Fujiko out with her. Then Jigoro told Yawara to sit down and listen to his story. Yawara refused, but Jigoro told his story anyways.

"I was against you going to Mitsuba Junior College. That was because you wouldn't be able to do any judo with that crazy college life style. But you won the gold medal in the Seoul Olympics. You also won the gold medal in the World Championships. Do you know why? That was because even in that college there were some good people like Fujiko, and the group that came over just a while ago."

Jigoro told them that Nanda and the others wanted to have a graduation celebration judo match. He said that he was very happy that those ordinary girls had become so good in judo. Jigoro then started to get some tears in his eyes. Jigoro regained his poise and said that he will let Yawara go work at Tsurugame Travel if they won their judo match. "If you win this match, it will show that no matter where you go, your judo can improve." Then Yawara jumped at Jigoro and hugged him, as Jigoro was saying that she must go to Saikai University if they lost.

The next day, Fujiko told the rest of their team and Hanazono-kun what Jigoro had said. So she said that they had to win. Everyone agreed and said that they will try their best to win. Then Nanda came up with a strategy to let Yawara fight first, Nanda second, Kyon Kyon third, Sayuri fourth, and Fujiko last. Yawara was so happy that everyone was trying so hard for her sake that she started to get tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile Matsuda and Jigoro were at the training center where the Seine University judo team was practicing. Matsuda had asked them if they would fight in a match against Mitsuba Junior College. Coach Polnalef was a big fan of Jigoro and immediately answered that he would. Jigoro was watching the members of the Seine team practice. He liked what he saw. He knew that the Mitsuba team could not defeat the Seine team, and that things would go according to his plan.

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