YAWARA! volume 17

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.07.25
  • I think episodes 92 to 97 of the TV series were based on it.
Yawara went to Tsurugame Travel and apologized for the actions of Jigoro. She asked if they would still hire her. Ohtaguro said that they would. Yawara felt relieved and told them that there were new developments that gave her a chance at working for Tsurugame Travel. Yawara told everyone about Jigoro's promise. Then Ohtaguro and the others all said that with Yawara, there was no way that they would lose. They thought that Yawara would join Tsurugame Travel for sure.

Jigoro called some TV stations to tell them that there would be an important news conference after the Mitsuba judo team's graduation match. He told them to come with TV cameras and some desserts.

The Mitsuba team was practicing in their gym with Hanazono-kun there as a coach. Then Matsuda came and saw them working out very hard. He was very happy as he expected a good match. When he commented that their opponents would be tougher than Tsukushi, everyone was shocked. Then Matsuda told everyone that their opponent was the Seine University from France, which included a European champion. Suddenly all of the girls stopped practicing. Nanda became very angry and yelled at Matsuda. Then she told him what Jigoro had said about letting Yawara work for Tsurugame Travel if they won the match. Matsuda felt bad and said that he didn't know about it.

Then Yawara said that it wasn't Matsuda's fault. She said that Jigoro wouldn't have let them fight a weak opponent anyways. Then they went back to training. Matsuda saw that Yawara was really working hard and that she was very serious about the match.

The day of the match came. The reporters were wondering what the big announcement would be. Kazamatsuri met Polnalef, the coach of Seine University, and introduced him to Yawara. Polnalef immediately saw that Yawara was very serious about the match, even if it was a practice match. So he told the Mitsuba team that his team would do their best too. After Polnalef left, Fujiko and Nanda felt very scared. Then Kazamatsuri commented that Matsuda didn't have to choose such a strong team for a match with Yawara's future riding on it. He also said that Matsuda probably wanted Yawara to enter Saikai University so he can write a good article. Matsuda said that it wasn't like that and started to walk away.

After Kazamatsuri told them that it was time for the match, Fujiko said that Yawara would defeat all five of the opponents anyways, even if they were very serious. Then Yawara caught a glimpse of the match pairings. Yawara's eyes popped open as she discovered that it was not going to be a "kachinuki" format match. Meanwhile Jigoro was smiling with all of the desserts around him.

[kachinuki = winner keeps fighting]

Everyone was getting restless waiting for the match to begin. Fujiko told Yawara to go defeat all five of them right away. Yawara tried to get everyone's attention to tell them about the format of the match. But just then the Seine team walked into the gym. All of them were big and looked very strange. Fujiko, Kyon Kyon, and Sayuri became very scared. Before Yawara could tell everyone about the "tentori" format, the referee called them forward for the rei. Yawara became upset as she knew Jigoro had plotted all of this.

[tentori = getting points]

When the referee announced that the match would be in the tentori format, Kazamatsuri and Hanazono-kun became shocked. The other girls still didn't understand. But Kazamatsuri explained that they all had to fight and at least three of them had to win. Immediately Fujiko and Nanda complained to the referee, saying that they would lose with this format. Then Jigoro went up and yelled at them. He said that the opponents had come all the way from France. He wanted all of them to have a chance to fight. If it was a kachinuki, one of them might defeat all of the Mitsuba team members and the others would not have a chance to fight. Then they all bowed and got ready to begin. Kazamatsuri said that all of this was a setup by Jigoro and Matsuda to make Yawara go to Saikai University instead of Tsurugame Travel.

When Yawara was called to her match, she turned back and told everyone, "I'm sorry about everything. This was supposed to be a fun match. It's all my fault. Let's just have fun!" Yawara's 72 kg opponent had placed third in the European championships. While Fujiko, Nanda, and the others were complaining, Yawara hit a beautiful over the shoulder throw just as the match began to defeat her opponent. Yutenji said that it was one of the best throws that he had seen Yawara do so far. Jigoro agreed and said that it was good. Polnalef was also very happy to see such a beautiful throw.

The referee called out for the second person. Nanda was very scared and started to walk out to her match. "Please! Win! Everyone please let Yawara go to Tsurugame Travel!" Matsuda said as he got down on his knees before the Mitsuba team. But Kazamatsuri, Nanda, and Fujiko said that Matsuda had set this up with Jigoro. Then Matsuda said, "Yeah. I wanted to see Yawara fight against the strong Seine Team. I think she should go to Saikai University instead of Tsurugame Travel. But I can't agree with Jigoro's methods. I'll cheer for you to go to Tsurugame Travel!" When Kazamatsuri said that it would be very difficult to win now, Matsuda pulled out some data on the opponents.

Since Yawara's match had ended, most of the reporters started to leave. But Jigoro stopped them and told them that there would be an important press conference after the match. The reporters asked what it would be about, but Jigoro didn't tell them. When they asked Yutenji, he just said, "No comment."

When the referee told Nanda to hurry up, Nanda nervously went out for her match. Yawara told Nanda to relax, but she was still very stiff. Kazamatsuri commented that everything was riding on this match since Kyon Kyon and Sayuri had no hope of winning. Then just as the match was beginning, Matsuda yelled out for Nanda. But Nanda's opponent was too strong and threw her for an ippon. When Nanda came off the mat, she cried and apologized to Yawara. But Yawara said that it was ok.

Kyon Kyon was sitting by herself. Yawara went to her and told her to forget about Jigoro's deal. She told Kyon Kyon to just have fun. Then Kyon Kyon said, "I've become very healthy recently. I don't get sick. I have a nice appetite. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a nursery school teacher. But since I was so weak, I had given up on it.. Thank you Inokuma-san! It's all because of you!" Kyon Kyon went out for her match. She was thinking that she had to win so Yawara can go to Tsurugame Travel. Kyon Kyon wanted to do it in return for all Yawara had done for her.

As the match began Kyon Kyon screamed out loud to surprise everyone. Then she grabbed her opponent and started counting to get her timing. Jigoro, who was enjoying the desserts that everyone brought for him, was surprised when he saw Kyon Kyon. Then Kyon Kyon used her kick move to take her opponent down. But Kyon Kyon lost her balance and fell down herself. The referee gave Kyon Kyon a yuukou. Kyon Kyon was still on the ground, so her opponent quickly tried to cover her. But Kyon Kyon remembered what Yawara had taught her about protecting herself.

The match continued and Kyon Kyon tried to kick her opponent down again. But it was not enough for any points. When the match was about to restart, Matsuda yelled out and told Kyon Kyon to just escape. Then Kyon Kyon just ran off the mat as the match restarted. The referee gave her a warning. Matsuda yelled out again, and told Kyon Kyon that he meant for her to escape from her opponent's moves.

When the match resumed Kyon Kyon got taken down for a kouka. Kyon Kyon was still leading in points with her yuukou, but her opponent tried to cover her. Everyone told Kyon Kyon to hold on, but Yawara noticed that the opponent had Kyon Kyon in a choke hold. Yawara yelled out to Kyon Kyon, "Give up! Please give up!" Then as Kyon Kyon became unconscious the referee raised his hand to signal the ippon. Kyon Kyon was not moving at all, even after her opponent got off of her. The worried Mitsuba team rushed to her, but Jigoro went to Kyon Kyon and snapped her back into consciousness. When Kyon Kyon saw Yawara, she apologized for losing.

Sayuri told Yawara that she probably lost 3 kg just waiting for her match. Since Seine was leading 2-1, Mitsuba could not afford to lose any more. Everyone pressured Sayuri and told her that she couldn't lose. If Sayuri fought to a tie and Fujiko won, the match would end up in a 2-2-1 tie. Then there would be a tie breaker match, and Yawara could fight again. But Yawara went up to Sayuri and told her to forget about her work and just have fun. Jigoro and Yutenji thought that finally they can get Yawara to go to Saikai University. Ohtaguro was getting worried that his chances of getting Yawara would vanish.

The match started and immediately Sayuri's opponent threw her down for a yuukou. Then Sayuri got taken down for a wazaari. Yawara started crying on the side of the match, as she appreciated her friends' efforts. Then Sayuri's opponent tried to kick Sayuri over her own body. But because of Sayuri's weight, Sayuri crashed on top of her. Everyone was surprised. When Yawara noticed, Yawara yelled out some instructions to Sayuri to get her opponent into a hold. Then Sayuri held her opponent down for 30 seconds for the ippon win.

Everyone was shocked at the outcome of the match. Yutenji began to worry as Fujiko was next for Mitsuba Junior College. Then Jigoro got up and said that it was time for him to use his last "trick". All of the Mitsuba girls were very happy and celebrating, except for Fujiko who was very nervous.

Jigoro went around to the reporters and told them to take more pictures. Then Jigoro went to the girls who were just sitting and watching quietly. Jigoro got them to cheer loudly for Fujiko. Even Ohtaguro and his men started cheering for Fujiko. Matsuda and Nanda felt that the atmosphere was right for Fujiko's important match. But Fujiko was very nervous and stiff as she got up to do her warmup exercises. Kazamatsuri noticed that this commotion was also Jigoro's plan. Yawara tried to make Fujiko relax, but it was no good. Fujiko was very stiff and walked out to her match like a robot.

The match started and Fujiko went right after the opponent. Fujiko's opponent was physically much stronger than Fujiko and threw Fujiko around. Then Fujiko got taken down for a yuukou. Ohtaguro then went to the girls who were sitting by him and told them to cheer for Fujiko. He also said that he would give them a free trip to Hong Kong if Fujiko wins. The girls got excited and started cheering with Ohtaguro.

Fujiko heard the cheers and was determined to win to let Yawara go to Tsurugame Travel. But when Fujiko tried to throw her opponent, Fujiko got thrown for another yuukou. Then Kazamatsuri told Hanazono-kun that the only way to make Fujiko relax was for him to yell his feelings out to her. Hanazono-kun was very embarrassed and said that he couldn't do it. Then Hanazono-kun saw that Fujiko was about to get thrown again. Hanazono-kun walked up to the side of the mat and shouted out, "Fujiko-san! When this match is over, let's go on a date!"

Fujiko heard Hanazono-kun's message and smiled. Fujiko regained her rhythm and started to fight like herself. Yawara noticed right away that Fujiko's moves looked sharp. Then Fujiko unleashed her oouchigari and took her opponent down for a wazaari. There were two minutes left in the match, so everyone told Fujiko to escape. When the match restarted, Fujiko just tried to defend herself from her opponent's moves. But Fujiko remembered the words that Jigoro had always said. "You have to win with an ippon. If you don't get an ippon, your opponent will eventually get an ippon." Fujiko threw in her oouchigari.

Everyone yelled out to Fujiko to escape, instead of going for more points. But Jigoro and Yawara noticed that Fujiko was doing the judo that Jigoro had taught her. Then Fujiko threw in her uchimata move. But Fujiko's opponent blocked the leg and threw Fujiko for a wazaari. Yutenji felt relieved that Fujiko's opponent had taken the lead again. Yutenji said that he must teach Fujiko how to escape when she is leading in points. But Jigoro was feeling a little upset and said that if she uses the same timing twice, her opponent would read her moves.

As the match was restarting, Yawara yelled out to Fujiko that she was doing fine. Yawara also told Fujiko to change her timing a little bit. But Fujiko's opponent was now just trying to escape. She wouldn't let Fujiko tie up with her. Then Fujiko got a hold of her anyways and used her uchimata. But Fujiko's opponent got off of the mat. When the match restarted Fujiko tried to throw her opponent again. This time Fujiko got a yuukou, but Fujiko was wondering why she couldn't get an ippon. Yawara yelled out to Fujiko about her left hand. But the gym was too loud and Fujiko couldn't hear Yawara's advice.

The match restarted and Fujiko kept attacking her opponent. Fujiko tried throwing her opponent again, but they both crashed off the mat. Fujiko couldn't figure out why her throw wasn't working. Then Jigoro, who was sitting close to where they went off the mat, said, "Your left hand is too weak." Fujiko was surprised that Jigoro would give her advice. She thought that it was another trick by Jigoro. Then Jigoro yelled out, "Win! Get an ippon and win!" Both Fujiko and Yutenji were very surprised by Jigoro's words. Yawara and her teammates were shocked too.

Yawara felt very happy about Jigoro's words and smiled to Fujiko. Fujiko got her confidence and went out to fight again. Kazamatsuri said that it must be a trap. Then the other Mitsuba girls yelled out to Fujiko, not to listen to Jigoro. There were only 30 seconds left and the Seine coach told his fighter to escape. Fujiko grabbed her opponent and used her uchimata. Since her opponent was countering too strongly, Fujiko switched her move to the oouchigari. Fujiko took her opponent down, but they were off the mat. Matsuda was very disappointed as Fujiko had just done a great combination move.

When they got ready to fight again, Fujiko's opponent got a stalling warning. But Fujiko was still losing on points. Yawara yelled out to Fujiko that she can still do it. Fujiko saw Jigoro sitting down quietly and said to herself that she can do it too. With 15 seconds left, Fujiko grabbed her opponent's collar. It was the last chance. Fujiko started to get her "un, deux, trois" timing. Then with 5 seconds left, Fujiko used her uchimata move. Her opponent tried as hard as she could to brace herself. Then with the time running out Fujiko's opponent went flying through the air.

Since Fujiko had won the Mitsuba Junior College team had won. Fujiko went to Hanazono and thanked him for making her feel relaxed. Then Fujiko ran to Yawara and they hugged each other. When Fujiko said that Yawara can go to Tsurugame Travel, they started to look for Jigoro. But they couldn't find him. The reporters were looking for him too.

Just as Yawara went up to Ohtaguro, the reporters surrounded them. Then Ohtaguro nervously started to make his speech. "On this fine day.. I'm very happy to announce that Inokuma Yawara will join Tsurugame Travel." Everyone was shocked.

Outside of the gym, a very sad Yutenji was walking behind Jigoro. Yutenji said that he had been waiting two years to get Yawara. He asked Jigoro why he had encouraged Fujiko to win. Jigoro answered, "She was doing my judo! Anyone who does judo the way I teach them has to win!" Then Jigoro asked Yutenji to go eat with him.

After Ohtaguro had finished some reporters were commenting that Tsurugame Travel's business will improve because of this. Then Matsuda said, "You just got Japan's sports.. No the world's sports treasure!" Ohtaguro was smiling very happily. Then Matsuda grabbed Ohtaguro and said, "If you destroy Yawara by using her for your company's promotion, I won't forgive you!" Kazamatsuri quickly grabbed Matsuda and told him not to be so selfish about Yawara. Then Matsuda silently walked out of the gym.

Yutenji was crying as he and Jigoro were eating noodles. Yutenji said that Yawara was the world's treasure and that she must do judo. He said that she must at least enter the Japan championships that was coming up. But Jigoro said that it won't be easy to make Yawara fight. When Yutenji said that they can use Fujiko as a ploy to make Yawara fight again, Jigoro said that he wasn't sure if it would work again. Then Jigoro started talking about Honami Sayaka. Yutenji said that since Sayaka hadn't appeared since last year's Ajisaihai Tournament, she probably retired. But Jigoro said that Sayaka probably has something up her sleeve.

At the Honami mansion, Sayaka had just returned from her 10 month secret training in the mountains. She told Tokunaga that she wanted to go into the bath right away to wash off all of the dirt.

It was graduation day at Mitsuba Junior College and Nanda was crying. Then Maririn insulted her and they started arguing. Yawara and Fujiko said that the time had gone by so fast, and started remembering the many events that took place during their two years at school. Fujiko, Kyon Kyon, Nanda, and Sayuri all thanked Yawara for teaching them judo and making them have a great time. Then Yawara thanked everyone too. Just as they were wiping away the tears, Maririn and Nanda's boy friends came to pick them up.

When Yawara and Fujiko looked outside of the gate, they were surprised that there were so many cars outside. All of the guys were waiting for their girl friends. Then Kyon Kyon and Sayuri's boy friends came. Yawara and Fujiko were very surprised.

Kazamatsuri was talking to one of his girls on the phone. He was trying to hang up, because he had to go to Mitsuba Junior College to pick up Yawara. Then the doorbell rang. When Kazamatsuri opened the door, he was shocked and speechless.

Yawara and Fujiko were the only ones left at the school gate. Fujiko said, "Let's go drink some tea," and Yawara agreed. Just as they started walking down the street, Hanazono came riding on his bicycle. Hanazono pulled out one rose and gave it to Fujiko. He asked Fujiko to go with him on his bicycle, but Fujiko was worried about leaving Yawara alone. Then Yawara told them to go. Fujiko said, "Oh! Matsuda-san is coming to pick you up?" Yawara quickly denied ti, but Fujiko and Hanazono went off on the bicycle.

Yawara was waiting for Kazamatsuri to come pick her up alone. But Kazamatsuri didn't come. Yawara called Kazamatsuri at home, but there was no answer. Then Matsuda showed up. Yawara angrily walked away. Yawara was thinking that Matsuda always thought about his work, and that he only followed her around for his articles. Then Matsuda said, "Congratulations on your graduation!" Yawara thanked him without even turning around.

Matsuda was thinking that Yawara misunderstood him. It was because of what he said at the graduation match. It was really his dream to have Yawara win the gold medal in the Barcelona Olympics. But he also liked Yawara. Just when Matsuda was going to explain his feelings, Sayaka appeared on TV and called out Yawara's name. "Finally the time has come for our match, in the All Japan Championships!"

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