YAWARA! volume 18

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.09.06
  • I think episodes 98 to 102 of the TV series were based on it.
"I'll settle it for sure this time, Yawara! At the Japan Championships on April 22!" Sayaka declared on a TV program. Yawara and Matsuda were in the street in front of a video store and saw the broadcast. Yawara spotted Kazamatsuri in the background of the TV and felt a little sad. Then the interviewer asked about Sayaka's 10 months of training. When he asked about her coach, Matsuda was afraid that Yawara would find out about Kojiro. But Sayaka said that it was a secret. Then Sayaka spoke a little bit more about her rivalry with Yawara. When Matsuda turned around to look for Yawara, she was gone. Yawara was walking down the street by herself, thinking that Kazamatsuri broke his date with her and went to Sayaka.

At home Jigoro was watching TV and caught Sayaka's interview. Jigoro even recorded it, but Jigoro had accidently used the tape that had some adult video that he had been keeping.

At the TV station a lot of reporters were hounding Sayaka with questions about her training. Then Matsuda went up to her and asked about Kojiro. Sayaka didn't mention Kojiro, but told Matsuda to tell Yawara that she would defeat her. Sayaka said that she was a third year student while Yawara was already working. But Sayaka said that Yawara should not use that as an excuse when she loses. Matsuda felt the new self confidence that Sayaka had gained and wondered what kind of things Kojiro had taught her.

While they were in the car on the way home, Tokunaga told Sayaka that the statement that she had made about being a third year student was false. He said that since Sayaka had not gone to school for a long time and that she did not take any of the tests, she had flunked. Sayaka got very upset and told Tokunaga to do something about with money. But Tokunaga said that Seishin Women's College had very strict rules.

Meanwhile Kazamatsuri rushed to Mitsuba Junior College. But he was too late. Then Kazamatsuri drove to Yawara's house and waited for her. Yawara came walking down the street thinking that all Kazamatsuri and Matsuda thought about was judo. Then Yawara spotted Kazamatsuri waiting for her with a bouquet of flowers. Kazamatsuri apologied, but Yawara walked right past him. Yawara said that she had seen the TV program and that Kazamatsuri should be with Sayaka. But Kazamatsuri grabbed Yawara from behind and put his hands on her shoulders.

"Wait! Please don't throw me. If you throw me now, we will have to part with you misunderstanding me again. We can still make it to the five star restaurant where I have the reservations." Then Yawara went with Kazamatsuri to the restaurant.

Matsuda rushed to Yawara's house and was disappointed that Yawara still hadn't returned. Jigoro said that Yawara was probably out partying with her friends. Then Jigoro told Matsuda that he had called Yutenji with a plan to make Yawara enter the Japan Championships. He had told Yutenji to let Fujiko enter the Japan Championships. Then they can use their friendship to make Yawara fight. Matsuda became very excited. He thought that he would have the chance to see Sayaka vs Fujiko, or even Yawara vs Fujiko. Then Jigoro asked Matsuda about Sayaka's secret coach. Matsuda lied and said that he didn't know. But Jigoro knew that Matsuda was lying and tried to make him talk. But Yawara's mother came with some tea to save Matsuda from Jigoro's choke hold.

When Fujiko and Hanazono returned to Fujiko's apartment, Fujiko played back her answering machine. There was a message from Yutenji saying that Fujiko had been entered in the Japan Championships. Fujiko and Hanazono were shocked. After Hanazono told Fujiko that the Japan Championships was an unlimited class only tournament, Hanazono ran out of Fujiko's apartment. He was crying, saying that Yawara and Fujiko were fighting in important tournaments whereas he was nothing.

Yawara and Kazamatsuri were at a fancy restaurant. Yawara thanked Kazamatsuri for taking her to such a nice place, and also buying her a nice dress. Kazamatsuri tried to apologize for skipping out earlier, and tried to explain his situation with Sayaka. But Yawara said that he didn't have to. Yawara was just happy to be with Kazamatsuri. When they talked about Yawara's new job and the graduation, Yawara felt happy and thought that Kazamatsuri was much different from Matsuda, who always only talked about judo.

That night Fujiko was working out by herself in a nearby park. Sayaka was working out in her gym.

After Kazamatsuri drove Yawara home, he kissed Yawara before saying good-bye and leaving.

President Ohtaguro was very relieved after the new employee's ceremony had ended. He finally had Inokuma Yawara. Ohtaguro saw this as a chance to top Honami Travel and be the number one travel agency.

Meanwhile Yawara and some other new employees were going around the Jinboucho office of Tsurugame Travel. One of the managers was showing the new employees around the office. All of the people in the office turned to look at Yawara when she went by. They commented that she looked just like an ordinary girl.

Kazamatsuri was with Sayaka and her father at the Honami mansion. Sayaka told her father that she would definitely defeat Yawara in the Japan Championships. Then Sayaka's father asked Kazamatsuri if it was about time to set up the wedding. Kazamatsuri was shocked and tried to find a way out of it. He said that even if Sayaka defeated Yawara, she had to fight in the Olympics. But Sayaka said that the Olympics didn't matter to her, and that she did judo just to defeat Yawara. Then Sayaka's father gave Kazamatsuri another "good news". He told Kazamatsuri that he wanted him to be the president of Honami Travel. Kazamatsuri now had to compete against Yawara and Tsurugame Travel.

After going around the office, Yawara was introduced to her manager, Hagoromo. Hagoromo was just reading the Nikkan Every sports newspaper at his deck and just ignored Yawara. When Yawara asked if there was some work for her to do, Hagoromo said that they can go take a walk outside. Yawara and Hagoromo went to a coffee shop and Hagoromo just kept reading his newspaper. Yawara was disappointed as this did not fit her image of work.

Meanwhile Fujiko was working out hard with the Saikai University judo team. Matsuda went to interview her and asked about Yawara. Fujiko said that Yawara was still uncertain about entering the Japan Championships. Fujiko told Matsuda that Yawara was now thinking more about her work than anything else. Fujiko also told Matsuda that he better keep in closer contact with Yawara, otherwise she would be taken away by someone at her work place.

Since Yawara got tired of just sitting at the coffee store, she asked Hagoromo if they should go out to try to get some customers. But Hagoromo said that all of the companies in that neighborhood did business with other travel agencies. Hagoromo then said that Yawara can go home if she liked. He said that he would punch her time card for her. Then Yawara saw a large office building outside and said that she wanted to go there to try to get some business. Hagoromo hurried after Yawara saying that that company (Katochu) did business with Honami Travel.

When Yawara and Hagoromo got inside and met with one of Katochu's managers, Hagoromo immediately apologized and said that they would leave right away. But the Katochu manager recognized Yawara and asked them to stay for a while. Then they talked over some tea and Yawara talked about her judo. Just when they were about to leave, another Katochu manager (in a higher position) came and spotted Yawara.

Sayaka was practicing at the Seishin Women's College doujou. Kazamatsuri was thinking about Yawara, the wedding with Sayaka, and his new job as president of Honami Travel. Kazamatsuri was trying to figure out a way to stay free. Then he thought that since Sayaka probably could not defeat Yawara, he would be free for a little while longer. But when Kazamatsuri saw Sayaka's moves, he was shocked. Sayaka had become a completely different person. Kazamatsuri wondered what Kojiro had done to make Sayaka like that. He became scared and thought that Sayaka might be able to defeat Yawara.

Hagoromo and Yawara were sitting in the meeting room alone as the Katochu managers left to discuss something. Hagoromo was worried that they had caused some trouble. He hated trouble. When the Katochu managers returned, Hagoromo and Yawara got up to leave. But they were stopped. The Katochu manager said that they wanted to go on a three day, two night first class golf tour to Hokkaidou. They said that a very important business deal was riding on it and that the other people were also very great fans of Yawara. They asked Yawara to go along on the trip. Yawara and Hagoromo were surprised. Then the Katochu manager said that if everything goes well, they would change all of their travel dealings from Honami Travel to Tsurugame Travel. Hagoromo agreed and Yawara said that she would go on the golf tour with them on April 21, 22, and 23.

Meanwhile Matsuda was at Saikai University watching Fujiko practice. Then Jigoro arrived. He liked what he saw of Fujiko. But he said that Fujiko's sharp moves were only good if she could use them in a match. Jigoro said that Fujiko needed Yawara to enter the Japan Championships with her so Fujiko would not get too nervous. Then he also tricked Fujiko and said that he was getting too old and too weak to try to convince Yawara, who was now only thinking about her work. Fujiko got worried and said that she needed Yawara. Then Fujiko said that she would try to convince Yawara to fight with her.

When Hagoromo returned to the office, his boss asked him if Yawara had gone home yet. Hagoromo said that Yawara went home on time. The office manager said that Hagoromo should send Yawara home earlier so she can practice her judo. Then one of the office ladies told Hagoromo that the reservations had been made. When the office manager overheard the girl confirm the dates and the first class package, he became surprised. He became shocked when he heard that the trip was for Katochu. Then he thought that everything was a joke when Hagoromo told him about Katochu transferring all of their travel business to Tsurugame Travel from Honami Travel. After Hagoromo told him that it was true, the office manager started clapping and immediately called the Tsurugame Travel headquarters. Hagoromo began to worry because he didn't mention that Yawara was going to accompany Katochu on the trip.

That night Fujiko, Matsuda, and Jigoro were waiting for Yawara to come home. When they spotted Yawara coming down the street, Fujiko went out to meet her. Then Fujiko dragged Yawara to a coffee store. Jigoro and Matsuda quietly followed them. When they sat down, Fujiko mentioned that Yawara looked tired. Yawara said that although she had just started, it was very hard. Jigoro and Matsuda were sitting close to them listening in on their conversation. Then Yawara said that things went well that day and it felt really good. Before Fujiko could get to the point, Yawara said, "It must be very hard for you too with your training every day at Saikai University. Let's try hard at the Japan Championships together." Matsuda and Jigoro were very surprised. Fujiko couldn't believe it and asked Yawara if she was really going to fight in the Japan Championships. Yawara said that she would, and that she was happy to be able to enter it with Fujiko. Fujiko started crying and thanked Yawara. But when Fujiko mentioned the date of the Japan Championships (April 22), Yawara immediately stood up. Fujiko asked if anything was wrong, but Yawara said that everything was all right. Yawara had completely forgotten about that date.

Meanwhile Hagoromo got home and his wife immediately said that there was no more food left for him. Hagoromo sat down and told his wife that he would be gone for three days from the 21st. When he said that he had some very important business, his wife said that he couldn't possibly do anything important.

The next day Hagoromo was at the office reading the Nikkan Every newspaper. The headline said that Yawara was going to enter the Japan Championships with Fujiko. Yawara was receiving some training for using the company's computer system. Hagoromo was thinking that he will go cheer on Yawara, when his eye caught a very shocking statement. It said that the Japan Championships will take place on April 22. Before Hagoromo would do anything else, president Ohtaguro came by to his desk. The president wanted to meet the man that had taken Katochu's business away from Honami Travel.

Yawara and some other girls were eating lunch in a restaurant. The girls were saying that Yawara should find a boy friend soon. Then they screamed out as they saw Matsuda's face which was up against the window looking at Yawara. Matsuda and Yawara left the store together and Matsuda started to ask questions about judo. Yawara was wondering if she should discuss her problem with Matsuda. But Matsuda kept asking about judo, so Yawara got mad and returned to the office.

Hagoromo went to Katochu and met with the manager there. He was worried and started wondering what he should say. Then the Katochu manager mentioned that he found out that Yawara was going to fight in the Japan Championships on the 22nd. Hagoromo asked if it was possible to change the date of the trip, but the Katochu manager said that it was critical that they get the business completed before Golden Week. [4/29 - 5/5] Then Hagoromo said that everything was going to be all right. He said that Yawara had an injury so she couldn't fight in the Japan Championships. Then the Katochu manager became very happy.

That day Yawara left the office early because one the of managers told her to go home and practice her judo. But Yawara didn't go home. She called Kazamatsuri so that she can discuss her problem with him. Kazamatsuri happily snuck out of the Honami Mansion to meet Yawara.

At the Saikai University doujou, Yutenji was showing Jigoro the pairings for the Japan Championship tournament. Yutenji called Fujiko to them. Jigoro said that it was an interesting matchup. Fujiko didn't have to fight Yawara or Sayaka until the finals. Yawara and Sayaka would have to meet in the semi-finals. Fujiko became happy as she thought that she wouldn't have to fight against either Yawara or Sayaka. But Jigoro and Yutenji became upset and told Fujiko that she had to make it to the finals.

At the coffee shop, Yawara told Kazamatsuri about her situation. Kazamatsuri was shocked when Yawara told him about Katochu. Kazamatsuri quickly started thinking about the situation. As president of Honami Travel, he was scared because Yawara can easily take away his business like that. Then Yawara asked Kazamatsuri what she should do. Kazamatsuri said that he had to think about it and considered the options that he had.

 If Yawara entered the Japan Championships,
 Honami Travel wouldn't lose their business and president Kazamatsuri
 would be happy.
 If Yawara lost to Sayaka, Kazamatsuri will have to marry Sayaka,
 and it would be the end of his single life.
 If Yawara went to Hokkaidou and her work went well,
 Honami Travel would suffer a big loss and president Kazamatsuri would
 be in trouble.
 Sayaka and Yawara wouldn't fight, so Kazamatsuri wouldn't have to
 marry Sayaka, and he would still be free.

Then Kazamatsuri went to make a call to his office. He asked for a rough estimate of how much business they did with Katochu every year. Kazamatsuri was shocked to hear 200 oku-yen (20,000,000,000 yen). But when he returned to the table, he told Yawara that her work was the most important thing. Then Yawara made up her mind to go to Hokkaidou. But Yawara was thinking about how to tell Fujiko about this situation.

Kazamatsuri was watching Sayaka practice. He was wondering what Kojiro had taught her to make her change so much. He didn't care about how much money Honami Travel would lose. He just didn't want to have to marry Sayaka. Matsuda had climbed the wall to take a peek at Sayaka through the window. Matsuda was surprised to see Sayaka's moves. He knew that Yawara would be in for a tough match. There were ten days left until the Japan Championships and Sayaka felt very confident.

During work Yawara was thinking about how to tell Fujiko that she wouldn't fight in the Japan Championships. There was only one week left. When Hagoromo asked Yawara about the dinner plans for Hokkaidou, Yawara said that she would call to make the reservations. Hagoromo felt that Yawara was really thinking about the Japan Championships, and that she wouldn't go to Hokkaidou. He had read in the Nikkan Every that Sayaka's condition was reaching her peak for the match against Yawara. Hagoromo wondered why Yawara was still going through the motions and didn't say that she wasn't going to go to Hokkaidou.

Later the Jinboucho store manager Sugai and Hagoromo went to visit Katochu. Hagoromo felt very worried and built up his courage to tell them about Yawara. But he didn't/couldn't say anything as the Katochu manager and Sugai both wished for a good relationship in the future.

When Hagoromo got home, his wife immediately said that there was no more food left for him. Hagoromo asked his wife what they would do if he got fired. His wife got very mad and accused him of doing something bad. She said that since he couldn't possibly do important work, he should just stay out of trouble. She said that they needed to save money for a down payment on a house, and to send their son to a private junior high school so he can go to a good college.

When Fujiko struggled back home after her practice, she met Yawara who had come to visit. There were only two days until the Japan Championships, and Fujiko invited Yawara in for some tea. When they sat down, Yawara told Fujiko that she wouldn't fight in the judo tournament. Fujiko was very saddened at first, but after Yawara explained the situation, Fujiko said that Yawara should concentrate on her work, which was her first big job. Then Fujiko said that the problem would be Jigoro. Yawara agreed and said that if he knew that she was in Hokkaidou, he would probably fly up to get her. Then Fujiko told Yawara to just sneak out of the house early. She said that she would take care of the rest.

On April 21, Yawara left the house early to go to Haneda Airport. Yawara's mother told her to work hard.

At the airport Hagoromo looked at his watch. He was waiting for Yawara, but he felt that she wouldn't come. Just as he was expecting the Katochu group to come and find out about his lie, Yawara ran up to him. Hagoromo was very surprised. Yawara apologized for being late and went to the JAL counter to take care of everyone's tickets. Hagoromo was wondering what Yawara was up to.

Jigoro was very upset as he couldn't find Yawara. Then he ran into Fujiko, who had come over to ask for some last minute training.

Hagoromo was thinking that Yawara had come to see everyone off at the airport. He was feeling depressed as he knew he would get fired. Then the Katochu group arrived. The Katochu manager introduced Katagiri, the managing director of Toyosan Automobile Corp who was a big fan of Yawara. Before Hagoromo could say anything, they all went over to Yawara, who was by the airline counter. Yawara said that although there were a lot of things that she still didn't know, she would go with them and give it her best. Hagoromo was surprised and wondered what Yawara was going to do about the Japan Championships.

During breakfast Yawara's mother told Jigoro that Yawara had gone to work early that morning. Jigoro was suspicious, but Fujiko said that maybe Yawara went to work early so she could come back early to train.

At Tsurugame Travel's Jinboucho office Sugai found out that Yawara had gone to Hokkaidou with Hagoromo. Sugai called Ohtaguro and told him the shocking news. Ohtaguro became very mad and told Sugai to call Yawara back to Tokyo. After he hung up the phone, Ohtaguro had one of his men check up on how much money he had just thrown away due to calling Yawara back. Ohtaguro found out that Katochu's yearly business would come to about 200 oku-yen. Then Ohtaguro started to consider his options. If Yawara defeated Sayaka in the Japan Championships, it would be good for Tsurugame over Honami. If Yawara stayed in Hokkaidou, Tsurugame would get Katochu's business away from Honami Travel. Ohtaguro finally decided to not call Yawara back.

Matsuda was beginning to worry as Yawara was not at work or at home. She also didn't come to pick up her uniform number for the Japan Championships.

In Hokkaidou Yawara was going around with the VIP's. The VIP's were having a great time because of Yawara. When they found out that Yawara had been on the golf club in Junior College, they asked her to go play with them the next day.

That night Kazamatsuri went to Yawara's house to see if she had gone to Hokkaidou. As he was leaving, Jigoro and Matsuda arrived. Matsuda noticed that Kazamatsuri was trying to escape. Jigoro noticed that Kazamatsuri was trying to hide something. Kazamatsuri denied it, but after Jigoro got him in a choke hold, Kazamatsuri told them that Yawara had gone to Hokkaidou.

Kazamatsuri explained that Yawara had come to him to discuss her problem. Kazamatsuri said that he had told Yawara to enter the judo tournament. Jigoro and Matsuda said that they would call Yawara back. But Kazamatsuri said that she couldn't make it in time for the last flight from Hokkaidou. Kazamatsuri checked his book and found out that the first flight the next morning would arrive in Tokyo at 9:50. Since the Japan Championships would start at 10:00, there was not much time. Jigoro said that he would tell Yutenji to delay the tournament a little. Just as Matsuda was leaving, Kazamatsuri showed him his new business card, which said "president" of Honami Travel.

When Hagoromo called his office he found out that everyone (including the president) had found out about Yawara being in Hokkaidou. His boss told him to just make sure everything went well with Katochu. He said to forget about Yawara's judo and the Japan Championships.

Matsuda went over to Ohtaguro's house. He told Ohtaguro to call back Yawara. But Ohtaguro had his men kick Matsuda out of the house.

When Matsuda got back to the office, he called many hotels in Hokkaidou to try to locate Yawara. But he wasn't having any luck as the hotels wouldn't give out much information. Then Matsuda got a phone call. Matsuda was busy so he tried to hang up right away. But the voice on the other end said that he wanted to return Yawara. "I'm Hagoromo, Yawara's boss. I always enjoy reading your articles. Yawara is in Hokkaidou right now. If I send her back on the first plane, she might make it in time for the Japan Championships. The people in my office are useless. You're the only one I can count on, Matsuda. She will arrive at 9:50 in Haneda. Please go pick her up."

Very early in the morning, Yawara was out on the driving range with the VIP's. They were all surprised at how good Yawara was. Hagoromo was very worried and thinking that he would get fired.

Matsuda had written a note to Jigoro to inform him that he had gotten in contact with Yawara. Jigoro was talking to Yutenji and told him to delay the tournament. Yutenji said that he couldn't do it. Fujiko was getting very nervous as the time for the match was getting closer and Yawara was not around. Matsuda was speeding on his motorcycle toward the airport.

On the 7AM morning program, the reporter went to the Honami Mansion to interview Sayaka. Sayaka said that everyone should get their VCR's ready. She said that everyone will be able to see Yawara lose over and over. Then they switched to Saikai University. Fujiko said that she would try her best and that she would be waiting for Yawara. Hagoromo was watching the TV program and built up his courage. Hagoromo ran to Yawara, who was just walking back from the driving range with the other VIP's. Hagoromo grabbed Yawara and told her to hurry. When Yawara asked where they were running to, Hagoromo said, "The Budoukan!" Hagoromo told Yawara to forget about her work. When they got to the taxi, Yawara said that she had to do her work. Hagoromo asked, "Then why did you get up early and run around the hotel grounds? Why did you do you judo exercises on the front lawn?" Yawara answered that it was just her daily habit. But Hagoromo pushed Yawara into the taxi and told her that Matsuda would be waiting in Haneda. Then as her boss, he ordered Yawara to defeat Sayaka.

Hagoromo apologized to the Katochu manager, saying that Yawara had gone home. The Katochu manager got very angry and said that he would lose his trust with the Toyosan director. When Hagoromo said that he would take the responsibility, the Katochu manager said that even if he got fired a million times it wouldn't make up for it.

Just as Fujiko and the others started lining up for the opening ceremony, Yawara's plane arrived at the airport. Matsuda met Yawara as she came out of the gate and said, "Let's go."

Saitou was at the announcer's booth looking around as everyone lined up for the opening ceremony. He noticed that Yawara was not there. Sayaka also noticed it. Sayaka got mad thinking that Yawara just wanted to stand out. Kazamatsuri was thinking that he would be free now. The crowd also noticed that Yawara wasn't there. They started yelling for Yawara.

Matsuda was rushing through to crowded highway. Yawara told him that she had gotten a better opinion of him because his article had moved Hagoromo so much. But since Matsuda was concentrating on driving, he couldn't hear Yawara.

While everyone was waiting for Yawara, Fujiko's match began. Fujiko was nervous, but she thought about making her match take a long time so that Yawara's match wouldn't come up so quickly. Fujiko's opponent was the older sister of the Kuroyuri University twins. Fujiko's opponent quickly tried to throw Fujiko. Fujiko avoided it, but Yutenji yelled out to her. Then Fujiko realized that she was in no position to stall for time. Fujiko threw in her oouchigari and defeated her opponent with an ippon.

After her match, Fujiko sewed on the name to Yawara's uniform and waited outside for her.

Sayaka told Tokunaga that she was going to leave. Kazamatsuri encouraged Sayaka and thought that he would be free. But Sayaka told Kazamatsuri that they should start making plans for their wedding. Then Kazamatsuri began to worry and reminded Sayaka of her last match when she fought to a draw with Fujiko. Sayaka just said that Fujiko wasn't her opponent.

Hagoromo was sitting by himself in a country club in Hokkaidou as the VIP's were playing golf. The situation looked very dark for him, but he just hoped that Yawara would make it in time for her match.

Fujiko was waiting outside when she heard the announcement of Yawara's match. The references were talking about something among themselves. Then the head referee walked out onto the mat. Yutenji thought that Yawara's unbeaten record had come to an end. Tsukushi's coach was very happy as his Katori would be the first person to ever defeat Yawara. Fujiko began to cry.

Then Matsuda's motorcycle turned into the parking lot and headed for the gym. Fujiko spotted Yawara and waved her arms to her. Matsuda was about to run over a pedestrian, but he swerved out of the way at the last moment. Yawara jumped off of the motorcycle as Matsuda crashed into the bushes. Yawara was worried about Matsuda, but Fujiko threw Yawara her judo uniform and told her to hurry.

Inside Katori was walking out to the mat by herself. Just as the head referee was going to raise his hand, one of the other referees yelled out for him to wait. Yawara had finally made her way through the crowd and appeared on the mat. Yawara apologized for being late and the match began.

Sayaka was already dressed in her street clothes. She was walking out of the gym with Kazamatsuri following her, trying to tell her to fight. But Sayaka said that she would order the wedding dress on the way home. Then there was a very loud roar. Some reporters ran by Sayaka saying that Yawara had come and defeated her opponent with an ippon. Sayaka immediately told Tokunaga to get her judo uniform.

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