YAWARA! volume 19

  • Summary version 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.10.21
  • I think episodes 103 to 107 of the TV series were based on it.
Ohtaguro found out from his men at the Japan Championships that Yawara had shown up in time to win her first match with an ippon. Ohtaguro was happy for an instant. But he quickly became furious as he wondered what was going on in Hokkaidou. He became worried about his 200 oku yen potential customer. [200 oku = 20,000,000,000]

Yawara went to see Matsuda who was in the doctor's room. The doctor said that Matsuda had fractured his leg. Yawara became worried, but Matsuda said that it was nothing. The doctor mentioned that Matsuda had been crying until now. Matsuda told Yawara that he had done it so that he could get to see the match between Yawara and Sayaka. Then Yawara apologized to Matsuda. She said that she had been mistaken about him before. Yawara finally realized that Matsuda's articles had moved many people, including Hagoromo.

Hagoromo was by himself in the country club in Hokkaidou. He was wondering if Yawara had made it in time for her match. Then he got a phone call. Hagoromo rushed, thinking that it was Yawara. But it was Ohtaguro. Hagoromo quickly apologized. Then he asked if Yawara had made it in time for the match. But Ohtaguro was too upset and threw his phone into the fish pond.

Jigoro and Fujiko were looking for Yawara. Jigoro was very upset because Yawara had just barely made it in time for her match. Then there was a great roar from the crowd. Sayaka had appeared for her first match. They all stopped to watch Sayaka's match. They were shocked to see how fast Sayaka had become. Sayaka easily threw her opponent for an ippon. Jigoro knew that Sayaka must have gotten a very good coach. Fujiko became very scared, although it was almost time for her match. When Sayaka came off the mat, she told Fujiko to tell Yawara that she would defeat her.

Fujiko also won her match with an ippon. Yawara met her as she came off the mat. Fujiko was very happy to see Yawara and asked if the final match would be between them. Yawara said that it would, and encouraged Fujiko. Then Jigoro spotted Yawara and yelled at her. But Yawara ran off to make a phone call to Hagoromo. Yawara was disappointed as the country club person told her that Hagoromo was gone. Yawara wondered where Hagoromo had gone to. Hagoromo had told the country club person to refuse the phone calls to him, thinking it would be from Ohtaguro.

When the VIP's returned from the first half of their golf game, Hagoromo dropped to the floor and apologized. But the group just walked by him and sat down at the table for some beers. When Hagoromo walked over to the table, the Katochu manager quickly pulled him away. He yelled at Hagoromo and told him to stay away from his clients. Hagoromo saw that all of the VIP's were feeling very terrible. Hagoromo thought that Ohtaguro would kill him for messing up this big business.

Meanwhile Ohtaguro was on his way to the Budoukan. He wanted to see Yawara's match in person.

While the VIP's were eating their lunch, one of them turned on the TV. The telecast of the Japan Championships was just beginning. Hagoromo rushed to the TV and turned it off. He didn't want everyone to hear that Yawara had lost by a forfeit. But the other person pushed him away and turned the TV back on. The TV showed the tapes of the earlier matches. Then Hagoromo got in front of the TV to block everyone's view. They showed Sayaka winning all three of her matches with ippons. Then before they started to talk about Yawara, Hagoromo changed the channel to some golf telecast. But the other man pushed him away and changed the channel back to the judo. They showed Yawara throwing all three of her opponents too. Many of the VIP's thought that it wa an old video tape of last year's matches. Then the announcer also said that Yawara had just barely made it in time for her first match. Hagoromo became very happy and rushed to the TV. He had tears running down his face as he cheered for Yawara.

The VIP's were shocked to find out that the Yawara who had been with them earlier in the morning had gone to Tokyo and made it in time for the Japan Championships. Hagoromo said, "Don't take us travel agencies too lightly." Then they all cheered as Yawara threw her very heavy opponent over her shoulder for a brilliant ippon.

In the A block, Sayaka and Yawara had advanced to the semi-finals. In the B block, Toudou Yuki had made it to the semi-finals. The other semi-finalist was to be determined in the match between Fujiko and Shiraishi. Some of the VIP's started yelling to hurry up and show the match between Sayaka and Yawara. But Hagoromo yelled at them and said that Fujiko was a rising star and that they should watch this match carefully. Hagoromo knew that he was going to be fired, so he didn't care any more about the VIP's. Then Yamamoto, the director of Toyosan Automobile, agreed with Hagoromo. He said that he was a fan of Fujiko too.

Meanwhile, Yawara let Nanda, Maririn, Kyon Kyon, and Sayuri into the floor to watch Fujiko's match. They all cheered for Fujiko and wanted to see the championship match between Yawara and Fujiko.

Jigoro was not watching Fujiko's match. Instead he had gone to buy some snacks. Jigoro was walking with an armload of snacks when he ran into Ohtaguro. Jigoro got mad at Ohtaguro and told him that he would make Yawara quit the company if something like this happened again. Then Jigoro noticed Kazamatsuri standing by himself. Kazamatsuri was worried about the match between Sayaka and Yawara. Jigoro introduced Kazamatsuri as the new president of Honami Travel to Ohtaguro. Ohtaguro and Kazamatsuri quickly took out their business cards and exchanged them. Then Jigoro said that Yawara might lose the match. Both Kazamatsuri and Ohtaguro were shocked. Then Jigoro said that he would make Yawara quit the company and go to Saikai University if she loses.

Fujiko threw her opponent for an ippon and advanced to the semi-finals. Fujiko went off the mat to where her friends were waiting. Yawara said that Fujiko looked very good. Fujiko told Yawara to try hard against Sayaka.

Just before the match between Sayaka and Yawara was going to begin, Kazamatsuri was talking to himself and walking while staring at the ground. Then Kazamatsuri ran into Matsuda, who was walking with crutches, and knocked him down. When Matsuda was crying out that his broken leg hurt, Sayaka came by. Sayaka told Kazamatsuri, who was still lying on top of Matsuda, that she had reserved the place for the wedding ceremony on 9/3. When Kazamatsuri said that she had to first defeat Yawara, Sayaka said that she had a secret weapon, and walked away. Matsuda asked Kazamatsuri about the secret weapon, but Kazamatsuri said that he didn't know. He said that Kojiro must have taught her something.

Sayaka walked out to her match with her hand raised with the V sign. Then there was another loud cheer as Yawara walked out to face Sayaka.

In the country club in Hokkaidou, a large crowd had gathered around the TV set. Everyone was putting their golf game on hold to watch the judo match.

Kojiro was at a noodle store eating many noodles and watching the judo match on the TV. The master of the store changed the channel to the horse races, but Kojiro turned the channel back to the judo. When the master complained, Kojiro ordered another plate of noodles.

The match between Sayaka and Yawara began. Everyone was amazed at how fast both Yawara and Sayaka were. When Sayaka used her uchimata, Yawara countered and threw Sayaka over her shoulder. Yawara got a yuukou and they went off the mat. Sayaka was smiling as she had defended herself from Yawara's best move. Then Matsuda noticed that Yawara's eyes had that look of when she was fighting someone strong. Matsuda realized that Sayaka had become very strong.

The match continued and Sayaka was pressuring Yawara. Sayaka thought back to the time in the mountains. Sayaka had be training with a doll that she imagined was Yawara. Sayaka got very upset and pulled off the doll's right arm. When Kojiro said that the doll was of no use any more, Sayaka switched to the left arm. Then Sayaka pulled the doll with such force that it's wooden legs totally broke off. Sayaka got very upset, but Kojiro spotted something in Sayaka. This was when Sayaka discovered the secret weapon to defeat Yawara.

The fierce fighting continued and Sayaka was waiting for Yawara to use her ippon throw. Then Jigoro noticed that Sayaka's grasp had changed a little. After Fujiko yelled out to Yawara, Yawara kicked Sayaka to make her lose her balance. Yawara quickly went into her ippon throw move. Kojiro noticed that it was the moment that Sayaka had been waiting for. Sayaka knew it too. Jigoro yelled out that Yawara would lose. Sayaka went in with her left-handed hold and tried to throw Yawara, who was totally defenseless.

Everyone thought that Yawara was going to lose. But at the last moment, Yawara kicked her right leg free and grabbed Sayaka's sleeve. Yawara then went into her throw move to throw Sayaka across her body. Sayaka's tooth popped out as Sayaka landed on her back in shock.

Yawara had thrown Sayaka right in front of the large Tsurugame Travel sign. Ohtaguro was very happy. He didn't care about the business in Hokkaidou. He said that all he had to do was to fire Hagoromo.

In Hokkaidou, Hagoromo was very happy. His risk had paid off. Yamamoto congratulated Hagoromo.

Sayaka was still in shock when they bowed to end the match. Yawara spotted Sayaka's tooth and picked it up. When Yawara went to Sayaka to say the she had done a great uchimata and return the tooth, Sayaka slapped Yawara's hand away. Sayaka walked by all of the reporters without saying anything. When Sayaka got to Tokunaga, she said that she wanted to go to the dentist.

At the noodle store, Kojiro was wondering how strong Yawara was able to become. When the master asked if he can watch the horse races, Kojiro ordered another large dish.

Now it was time for Fujiko's match against Toudou. Yawara told Fujiko not to challenge Toudou on the mat. Fujiko was psyched up, but when she saw the large Toudou in front of her, she became very scared. When the match began, Toudou said that her only rival was Yawara, and tried to muscle Fujiko. But Fujiko had improved much more that she had expected. Fujiko countered with her oouchigari and took Toudou down for a yuukou. Then Toudou immediately went into her mat moves and tried to cover Fujiko. But Fujiko managed to crawl off of the mat.

The match restarted and Toudou just tried to use her mat moves with her weight advantage. When Fujiko tried her oouchigari again, Toudou grabbed Fujiko's legs and took her down to the mat. Then Toudou easily turned Fujiko over and got her in a hold position. Matsuda yelled out not to give up, saying that Hanazono-kun would be cheering for her.

Meanwhile, Hanazono was working out at the Ebitendo judo gym. One of his teammates came to inform him that Fujiko was fighting in the semi- finals. Hanazono was surprised, but quickly went back to his training. His partner wanted to rest, but Hanazono said that even if he cheered for her by watching TV, nothing would change.

25 seconds had passed and Toudou had gotten a wazaari. Fujiko recalled that Hanazono would be cheering for her and bridged her way free with only 2 seconds left before she would have lost. When the match restarted there was only 20 seconds left, and Toudou just tried to get away. But Fujiko finally grabbed Toudou's collar. Fujiko immediately went into her uchimata. Jigoro commented that her position and timing were not very good, so it wouldn't work. But Yawara yelled out that this was her only chance because there was not much time left. Fujiko pulled and pulled as Toudou tried to brace herself. Then just as the time ran out, Fujiko took Toudou down for a wazaari.

In Hokkaidou almost everyone was surprised that Fujiko had made it to the finals. But Hagoromo and Yamamoto were sitting down and having a beer. Yamamoto was very happy that he had seen such great judo matches. He complimented Hagoromo on having gotten Yawara to Tokyo in time for the match.

Before the championship match, Matsuda was on his way to try to get an interview. But when Kazamatsuri told him that Yawara was giving Fujiko a massage, Matsuda began to worry. He wondered what Yawara was up to. Kazamatsuri also said that since Yawara was so kind, she would probably not fight all out against her friend Fujiko. Then Matsuda grabbed the tripod to use as a crutch, and hurried to the dressing room. When he got there, he saw Yawara and Fujiko holding each other's hands. Then Fujiko left to get ready for the match. Just when Yawara was leaving, Matsuda asked her to go all out in her match. Yawara just gave him a big smile. Matsuda had no idea what that smile meant.

Sayaka was in her car watching the judo. She turned off the TV when Yawara appeared. Tokunaga said that Sayaka's lefty uchimata was great, and that she almost won. Sayaka agreed. But she said that she should have won. Sayaka said that it was Kojiro's fault that she had lost. His strategy had not been good enough. Sayaka said that she would fire him.

The championship match between Yawara and Fujiko began. Fujiko remembered what Jigoro had told her that she had to go all out at the beginning before she got caught in Yawara's timing. Fujiko tried to grab Yawara's collar, but Yawara was too fast. So Fujiko grabbed Yawara's sleeve and tried to kick Yawara. But Yawara had already gotten Fujiko off balance. Fujiko didn't know what was going on. She couldn't even stand. Then Yawara hit her over the shoulder throw and sent Fujiko flying through the air. Fujiko laid on her back and started crying. She finally realized how great Yawara's judo was. When Yawara helped Fujiko up, Fujiko grabbed Yawara's hand and raised it high.

Matsuda thought, "Shit. How many years have I been a sports reporter! How many years have I been covering Yawara! Yawara was going to take it easy for her friend Fujiko? Wrong! Yawara faced Fujiko all out because Fujiko had fought really hard to get this far. That's Yawara's real kindness! I need much more training."

At the noodle shop, Kojiro got up to call Sayaka. When Sayaka answered, she was very upset and yelled at Kojiro. Then Kojiro told her to come pick him up. Sayaka's eyes popped open as she thought that Kojiro was going to take her on another training trip so she can defeat Yawara. But Kojiro just said to come because he didn't have any money.

Ohtaguro went up to Yawara and hugged her. Ohtaguro was very happy that Yawara had thrown Sayaka in front of the Tsurugame Travel sign. When Yawara asked about the business in Hokkaidou, Ohtaguro said that it was no good, but he didn't care. Kazamatsuri overheard and became very happy. He thought that everything had gone great for him. He would not lose the business, and he would not have to marry Sayaka.

In the country club in Hokkaidou everyone was celebrating Yawara's win. Since Hagoromo was getting very friendly with Yamamoto, the Katochu manager got mad at him. But Yamamoto said that this had been a really enjoyable experience and thanked Hagoromo.

After the match many reporters, including Matsuda, were interviewing Fujiko. Fujiko said that she was very happy to have a chance to fight against Yawara. Then all of the reporters tried to look for Yawara, but she was gone. Yawara was making a call to Hokkaidou. She found out that everyone had already left the country club and returned to the hotel.

Hagoromo and the VIP's were having a party. Everyone was having a great time. Then Hagoromo got a phone call. When Hagoromo found out that it was from Yawara, he immediately thanked her. Yawara didn't understand what was going on. Hagoromo told her that he had seen the match on TV. He had a lot of tears running down his face as he thanked Yawara over and over. Then Hagoromo hung up. Yawara still didn't know what had happened in Hokkaidou.

The next day everyone at the office congratulated Yawara. They all wanted to go celebrate her championship. But Yawara was worried about Hagoromo. He hadn't returned from Hokkaidou yet. The office manager, Sugai, was anxiously waiting for Hagoromo to return. Yawara thought that things had gone bad and it was all her fault.

Then Hagoromo struggled into the office. He looked very tired and headed directly for his desk. Then he promptly put his head down to sleep. Yawara rushed to him and apologized. Hagoromo told her not to speak so loudly because he had a hangover. Then Sugai came and shouted very loudly. He told Hagoromo and Yawara to come to his office.

In the headquarters of Honami Travel, Kazamatsuri got a distressing phone call. He found out that the Katochu business had been taken over by Tsurugame Travel. But that was not all. Kazamatsuri was shocked to hear that Toyosan's business had also been taken over by Tsurugame. The only thing that was looking bright for Kazamatsuri was the fact that he didn't have to marry Sayaka.

Yawara and Hagoromo were on the roof of the Tsurugame Travel building. Hagoromo was surprised to hear that they had gotten Katochu and Toyosan's business. He thanked Yawara. He also said that it couldn't have been done without Matsuda's help. He said that Matsuda must really like judo a lot to write articles like he does.

When Yawara and Hagoromo returned to the office, Ohtaguro and everyone else was waiting for them. Ohtaguro said that the Katochu and Toyosan business would mean 400 oku yen early. He wanted to celebrate that night, but Hagoromo and Yawara both said that they couldn't. So he said that they would celebrate the next day.

Matsuda was relaxing and drinking a beer in his messy apartment. Then Yawara came. Matsuda immediately tried to clean up his room, although Yawara said that it wasn't necessary. When Yawara opened the door, Matsuda rushed to meet her. But he tripped because of the cast on his leg, and ran into Yawara, making her drop her grocery bag.

Yawara caught Matsuda and, they were holding each other at the door. Matsuda apologized and said that he couldn't put any force on his leg. Then when Matsuda tried to put his weight on his left leg, he stepped on an apple and slipped. Matsuda's face hit Yawara's breasts before his weight pulled Yawara down to the ground. Matsuda was on top of Yawara, but he couldn't get up.

Later Yawara was preparing dinner for Matsuda. Matsuda hurried and tried to clean up his room, although Yawara said that she would do it. Then Yawara thanked Matsuda again. She said that everything went well because of him. She also told Matsuda that Hagoromo was a very big fan of his.

When Hagoromo got home, he quickly rested his head on the kitchen table. He told his wife that he had been drinking until that morning. When his wife asked him if he really did any work in Hokkaidou, Hagoromo said that he got a really big customer. His wife didn't believe him. Then Hagoromo's son Katsuo came and shouted in his ear. "Where's the crab?" Hagoromo answered that he had it sent home. Then Katsuo said that he wasn't waiting for his father, but he was waiting for the crab.

Matsuda was eating the delicious food that Yawara had prepared for him. He also couldn't believe that his room was so clean and neat. Then Yawara mentioned that he had said that before, when she was still in high school. Matsuda said that the four years had passed by so quickly.

Jigoro was upset that Yawara hadn't come home yet. Yawara's mother said that she must be out celebrating with her co-workers. Jigoro said that Yawara should be more like Fujiko, who had been there earlier to train with him.

Fujiko called Ebitendo on her way home. The person who answered the phone said that Hanazono hadn't returned yet. Fujiko wondered what Hanazono was doing out so late at night.

After Yawara and Matsuda ate dinner, Yawara noticed that it was pretty late. Matsuda said that he would walk her to the train station. But Yawara said that he shouldn't because his leg was broken. Then Yawara said, "Maybe I'll sleep over like before.." Matsuda was shocked. Yawara quickly said, "I was joking! Even if I do sleep over, you have to sleep outside like last time." Then they both laughed when Matsuda said that he would catch cold again.
Then Matsuda asked, "Do you really want to sleep over?" Matsuda and Yawara stared at each other for a moment.
"Just joking.." Matsuda tried to say, but Yawara said, "I.."

Then there was a very loud voice calling out for Matsuda. It was Kuniko. Kuniko came in with some groceries and said that she was going to sleep over, like always. Matsuda quickly asked what she was talking about, but Yawara got up to leave. Before Matsuda could crawl out to talk to Yawara, Yawara left.

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