Yuna Galaxy Wave episode 1

Title Sainan tsuzuki no arata naru tabidachi
CD data Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna Galaxy Wave segment 1, track 3

Yuna and her classmates were on the moon for a school field trip. Yuna was feeling depressed because Mai had become her teacher, for her training.

Yuna and Mai went to look at some ancient ruins. Mai was very disappointed as it was very boring. She said that there weren't any karaoke or dancing places.

As Mai was saying that she was going to go elsewhere, Erika appeared, and said, "Well, if the student is stupid, the teacher is stupid too."
Kousaka Erika was the only daughter of a rich family, and she was supposed to enter the Ginga ojousama contest that Yuna had won. But she had diarrhea, so she couldn't enter the final round.

Erika challenged Yuna to a duel with swords, to redo the ojousama contest. Yuna asked why they had to fight with swords, and Erika said that the final battle always has to be done shinken.
[shinken = seriously, shinken = holy sword]

Mai interrupted and asked why Erika was acting like an ojousama. Mai and Erika started calling each other names, and started fighting. Then there was a big explosion.

The narrator explained that the ruins had let out a beam of light. Erika got caught in that light and disappeared. Yuna had fallen into the ruins as the ground collapsed beneath her. Mai fell and hit her head.

Yuna gained consciousness and met Yuuri [a VERY cute voice]. Yuuri explained that this ruin was a beacon that destroyed evil. The beacon would call the Princess, who would come to destroy evil. So the Earth would get destroyed. The only way to prevent it would be to destroy the beacon on Earth.

Yuna asked, "What are you Yuuri?"
Yuuri said, "Me.. me.. It was so long ago that I forgot."

So Yuna decided to go to Earth and destroy the beacon there.

> Galaxy Fraulein Yuna


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