Yuna Galaxy Wave episode 2

Title Beacon motomete 300 man ri
CD data Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna Galaxy Wave segment 1, track 4

Yuna had to go to earth and destroy the beacon that was calling the princess.

Erika had disappeared into the light on the moon. She had been brainwashed to fight for the princess. The princess sent Erika to earth to stop Yuna.

Yuna and Yuuri were in Neo Tokyo, and Yuuri said that the beacon was somewhere in this city. When Yuna asked what kind of shape the beacon was, Yuuri answered, "A circle." Yuna complained that it wasn't enough to go on.

Just as Yuna was going to go look for the beacon, Yuuri said that she had become hungry. So they went to eat. Yuuri was chowing down and she said that she wanted more. But Yuna said that she had already eaten 12 extra large bowls.
Yuna asked, "Aren't you an android, Yuuri?"
Yuuri said, "Yes."
Yuna said, "Why does an android eat so much!"
Yuuri said, "Yuna, if you worry too much about trivial details, you'll go bald."
Yuna said, "No, I won't go bald!"

Then there was a crash, and a softball came flying. Yuna avoided it, and Touko no Mami (one of Erika's underlings) came. Then Mami threw her special fire ball at Yuna. Yuna screamed, but Ojousama Kamen Polylina came and hit the ball away.

Yuna screamed out, and was very happy to see Polylina. (Polylina was a transformed heroine on TV, and Yuna was a big fan of her.) So Mami and Polylina fought, but Polylina easily blasted Mami away.

Yuna screamed out again, saying how happy she was to see Polylina. Polylina told Yuna that her battle was just beginning, and told her, "Ganbatte." Yuna was so happy that she started to day dream.. of Polylina and herself getting very close.

Then Polylina left. Polylina went to Elna, a fairy (?), who thanked her for helping Yuna. Elna said that she couldn't help Yuna herself.

Yuna was still thinking about Polylina. Yuuri came and said that it was amazing that Polylina could hit the fire ball with the bat. Then Yuuri swung the bat, and accidentally hit Yuna on the head.

When Yuna gained consciousness, she didn't recognize anyone and had amnesia. "Where is this? Who am I?"

> Galaxy Fraulein Yuna


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