Yuna Galaxy Wave episode 3

Title Eh, uso!? Yuna ga kioku soushitsu!?
CD data Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna Galaxy Wave segment 1, track 5

Elna, Polylina, Yuuri had taken Yuna to a park. Yuna still couldn't remember anything, even her name.

Erika was upset that her underlings had failed.

Yuuri said that she knew a way to cure amnesia. She pulled out a hammer and said that she had to hit Yuna on the head again. But Yuna avoided Yuuri's swings and ran away. Yuuri went after Yuna.

Elna and Polylina thought that Yuuri's idea wasn't such a good idea, so they went to try to stop Yuuri. When they found Yuuri, Yuuri had lost Yuna.

Meanwhile, one of Erika's underlings had seen this and found out that Yuna had lost her memory. She rushed back to tell Erika.

Yuna had gone into the city, and was wondering around not knowing what to do. She ran into Mai, who asked what Yuna was doing. Yuna told her that she had lost her memory, and asked Mai to tell her about herself.

Mai said that Yuna's name was Hibotan no Oyuna, and that Yuna was a well known, terrible, wild girl. Yuna was shocked and couldn't believe it, but Mai had gone away.

Later Yuna went to the market and acted like a tough girl. She tried to get some money out of a girl, who was grocery shopping. But the girl (China no Reimi) fought back.
Reimi said, "Nigeru aruka?"
Yuna said, "Nigeru aru."
Then Yuna just ran away..

Yuna thought that she couldn't have been a bad girl, and was wondering who she really was. Then she ran into Luminar F, the joousama with a very high laugh. She said that she would tell Yuna about herself. Yuna had a bad feeling about it, but decided to listen. Luminar F said that Yuna was her pet dog, and whipped her and made her bark like a dog. "Wan wan, wan wan wan wan."

Elna, Polylina, and Yuuri were still looking for Yuna.

After getting away from Luminar F, Yuna was still wondering who she really was. She was feeling very lonely. Then a girl came up to her and said that she was Yana, Yuna's sister.

> Galaxy Fraulein Yuna


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