Amagami SS+ plus always vol.02

アマガミSS+ plus always vol.02

released 2012.03.07
1950 yen

This 2 CD set contains character songs and BGM for the TV anime Amagami SS Plus (アマガミSS+ plus).

The vocal tracks are on disc 1, and are as follows.

  1. Distance [Tanmachi Kaoru]
  2. Mafuyu no Serenade (真冬のセレナーデ) [Nakata Sae]
  3. Sweet Graduation [Morishima Haruka]
  4. Wonder Land [Tachibana Miya]

Songs by Tanmachi Kaoru (voice by Satou Rina ), Nakata Sae (voice by Konno Hiromi ), Morishima Haruka (voice by Itou Shizuka), Tachibana Miya (voice by Asumi Kana ).

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