Sailor Moon dictionary (A)

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Achiral [アキラル]
One of the twin droids in Sailor Moon R.
(Sailor Moon R episode 81)

Ail [エイル]
One of the aliens in Sailor Moon R.

Aino Minako [愛野美奈子]
The girl who transforms into Sailor Venus.

aito seigino sailor fuku bishoujo senshi Sailor Moon [愛と正義のセーラー服美少女戦士セーラームーン]
Sailor Moon's line that she says when she appears.
For love and justice, the sailor suited pretty soldier Sailor Moon.

akuryou taisan [悪霊退散]
The anti-evil attack that Rei uses.

Alan [アラン]
The guy in England who Minako was in love with.

Aluminum Siren [アルミナム・セイレーン]
An enemy in a blue outfit, who works for Galaxia.

Amade Yuusuke [雨出裕介]
A jazz musician who was in love with Yanagi Akiko.
(Sailor Moon episode 6)

Amano Yuri [天野由梨]
Voice actress for Beruche.

Amanogawa Wataru [天野川ワタル]
A physics teacher at Juuban High School. He discovered a coment, and it was named after him.
(Sailor Stars episode 177)

Ami [Mizuno Ami] [亜美]
The girl who transforms into Sailor Mercury.

Anima Mates [アニマメイツ]
The set of Sailor Senshi controlled by Galaxia. (Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Aluminum Siren, Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Tin Nyanko.)

Ann [アン]
One of the aliens in Sailor Moon R.

Araki Kae [荒木香恵]
Voice actress for Chibi Usa. She substituted for Sailor Moon in episodes 44 to 50.

Artemis [アルテミス]
The white cat, who is with Minako.

Asahina Nana [朝日奈ナナ]
A newspaper reporter.
(Sailor Moon episode 43)

Asai Tsutomu
A classmate of Minako who was on the volleyball team. His heart crystal was taken, but returned as it wasn't the talisman.
(Sailor Moon S episode 100)

ayakashi sisters [あやかしの四姉妹]
The four uncanny sisters, who work for Rubeus.

Azabu Institute of Technology [麻布工業大学]
The university that Mamoru, Motoki, and Reika go to.

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