Aya/Aluminum Siren

  I am Sailor Aluminum Siren (アルミナム・セイレーン). I am one of the Anima Mates, and I was ordered by Galaxia to look for the star seed after Iron Mouse had been eliminated.

Usually I go under disguise as Aya(Sai?) Reiko (彩れい子). I have to use Ms. Nezu's desk, but it was so dirty that I had to clean it up.

I always get hungry when something disappointing happens.

My attack was galactica tsunami, but it wasn't effective against all of the Sailor Senshi.

I found out who had the star seed, but in episode 188, Galaxia killed me..

In the anime, my voice is done by Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子).

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