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daimon [ダイモーン]
Professor Tomoe's monsters, created to find the talisman. The daimon were created by the combination of ordinary objects and the daimon egg.
(Sailor Moon S)

daimon's egg
The seed from which daimons are hatched.

dark dome close
Sailor Pluto's attack to close the tunnel of time.

dark fire
Cooan's attack.

Dark Kingdom [ダーク・キングダム]
The original enemy of Sailor Moon and the Moon Kingdom.

dark thunder
Karaberas' attack.

dark water
Beruche's attack.

dead scream [デッド・スクリーム]
One of Sailor Pluto's attacks.

Death Phantom
An evil criminal who was exiled to the distant planet Nemesis, for destroying Crystal Tokyo. He had an upside down crescent mark on his forehead.

deep aqua mirror
One of the talisman, taken from Sailor Neptune's heart crystal.

deep submerge [ディープ・サブマージ]
One of Sailor Neptune's attacks.

Deimos [ディモス]
One of Rei's crows.

Demando [Prince Demando] [デマンド]
The leader of the Black Moon family.

Diana [ダイアナ]
A purple kitten, who is Luna and Artemis' baby cat.

Doi Mika [土井美加]
Voice actress for Queen Serenity.

double sailor kick [ダブル・セーラー・キック]
One of the attacks that the Sailor Senshi use together.

double Sailor Moon kick [ダブル・セーラームーン・キック]
One of the attacks that Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon use together.

double shabon spray freezing [ダブル・シャボン・スプレー・フリージング]
One of Sailor Mercury's attacks.

Dream Land [夢ランド]
An amusement park.
(Sailor Moon episode 11, 31)

droid [ドロイド]
The android monsters created by the ayakashi sisters. The droids' powers came from a crystal.
(Sailor Moon R)

Drop Drop [ドロップドロップ]
Katakuri Ukon's latest novel.
(Sailor Moon S episode 113)

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