Sailor Moon dictionary (G)

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galactica tsunami
One of Sailor Aluminum Siren's attacks.
(Sailor Stars episode 188)

Galaxia [Sailor Galaxia] [ガラクシア]
The evil senshi who was after the star seed so she can take over the galaxy.

Garayan [ガラヤン]
A world famous conductor.
(Sailor Stars episode 180)

garnet orb
One of the talisman, taken from Sailor Pluto's heart crystal.

Ginga Natsumi [Ann] [銀河夏美]
The name that Ann uses when in her human disguise.

Ginga Seijuurou [Ail] [銀河星十郎]
The name that Ail uses when in her human disguise.

Ginga TV [銀河テレビ]
The name of the TV station that held the hideout of Galaxia.
(Sailor Stars)

ginzuishou [銀水晶]
The silver crystal, which was an object of great power from the moon kingdom.

Gurio [Umino Gurio] [ぐりお]
One of Usagi's classmates, who is a nerd.

Gushiken Akane [Sister Angela] [具志堅あかね [シスターアンジェラ]]
A director of stage plays. She was actually a teacher at Rei's school.
(Sailor Stars episode 176)

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