Umino Gurio

My name is Umino Gurio (海野ぐりお). I'm 14 years old, and in second year of junior high school. I am in Usagi and Naru's class in Juuban Junior High School.

At first, I was in love with Usagi, but now my girl friend is Osaka Naru. I have even transformed into Tuxedo Umino Kamen to protect Naru from evil ones.

I declared my love for Naru-chan in episode 95.
"Naru-chan is always very bright (cheerful), and she is like the sun. I always do klutzy things, and I'm probably not fit for Naru-chan. Why is Naru-chan going out with me? It might just be god's whim. But I'm just happy to see Naru-chan's smile, which is like that of an angel. To protect that beautiful smile, I, Umino Gurio, can die."

In the anime, my voice is done by Nanba Keiichi (難波圭一).

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