Sailor Moon dictionary (N)

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Nanba Keiichi [難波圭一]
Voice actor for Umino and Zoisite.

Naru [Osaka Naru] [なる]
Usagi's classmate and best friend, who gets attacked a lot.

Natsumi [Ginga Natsumi] [夏美]
The name that Ann uses when in her human disguise.

Neo Queen Serenity [ネオ・クィーン・セレニティ]
The Queen Serenity of the 30th century, and mother of small lady. Usagi becomes Neo Queen Serenity in the future.

The tenth planet, where the Black Moon family who wanted to invade the earth lived.

Nephrite [ネフライト]
One of the generals of the Dark Kingdom.

neptune planet power, make up [ネプチューン・プラネット・パワー・メイクアップ]
The words that Michiru says to transform into Sailor Neptune.

Nezu Chuuko [根津宙子]
The human disguise that Iron Mouse used.

Niiyama Shiho [新山志保]
Voice actress for Seiya Kou.

nijizuishou [虹水晶]
The rainbow crystals, which form the ginzuishou when brought together.

Nishimura Reika
Motoki's girl friend.
(Sailor Moon episode 29)

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