Osaka Naru

My name is Osaka Naru (大阪なる). I'm 14 years old, and in second year of junior high. My birthday is January 1st. Tsukino Usagi is my best and closest friend.

My junior high is Juuban Junior High School in Minato-ku. I am in the same class as Usagi.

For some reason I seem to get attacked a lot by the strange monsters. But Sailor Moon always comes to my rescue.

It seems Usagi is very busy with something recently. She said that she couldn't tell even me, her best friend (episode 87). I wonder if she is..

I currently live with my mother, who runs a jewelry shop called Osa-P, in Juubangai.

I am also going out with Umino. Although he acts strangely sometimes, he's still a nice guy.

In the anime, my voice is done by Kakinuma Shino (柿沼紫乃).

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