Sailor Moon dictionary (P)

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Pallapalla [パラパラ]
One of the Amazoness Quartet, she has blue hair.
(Sailor Moon Supers)

The white horse that talked to Chibi Usa, and gave her some powers.
(Sailor Moon SuperS)

Pension Adams
The secluded hotel that Usagi, Ami, and Rei stayed at.
(Sailor Moon episode 20)

Petz [ペッツ]
The oldest of the ayakashi sisters.

Phobos [フォボス]
One of Rei's crows.

pink sugar heart attack
One of Sailor Chibi Moon's attacks.

pluto planet power, make up
The words that Setsuna says to transform into Sailor Pluto.

Prince Demando [プリンス・デマンド]
The leader of the Black Moon family.

Princess Dia [プリンセスダイヤ]
The princess of the Dia Kingdom.
(Sailor Moon episode 22)

Princess Dream
A princess at the amusement park Dream Land.
(Sailor Moon episode 11)

Princess Lubiina [ルビーナ姫]
A princess of a foreign country.
(Sailor Moon Supers episode 146)

Princess Serenity [プリンセス・セレニティ]
The true identity of Sailor Moon and daughter of Queen Serenity.

Professor Tomoe
The evil scientist bent on collecting the talisman for his own use.

The nickname for Sailor Pluto, used by Small Lady.

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