Sailor Moon dictionary (R)

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rainbow double moon heart ache [レインボー・ダブルムーン・ハート・エイク]
Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon's combination attack.

rainbow moon heart ache [レインボー・ムーン・ハート・エイク]
One of Super Sailor Moon's attacks.

Red Battler [レッドバトラー]
The fat blue cat that turns into a youma.
(Sailor Moon episode 31)

Rei [Hino Rei] [レイ]
The girl who transforms into Sailor Mars.

Reika [Nishimura Reika] [レイカ]
Motoki's girl friend.

rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen. akuryou taisan. [臨、兵、闘、者、皆、陣、列、在、前 悪霊退散]
The anti-evil attack that Rei uses.

Ririka [リリカ]
The girls who was actually a vampire.
(Sailor Moon Supers special episode 3)

rolling heart vibration
One of Sailor Venus' attacks.

Rubeus [ルベウス]
One of the Black Moon family, who was put in charge of the ayakashi sisters to find the rabbit in 20th century earth.

Ryo [Urawa Ryo]
Ami's boy friend. He is also the only student to get a better test score than Ami at Juuban Junior High School.

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