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T*A Private Girls' School [私立T・A女学院]
The junior high school that Rei goes to.

Tadashita Kazuko [只下和子]
One of the two girls who wanted to become animators.
(Sailor Moon episode 21)

Taiki Kou [大気光]
The guitarist for the idol group Three Lights.

Takato Yasuhiro [高戸靖広]
Voice actor for Artemis.

The 3 crystals that are required in order to get great power. When the 3 talisman are brought together, the holy grail will appear.

One of the Witches 5, who took over after Mimete died.

Ten'ou Haruka [天王はるか]
The girl who transforms into Sailor Uranus.

Three Lights [スリーライツ]
A very popular idol group made up of three guys, Seika Kou, Taiki Kou, and Yaten Kou.

Tigers Eye [タイガーズアイ]
A bad guy with long gold hair, who wears tights.
(Sailor Moon Supers)

Tin Nyanko [ティン・ニャンコ]
An enemy in a black cat outfit, who works for Galaxia.

Tomizawa Michie [富沢美智恵]
Voice actress for Hino Rei.

Tomoe [Professor Tomoe]
The evil scientist bent on collecting the talisman for his own use.

Tomoe Hotaru [土萠ほたる]
The girl who transforms into Sailor Saturn.

Touma Yumi [冬馬由美]
Voice actress for Ann.

Touno Maya
A world famous drummer, who had her heart crystal taken.
(Sailor Moon S episode 103)

transformation brooch
The brooch that Usagi uses to transform into Sailor Moon. Usagi received this from Luna.

transformation pen
Each girl has a pen to transform into Sailor Senshi. Since Usagi uses the brooch, Usagi's transformation pen is used to transform her into other people.

tsukikage no knight
The embodyment of Chiba Mamoru's memories split from him by Queen Beryl.
(Sailor Moon R)

tsukini kawatte oshiokiyo [月にかわっておしおきよ]
The line that Sailor Moon says to intimidate her opponent.
In place of the moon, I'll punish you.

Tsukikage no Knight [月影の騎士]
This is the mysterious protector that appeared in Sailor Moon R, who was actually Chiba Mamoru.

Tsukino Ikuko [月野育子]
Usagi's mother.

Tsukino Kenji [月野謙之]
Usagi's father.

Tsukino Shingo [月野進悟]
Usagi's younger brother.

Tsukino Usagi [月野うさぎ]
The girl who transforms into Sailor Moon.

Tsunoda Narumi [津野田なるみ]
Voice actress for Taiki Kou.

Tuxedo Kamen [タキシード仮面]
The hero that protects Sailor Moon, who was actully a transformed Chiba Mamoru.

tuxedo la smoking bomber
One of Tuxedo Kamen's attacks.

twinkle yell [ツインクル・エール]
One of Super Sailor Chibi Moon's attacks.

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