Chiba Mamoru

My name is Chiba Mamoru (地場衛), and I'm a college student. Usagi calls me Mamo-chan. My birthday is August 3rd and my blood type is A. I am also Tuxedo Kamen (タキシード仮面).

My university is Azabu Institute of Technology. My favorite subject is physics, and there isn't any subject that I don't like.

My favorite food is chocolate, and there isn't anything that I don't like. My favorite color is black. My hobby is reading.

I live alone in an apartment in Juubangai. My parents died in a car accident when I was little, and until recently I didn't know who or what I was.

As Tuxedo Kamen, I throw a red rose for my main attack. I also use the cane as a weapon sometimes.

In Sailor Moon R, I appeared as Tsukikage no Knight (月影の騎士).

In the anime, my voice is done by Furuya Tohru (古谷徹).

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