Sailor Moon dictionary (U)

This dictionary updated 2023.12.28-10:39:10.


Umino Gurio [海野ぐりお]
One of Usagi's classmates, who is a nerd.

Unazuki [Furuhata Unazuki] [宇奈月]
Motoki's younger sister who works at Fruits Parlor Crown.

uranus planet power, make up [ウラヌス・プラネット・パワー・メイクアップ]
The words that Haruka says to transform into Sailor Uranus.

Urawa Ryo [浦和良]
Ami's boy friend. He is also the only student to get a better test score than Ami at Juuban Junior High School.

Usagi [Tsukino Usagi] [うさぎ]
The girl who transforms into Sailor Moon.

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