Game Walker Net - 1997.11.08

president of Gamers
Machiko said she had to work last weekend (three day weekend). Don went to an onsen.

They had the game sales information by Messe San'ou Akihabara.

They read letters for the "wild idea" games corner. The theme of the games this month were "tsuushin taisen" games. (fighting games by connecting two machines)

One of the game ideas was a "panchira" contest between the two players, where the judge was Toyoshima Machiko, who was known for her "panchira" during events.
[panchira = (^_^;;)]

The guest this week was the president of Gamers. They talked about the game Grandia. It took 100 people 4 years to develop, and they spent 7 oku yen on advertisement (1 oku yen = 100 million yen). It's a role playing game that takes around 50 to 100 hours. Grandia goes on sale 12/18. There is a lot of dialogue, and even the town characters say different things each time.

CM: Sneaker December 1997 (by Sugihara Manami)

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