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  • -latest info-

    2014 Aug 27
    Daydream Cafe (Petit Rabbits)
    2014 Aug 22
    Koi ha Milk Tea (Petit Milady)
    2014 Aug 19
    Shounen Champion 2014 No.35
    2014 Aug 16
    Tinkling Smile (Ogura Yui)
    2014 Aug 15
    Mirai Fanfare (Nagarekawa Girls) type B
    2014 Aug 13
    Mirai Fanfare (Nagarekawa Girls) type A
    2014 Aug 11
    Love Live SIF event 28 Kotori
    2014 Aug 08
    Love Live SIF event 27 Nozomi
    2014 Jul 31
    Daydream Cafe (Petit Rabbits)
    2014 Jul 17
    Kira-Kira Sensation (Muse)
    2014 Jul 16
    The World's End (Horie Yui)
    2014 Jun 26
    Azurite (Petit Milady)
    2014 Jun 22
    Himitsu no Tobira Kara Ai ni Kite (Tamura Yukari)
    2014 May 22
    Cordless Tele Phone (Tamura Yukari)
    2012 Mar 07
    Hibiki Mion Birthday Live

    Seiyuu (voice actor) database

    This seiyuu database (声優データベース) contains information on Japanese voice actors (mainly for anime and games). There is information about their roles in anime and games, their appearances in magazines, books, CDs, CDROMs, DVDs/LDs/videos, TV shows, radio shows, Internet broadcasts, events, and games.

    This database is being organized by Hitoshi Doi, and contains contributions by LOTS of people. Some of the information here is loosely related to my anime pages. Special care has been taken to verify the information, but there may be some mistakes.

    Many parts of the individual pages are being generated by the various seiyuu databases and programs (perl scripts).

    You can see which parts of this seiyuu database have been updated recently in the monthly information updates page.

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    individual seiyuu lookup

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    (Currently there are pages for 349 seiyuu.)


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