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    2018 Feb 17
    Seiyuu Anizatsudan 89
    2018 Feb 17
    Hey Day Capriccio (Afterglow)
    2018 Feb 16
    Karaoke Max tokuban
    2018 Feb 15
    Where the Foooood 17
    2018 Feb 14
    Okujou no Mannaka de Kimi no Kokoro ha Aoku Kaorumama (Aisaka Yuuka)
    2018 Feb 14
    Rikagaku Kenkyuujo Kouhoushitsu 52
    2018 Feb 14
    Sugoiyo Karin-chan 11
    2018 Feb 13
    Haru ni Aisareru Hito ni Watashi ha Naritai (Hanazawa Kana)
    2018 Feb 12
    Shounen Magazine 2018 vol 9
    2018 Feb 12
    Hitori WUG Channel Tanaka Minami
    2018 Feb 12
    Jinsei Doudemo 152
    2018 Feb 11
    Love Live SukuSuta Tokuban -School Idol Daishuugou-
    2018 Feb 11
    Sugoiyo Karin-chan 10
    2018 Feb 10
    Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai Odaiba Special
    2018 Feb 10
    Aqours Uranohoshi Jogakuin Namahousou 2018.01.26
    2018 Feb 09
    Pop Team Epic [anime] (Uesaka Sumire)
    2018 Jan 20
    Love Live SIF event 110

    Seiyuu (voice actor) database

    This seiyuu database (声優データベース) contains information on Japanese voice actors (mainly for anime and games). There is information about their roles in anime and games, their appearances in magazines, books, CDs, CDROMs, DVDs/LDs/videos, TV shows, radio shows, Internet broadcasts, events, and games.

    This database is being organized by Hitoshi Doi, and contains contributions by LOTS of people. Some of the information here is loosely related to my anime pages. Special care has been taken to verify the information, but there may be some mistakes.

    Many parts of the individual pages are being generated by the various seiyuu database files and programs (perl scripts).

    You can see which parts of this seiyuu database have been updated recently in the monthly information updates page.

    seiyuu database lookup

    To search for information in the seiyuu databases, use the form below.
    (Currently there are 119784 entries in the database.)

    Select the particular database to search, or choose "ALL" to search all of the seiyuu databases at once.

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    The search string can be anything, like a seiyuu name, show name, date, etc.. Some regular expressions will work, and all searches will be done in a case insensitve manner. When typing in names, use the "LASTNAME FIRSTNAME" order, in romaji or kanji.

    individual seiyuu lookup

    To find the page of the individual seiyuu, enter name (or substring) of seiyuu (case is not important):

    Both romaji and kanji supported.
    (Currently there are pages for 397 seiyuu.)


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