Game Walker Net - 1998.01.10

Don gave advice to those studying for the college entrance exams.. "Don't panic. Know your limits." (^_^;)
But later he said that one should look over the entire test, and them come back to spend time on the difficult questions.

The first corner was the game information corner by Messe San'ou (a game store in Akihabara). The top 2 selling games this week were Grand Tourism (playstation) and Tales of Destiny (playstation). Grand Tourism totally sold out.

When they were talking about Houkago Ren'ai Club, Machiko said that she likes love simulation games. Don said that those are games to pick up girls, but Machiko said that she likes girls, as well as boys.
Don: You're bisexual..
Machiko: Ok, ok..
[Machiko probably didn't understand what Don was saying.]
Machiko: This is an 18 and over game.
Don: That's what you like.

The next corner was the game wild idea corner. This month the theme was "special" editions.

One of the ideas was a Sentimental Graffiti game which comes with the 12 sailor fuku, and a bag of fragrance..

Another one was a Hot Love game which comes with a bento. Don said that he never got a bento made for him.. Machiko said that she made some in high school.

Another one was a Pokemon game that comes with one monster. Machiko said she wanted a pokemon.

Don said that the ending song will be on his CD that goes on sale 2/21.

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