Game Walker Net - 1998.01.17

various guests
Suzuki Mariko
After the top game rankings of Messe Sannou, they called some guests and talked about Bio Hazard 2. Don really likes Bio Hazard.

The next guests were Mr. Tabeta (NEC Interchannel), Suzuki Mariko, and Toyoshima Machiko. They talked about Sentimental Graffiti, which will finally go on sale 1/22. So Mr. Tabeta won't have to shave his head.. (He promised that he would shave his head if it didn't go on sale this time.)

It's a love simulation game, but instead of the normal ones where you try to get the girls to like you, 12 girls all over Japan are already in love with you.

Machiko said that she has played many love simulation games.. She said it's much easier to get rejected, than to reject girls.

In Sentimental Graffiti, the player has to go meet all 12 girls. If he ignores the girls, he will get a call from them, and his power will go down. To finish the game the player has to reject 11 girls (by phone). But the girls will come to see the player after they get rejected.

Mariko said that she has been rejected more than she has rejected guys.

At the end, they played a tape of the Toride Ondo. Machiko was very surprised that they got a recording of it..

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