Game Walker Net - 1998.02.07

Doyoubi no Tsuki (Toyoshima Machiko, Don Maccou)
Don and Machiko talked about their experiences at taking college entrance exams.

Don said that he got drunk the night before.

Machiko said that she had failed at a couple, and had a fight with her parents. Since she cried a lot, her eyes were swollen, and her face looked different from her picture on the entrance card. She got asked if it was really her. But she passed, and got accepted.

Don said that Machiko says a lot of ecchi things when they talk, but she doesn't say them when they are on the air.

Then they had the game sales information corner by Messe San'ou.

The wild idea theme for February was "special attacks".

Don said that there was a question from a listener about Machiko's breasts, "Why does the size look so different from picture to picture?" Machiko tried to stop Don from talking, but Don said that it was because Machiko was going "no bra" in some of the pictures.

Then they played Doyoubi no Tsuki, the ending theme of the radio show.

Don will have an album coming out on 2/21. It will have the Game Walker Net theme songs, and solo songs by Don. There are a total of 13 songs.

There will be an event on 3/14, at Namco Wonder Egg (13:00). The guests will be Ikezawa Haruna, Yokoyama Chisa, Toyoshima Machiko, Yanagihara Miwa, Nagasawa Miki, Yuuki Hiro, Otakki Sasaki. The keyword is "haru oyaji kaze", and all you have to do is say it to get in for free.

Machiko's single "Africa Zou no 3 Kaiten Jump" will only be available via mail order. Information is in Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 15.

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