Game Walker Net - 1998.05.09

Don said he worked on Lunar 2 during Golden Week. He said it will go on sale in July.

Machiko said she went to Osaka for two days for events during Golden Week.

The first corner was the games sales top corner from Sofmap Akihabara.
Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2 (Neo Geo) was third, Roommate 3 (SS) was second, World Stadium 2 (PS) was first.

Machiko said that she wanted to play Roommate. She would like to go home, and have a girl waiting for her. Don asked if she would get one if they made a game with a guy waiting for her, but Machiko said she preferred to have a girl.

Then they announced the winners for some presents.

Then they read some normal letters.

Don was on the judo team in high school, for about half a year. But he didn't really like it, and he joined because a friend told him to. Machiko was on the volleyball team in junior high, but she only joined the "going home club" in high school. Don was on the tennis team in junior high.

Don said that he likes beer, and he likes to eat sausage with the beer. Machiko doesn't drink much, but she likes to eat green soybeans. She eats the beans that comes for the other people who ordered beers..

Then a guy from Sega came, and they talked about the new Shoujo Kakumei Utena game.

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