Game Walker Net - 1998.05.16

The first corner was the game sale information corner by Sofmap Akihabara.
Eve the Lost One and Desire "value pack" was second, and World League Soccer (Playstation) was first.

Then they read a lot of normal letters.

Machiko said that her room was full of goods (figures) of her characters. Someone might get a little scared off when seeing it.

Don said that many people have seen Machiko's panties. Then Machiko said that it was because she is very frantic during the events. But Machiko said that it's the kind that is all right to be seen.

Machiko said that during her live, she was wearing an outfit which had a heavy ornament on the zipper. When she was singing, the zipper got pulled down, and Machiko had to pull it up with one hand while singing.

Then the president of ESP (Entertainment Software Publishing), Mr. Miyaji, came as a guest. ESP was a company (not too well known) that backed up the production of games.

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